Thursday, September 20, 2012


And of course this all happened while I was talking to Tony, half dressed, me, not Tony- well he might have been as well, he didn't go into detail and tell me what he was wearing while chatting with me this morning.

My timing was also off for getting up and getting ready....which of course leads to dry shampoo, a sad looking pony and some pants that may be a little to snug.  My pants being too snug have nothing to do with timing, well unless you have been counting the number of times I have been stuffing my face. Of course my teen acne has great timing too -I think my friends The Zits have a great time showing up for important weekends and they love having themselves front and center. Lucky me.

Timing also has a lot to do with the traffic I hit in the morning and the amount of times my road rage comes out - luckily it only came out in this way: "Let's go cougars, let's go!" I was following a SUV with a GO COUGARS license plate holder.  I said it in my best cheerleader voice, and if I could have pom-poms in my hand I would have raised those up as well.  But that's not safe while driving, nor do I own a pair of pom-poms.

So while I sat down at my desk this morning and realized that my timing has been really bad lately – I got on Facebook thinking surely no one would post news about a reality show winner since maybe not everyone has seen the results.  Once again, my timing stinks. 

You know who else who might have bad timing? Tony – or rather his sickness….right before we head to a wedding this weekend, that his is in and is wearing a bow tie.  Don’t worry – I’ll work on my picture timing to grab a portrait of that bad boy. 

While Tony and I might have poor timing, Tyson sure loves his time spent snuggled up next to me while I snoozed my alarm this morning.  He may be the only on a regular schedule in our household.
For the rest of the afternoon I’m going to work on my timing – especially with work deadlines – and try and get out of this funk and be time for my brow wax, and make time for a cocktail this evening.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Well, that should be a sign

You've probably read quite a few times about my, um, challenges with being healthy and maintaining a decent weight....or rather a weight that makes me feel skinny and okay with wearing tight-ish clothes.

It's been an up and down thing - and probably always will be...I guess that's what will probably happen for the rest of my life.  Poor Tony - he deals with my crazy...almost every day.  For example, I put on a Target dress yesterday, and well, if I wanted to emphasize my curves, well this dress would be the key. Except for the fact it emphasized my stomach pooch, my saddlebags and ba-donk-a-donk (and not a good donk way).

So I complained, huffed and puffed, and put on a new dress.

Then I promptly asked to drown my sorrows in Orange Leaf.  The man obliged.  See? Deals with crazy well.

But you may be wondering why all of this has come up....again. Well if I had any thought that maybe I had been putting on a little weight, I got the direct sign before work one day.  With the assistance of my pants...specifically my skinny jeans.

Those skinny jeans ripped right as I pulled them on.  If skinny jeans could laugh at every girl who "thought" they could fit into them, it would be the sound of those jeans ripping. Awesome.

My name is Caitlin and I am a sugar addict.  I'm also apparently a sad person who wore those ripped jeans to dinner....with the rip because all other jeans were dirty.

Apparently with my sugar addiction I also have a  problem with laundry and not being able to throw things away. And knowing what really fits me and what doesn't.

So for every time I've said I'm starting over and I'm going to eat healthy again and really take my work out seriously (well, I do take those seriously, I still can't sit down from Sunday's class) - it's going to be tonight.  And tomorrow and the rest of the week - I don't need any other pants ripping for a while.

Of course, it will start right after I eat these almonds.  What can I say, I eat my feelings....and my feelings are saying those chocolate almonds are 50% healthy because their almonds.