Monday, December 31, 2012

Our Little Secret

Well I supposed since it's officially Facebook approved, I should get back to blogging about our little secret.  And maybe go into more info that people are asking about - like is it a girl? Still don't know that answer quite yet.

But yes, Tony and I have kept a little secret for a few months....we're having a Baby Meatball come June 2013.  We couldn't be more excited and having the secret out is so much fun - especially since it would explain why we have been hiding from friends for so long. 

We're very excited and I think still in shock - I think both of us thought it would happen eventually, but maybe not as quick as it did - plus Tony was half asleep when I told him, so the information that set in that morning was taken in a little slower.

But back to the beginning - we found out back in October....during one of our busiest months.  Between the two of us, we had work events, travel, and what felt like a million other things happening at once.  Little did we know that my absentmindedness and feeling tired all the time was due to a little bean growing inside. I had just gotten back from a work event out of town and Tony was coming in late Saturday night from being at a convention out of town, as well.  See...busy!

That next morning I just had a feeling - but I didn't want to get my hopes up and then be I just snuck into the bathroom early.  And started first I couldn't believe it, but it was there.  A positive sign that we were going to have a baby.  Now, I know you're probably all expecting a picture of a pregnancy test on here - but in my opinion that is gross. Sorry - I'm Judy Judger over here - but if you have to post something that you pee on social media, then you are sharing too much. 

But I digress.  I woke up Tony with a romantic, "Ugh, I'm pregnant." It was a sweet and sentimental moment that we'll always remember.  I'm so graceful like that! Of course, we couldn't celebrate for too long - we had to get out of the house since we had a showing.  It's just our little life - always looking like a movie.

We held in the news for a s long as we could - wanting to tell our families before anyone. Occasionally it was a little too tempting for some (ahem, Tony)....fine, me too, and the news slipped a couple of times.  

We wanted to wait until after Thanksgiving - to let family know - our holiday festivities can be a little nuts, and not always the best time to break out big news. But we were able to tell all of our parents and family - and I honestly don't know who was more excited.

So how did we break the big news? Well we gave a picture of me holding our first sonogram to Tony's Dad and Stepmom - which they now proudly have up in their house.  After getting a hard time from Tony's Mom - asking what seemed like every time when we were going to have some news, we went and visited them and waited until 10 minutes before we left to give them a "treat" from our trip to Napa: a onesie and a sonogram picture.  Tears were shed from both parties and for them, it's their first and second grandchild - so they were all pretty excited.

For my parents I needed some assistance. So I let the cat out of the bag to my sister - and if you know her, then you know how hard it was for her to keep her mouth shut! But she did a great job and it was so nice for her to know - especially since I needed someone to bounce ideas off of. 

My plan included all my little monkey nephews - all six of them on our side.  Luckily my Mom had planned to take their Christmas card picture which included outfit changes.  And that night, dinner included spaghetti sauce.  To share our news, I decided to have the boys all wear the numbers 1 through 6 to show their birth order and for me, lucky #7 on mine.  

We quickly grabbed the boys for an outfit change before dinner - and for once all of them were more than happy to run upstairs - and switched them into their numbered shirts.  Oh and we needed a third set of hands for all those we grabbed my SIL Alison, who was more than happy to help.  

Sorry - I realized this is getting long...oh well, there is a video coming.

The boys all lined up - they are all into line leading and taking turns....thank you preschool! So it was pretty easy - and no coaching was needed to get them to show Nana & Gampa.  What we didn't know was that Nana & Gampa were in two different rooms...oh well. 

Tony was set up filming on the iPad and what you don't hear is Lucas saying "come on guys, let's have a parade!" Um, perfect Luca - you get all the treats in the world! 

So here was the big reveal - sorry for the shakiness...blame Tony, he was trying not to be obvious...kind of. 

(And thanks to my Dad for counting out the numbers...not planned...also not planned, him not seeing my number 7 for a good 45 seconds because he was too busy talking to Baby Graham)

So the news is out - and since this is getting rather long...I'll post more about Baby Meatball later.  But here is to 2013 - it will be an exciting year for our little growing family!