Friday, April 30, 2010

Rapunzel...let down your hair

It's been no surprise to any of my family or friends that I've had some pretty bad haircuts in my life. Let's see, I grew up with the bob when I was little, then I had a mullet in high school, oh and braces at that time - the boys were all knocking on my door!
In college, I let it grow a little longer, then as I have done in the past, chosen to chop it all off. And after one horrible experience, i.e. my friends did not tell me until a few years ago how bad it really was, I've let it grow. And boy has it grown. I mean, at this point it's past my bra line and gives me a little bit of trouble. Examples of trouble you ask? Okay, let me point some out....and yes, these are my real life examples.

1. I my hair caught in my armpit while I was putting on deodorant. I was able to deodorize my hair.2. It actually whips me in the face if I am doing any sort of exercise, to the point that it actually stings.3. It gets caught in my shirts, my pants, and yes, even my underwear. Even this morning I found long hairs on the toilet seat from my hair. Sorry, it's gross - I'm being real here people!
4. I've been loving the teased look lately, however when I am in the process of making big, beautiful hair, I look like a loin. Granted, when my hair is in curly mode and its humid, I look like a lion. Roar, baby Roar.
5. It seems to be a thing of fascination for my nephews and Tyson. It's also a tool for them to use when they stick their hands or paws on it and pull or just stand on (that's for Tyson - give me a little credit here)
But you're probably asking, 1. Caitlin, where is this blog post going, or 2. why don't you just cut your hair.
Well, for one thing, I'm not sure where this post is going, I think I am just having word vomit today. But I am finally getting my haircut after going a few months - let's just say I'm not a good client for my fab hair stylists, Meggie, and I like to tease Tony and even my friends about what I am going to do with my long, mane hair.
But cutting my hair is a surprising, um, let's say conversation between Tony and I. I like to tease him and tell him I'm cutting it to my chin, and then I get a look like, WTH? Or a "seriously, I mean, do whatever you want babe, but I'm no a fan of short hair."

But he has a point, I've had some seriously bad short hair. So tonight, I'll probably just get a trim. Because at this point, I don't think I could short hair - I've been accustomed to deodorizing my hair. And I have to say, I enjoy having it wave in the wind - the knots that come afterward, not so much.
Plus, keeping it long for the wedding will probably allow me to do this:

Or even this:

Monday, April 26, 2010

Craig's List

We're counting down the days until the wedding, which also means the time that Tony's house will become "OUR HOUSE." Dun, dun, duh!

The funniest questions I seem to get a lot, and mostly from my girlfriends, because I highly doubt Tony gets these questions from his buddies: So do you like the house? Do you have to re-decorate the whole thing? Do you like his style?

Um, how do I answer these. Yes; That's debatable; Again, we're not on the same page, but maybe reading the same book.

You see, Tony bought this house a few years ago, almost right after we started dating, and his "bachelor ways" weren't fully entailed, since I told, I mean gave suggestions, of what to buy and how to furnish. However, he did most of the buying and installing of pictures, mirrors, lamps, and of course the great rug debate. The boy could not go past a rug store without going in to buy at least three, not liking any of them, and then taking them back. And you thought I was indecisive.

And yes, he has pretty good style, but it's very boy-y. Hence the big fluffy couches -which are great for naps, tempting for dogs, and fun for babies to bounce on - and the large square lamps. Don't get me wrong, he did great, but he knows I would like to put my "feminine touch" on some of the rooms.

Ba ha hahahahahaha!

Just kidding, I won't go that crazy on decorating, but I have been able to convince him which paint colors to choose for the spare bedroom and bath -which made us the typical married couple on Saturday. Taping, painting, touching it up, dropping paint on the floor, cleaning the floor, stepping in paint, and admiring our work.

But after admiring our work, he actually, finally, asked me what I would like to change about the styling of his house. SUCCESS! I don't have to sneakily try to change things little by little. Just kidding babe - it's our decision, together. ; )

So I gave my suggestions, and he took them like a champ. Somethings I'll probably have to work on a little more, and it might be along registry day, but it's working.

At our celebratory dinner that night, obviously to Jalapenos, we then were talking about what furniture I have. Then it came: Why don't you just sell your couch on CraigsList.

All of a sudden, my eyes began to well up, I'm pretty sure the chip I was holding fell out of my hand (well not really, like I'm going to waste a great Jalapenos tortilla chip), and I thought, my first apartment furniture?????

Yes, while it's obvious to most people that I should sell mine, since we don't have room for it, and a little extra cash could help, plus it's less to move. But, it was my first BIG GIRL apartment furniture. The things I picked out on my own (okay, so my mom & dad were there, I wasn't that independent yet) but I paid with my own Nebraska Furniture Mart card and had delivered!

I think at that point, Tony could sense me not willing to give up the furniture and the fact that I hadn't even thought about it - especially since I suggested we could just put it in the basement.

But I told him I would think about it - however I was not selling my museum bench or my great blue chair - I will put my foot down.

So I'm thinking about putting my couch on the list of Craig. But it's going to be heartbreaking. My single days are over.

Do you think the next owner will notice the tear stains?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

We're Totally In

Part of the process of getting married in the Catholic Church is doing a marriage prep classes. Now, I know Tony is not a huge fan, and thinks it's kind of odd - even his mom joked with him about it - but I think it will be good for us. Oh, and its required.

So after registering to register with the church, calling to see how we meet with Deacon Charlie, scheduling a meeting, then re-scheduling our meeting, we are totally in. Even though we were asked to go home and think about if we really wanted to go forth - uh, deposits are down sir, we will do this kicking and screaming if we have to!

During our meeting with the Deacon - who is way different from a priest for my non-Catholic friends, I'll explain when I have more info on him - he asked us the "trick question" as Tony likes to say: "Why do you guys want to get married?"

Drrrr.... because he put a ring on my finger, I enjoy his company, he knows that I will try and cook, because my dad is tired of giving me money and would like to cute me off, or because we get a tax break? No? Not the answers you are looking for?

Oh right, because we love each other, we found our best friend, and we are committed to living together until death. No? Still not correct?

Oh yes, because God brought us together. We'll get that one down eventually. Tony claims he was going to say it - I wish he would have, we probably would have been Deacon Charlie's favorite couple.

Throughout the meeting, we talked about the things we need to do and how he usually likes for couples to not have a date yet - excuse me?- yes, he would like for them to go through this process for at least a year, if not a year and a half. Well, as of yesterday, we had 194 days.

Yikes, that number just made me pee a little.

And after the list of what we have to do, I could kind of see it, but really, I'm not the type of girl to give it time, and think. I mean, I bought a car in a day one time, chose my wedding dress in less than an hour and well, I'm just an instant gratification type of girl. Ok, I don't know if that is really the best thing to explain, but whatever, you know what I'm getting at. So here is what we have to do for St. Elizabeth's:
1. Meet with Deacon Charlie
2. Meet with Deacon Charlie again to go over paperwork when we know we want to do this
3. Call the church coordinator to make sure we have the date (just another odd thing, but I hope we have the date, if not, this might get interesting)
4. Take the Prepare survey test - 120 questions, kind of reminds me of Iowa Basics
5. Meet with Rebecca, the therapist, to go over our test questions - yep, a therapist
6. Go to Engaged Encounters retreat - a whole weekend - to discuss stuff
7. Meet with Deacon Charlie again, not really sure why, but we'll go with it
8. Take a one day seminar that talks about financials - I'm a spender, Tony makes fun of me, and hopefully we won't go broke. Look 2 minutes, I got that down, not sure what I'll do for a whole day.
9. Meet with the Priest of whomever is going to marry us
10. Meet with the musicians, Mary the coordinator and another meeting with the priest


So after we left our meeting on Monday - I called Deacon Charlie last night that we were going to go through with all of this and we are excited! Now I have to call him back and schedule another meeting, which he again reiterated that apparently we don't have enough time, but would like to be done by September with all of this. Well, I'm pretty glad that I'm done with almost all the other wedding planning - apparently we'll be busy with the church for the summer.

But to make me life a little easier, I only have the cake to pick out and then the entire wedding plans - I think - will be done!

I'll have to share a little blog later about my mom and our invitation viewing. Oh Kathy.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Even boys get excited

This blog sort of started from our web page, since I had fun writing the story of our engagement and the proposal, I figured blogging would be fun too. As for what this is going to turn into, I have no idea. But I also didn't have a clue that even boys looked at our knot page!

Anywho. This weekend we had some friends of Tony's in town and were happy to spend some time with them. And I was able to find out that boys do care if they are asked to be in a wedding or not! Yes, it's true, boys have feelings too. As our page on the knot has information about all of my bridesmaids, I only had Tony's best man on there - thus far. Mainly because he was trying to figure out who were going to be ushers and who were going to be groomsmen. Contrary to popular belief, he is only have 9 groomsman because he is holding a spot for his good friend Steve, who passed away a few years ago. And I think it's pretty neat that even though he will not be there in person with us, he will be remembered. Yes, bring on the tears - it gets me every time!

So, Tony has been trying to figure out who will be in this gigantic wedding of ours - and yes he's been having a harder time than I did. He's made lists even! And lets just say I'm not the only one to blame on the size of this wedding - I think he would have had a more difficult time if I only had three people!

Anyway, Tony has done some asking, but not all. But he did ask his friend this weekend and Billy was more than happy to be asked! I told him he couldn't be weird and wear a costume to the church, but allowed him to wear his costume at the reception. But as Tony and Billy walked away, I was chatting with Billy's GF, and she was telling me he was getting concerned if he was going to be asked. Which I think is kind of sweet. I mean here are these guys who just stand up in an uncomfortable suit, horrible shoes and then have to give it back! At least my girls can shorten their dress and wear it again! ; )

But what mad me laugh even more, was the fact they were about look up on our page of who I had put on Tony's list! Let me tell you, it made me giggle at the fact that boys are just as curious to know who is in a wedding, just as much as the girls!

Now if only I can have Tony finish his asking so I can update our page! So slow this man is!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dancing Lessons Needed

Tony has been into watching Dancing With The Stars this reason. I like to think it's because I enjoy watching it and he wants to enjoy watching mindless TV with me, (I have been able to get him to watch Real Housewives of the OC - oh yeah) and to also learn a few steps for our first dance.

But no. I think he mostly wanted to watch it for Erin Andrews and so far, he has enjoyed the costumes, or shall I say lack there of. I mean, he was actually sad when Edyta was kicked off, or rather her celebrity partner. The girl wore as little clothing as she could, and don't get me wrong, she has a bangin' bod. One that makes me think I should start dancing for hours upon hours of the day. However, I also realize I have zero rhythm and two left feet - and mainly dance with my hips, so that's always awkward.

But as in all of my posts, I digress - so Tony and I are watching DWTS and I have day dreaming moments of us floating across the dance floor, big cheesy grins on our faces and me just twirling like a princess- and of course there will be dips.

Then I remember that Tony also has little rhythm, has a whole elbow thing going on and then the occasionally pooch of the lips with the thumbs. Ah yes, the thumbs, like he's trying to catch a cab. (obviously I've never hailed a cab, since you probably have to use your entire arm rather than a random thumb).

So ladies and gents, please be sure to get out your cameras, as our first dance will be quite the entertainment. Between my twirling by myself, and Tony pooching and thumb dancing, we will start off our marriage with little to no rhythm. Be excited.

Our first dance is not the only one I have to worry about - I also have to figure out what the Major and I will dance too. (Side note, my high school friends and some college have called my dad the Major or Chief since they have known me, I will go with it - its entertaining.)

However I will think that he will be worried about it too, because that's all he could think of when my sister was getting married. Let's just say he pulled his booty together and she has a fabulous picture of being twirled with her train flowing outward. And yes, I did just use booty as a reference to my dad. Stop judging me.

So until we get closer to the wedding, decide on a song and keep Tony's thumbs inward, I will be moving on from my obsession with buying diet books is slowing turning into buying workout videos. So far, P90x is going well, however the makers of this fabulous program also make the Brazil Butt Lift. Oh yeah, just for my ghetto booty.

I need this workout video. Maybe it will help with my dancing. But probably not.

I am so getting a power drill, or three.

Remember when I said Tony wanted to register at Home Depot? Well, every time I see this Miller Lite commercial, I think of this. Except, it's totally going to be screwdrivers, hammers, and drills.

It probably doesn't help that his Best Man keeps telling me he's going to send out a mass e-mail to our guests telling everyone that I really do want HD Gift Cards and none of the Crate and Barrel stuff. Let me just tell you, this is a full out lie - I love C&B - don't forget it! :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Some call it stalking

In an effort to get ideas and reminders of what else I need to get done for the wedding. So I look at people's pictures on Facebook, photography blogs, and well when people are tagged in other peoples pictures, sometimes I look at them. Yep, it's kind of stalkerish.

But I look anyway. I mean if they have it posted, its supposed to be look at...right?

So from this stalking, well, lets call them "viewings," I have found my colors for the wedding, hair ideas as well things not to do. Sorry - I said it, I judge. Who doesn't, okay well probably most people. Its a flaw, but at least I admit it.

Hello, my name is Caitlin and I am a judger.

Needless to say, my new "viewings" are for what type of outfits I'm going to wear for the engagement pictures. Which are only 6 weeks away - yikes - the serious diet begins today. Right after I finish these last two peanut butter cups. Dang it.

But I'm thinking I'm going to be skinny enough in these pictures to wear a bikini. But I realize now that this might be odd and then other people will judge me. Whatev, my Gram has always said, if you got it, flaunt it! But she probably didn't mean that for pictures we'll have for the rest of our lives. Okay Gram, I'm listening to you!

You may be asking, why Caitlin are you worried about an outfit 6 weeks ahead? Well actually because Tony brought up the conversation last night. And it was all about a horrible picture that showed up magically on Facebook.Yikes. I mean really?! Even Tony was like, "Babe...what happened? You usually look so good in pictures. I mean, what's going on with your hair, and why are you so pale?!?"

Awesome. Makes me feel so good. But I will like to say, I didn't have great luck with my hair, I'm sitting next to the tannest girl in the world! So mean. And apparently I need to get some major work done before our pictures.

So Tony now has asked if I am going to work on my picture taking abilities for our engagement pictures. But don't worry, he also asked if we were taking a lot of pictures, because he hates the way he looks in them. I have this strange feeling he's going to ask our photographer to look at the pictures after she takes them to check out his look.

Let's just say we should practice taking pictures before the actual event, or else our fabulous photog will end our session quickly.

She may also need to do some photo shopping on me. And maybe Tony.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

No One Likes An April Fools Joke....

Especially brides. However Tony did not get that memo. Instead he sent me a sweet little text and told me our DJ was going out of business. Crap. Are you kidding?? He a pretty good DJ - Side story - I obviously should check out my facts before I say dumb things. Example:

Lauren: Cait, you should totally use my DJ. I loved him!
Me: Yuck, no, I hated your DJ.
Jen: Awkward silence....ouch
Lauren: Um, ok, well I guess that's out then.
Me: I mean, he played good music, but gave me 'tude when I asked for a certain song. But this DJ we are using is great, he played great music at our other friends' wedding. His name is Rusty.
Lauren: Our DJ's name was Rusty, what company is he from?
Me: I don't know, but there are probably more than one DJ named Rusty in Kansas City.


Open mouth, insert foot.

But back to Tony, and his decision to play a prank on an emotional bride.
He was more worried about getting the deposit back, or rather acted like it. And just as I was about to tell Lauren this fabulous DJ was going out of business, Tony let me know that it was all his little plan for April Fools. Rude.

Meanwhile, I got a little phone call from my brother yesterday telling me that he laughed out loud at my post yesterday - but for different reasons. He wanted to know if I knew what BM could also stand for....well G, this is for you:
BM =
Bongo Mongo
Bouncy Moon
Better Mood
Blue Moon...mmmm....
Booger Moocos
Blueberry Muffin
Blue Moose

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bridesmaids Can Be Dangerous

I had a mini bridezilla moment this past weekend. Well, I blame two of my BM's who were there to witness it - yes Sara DJ and Lauren, I'm talking to you!

It all started with their dress fittings at Bridal Extraordinaire. Sara DJ was in town for the Taylor Swift concert and some family stuff, so perfect opportunity to get her fitted for the dresses. Especially since I called the place and the lady told me I was way behind on getting my information in for the girls' dresses to get in the store - oh in time for our wedding that is 7 MONTHS AWAY?? Okay, we'll go with it - so my lovely BM's got a great e-mail from me saying that they had to get in ASAP to get fitted - my poor prego BM's.
Back to Sara & Lauren, who were already there when I arrived. I only went to make sure I still like the dresses on someone before all the girls got them - that could have been bad if I didn't like them. Sign 1 that Bridesmaids can be dangerous - I could hear them over the vacuum upstairs. Yep, they were having such a good time prancing around and "shaking their tail feathers" that I almost didn't want to interrupt. Until I saw Lauren had her camera out, so I knew it was a photo shoot waiting to happen.

And that was just trying on the actual BM dress. The fun really started when they looked through and found an outfit for my mom, and Lauren's new dress for any other wedding she'll go to this year.Yes Mom - this pant suit via Sara is what they think you should wear for the wedding. Obviously it fit Sara really well.

Then the lady who worked there came over. Whoops. That was a definite sign that dress up time was over. Her thought bubble: "Stupid girls, stop playing dress up, this is not your play room!. Geez." You could almost see that she wanted to say it immediately.

But success! They both got their dresses and hopefully happy with their choices. So where does Dangerous moment #2 come in? Well that also involves these two. You see, they had already been out and about that morning to look for shoes I had finally decided on the previous night. I know, it was one of the few things I didn't have done back in February. Don't judge.

They had already been to one Off Broadway store to find the purple ruffle shoes and of course, they have every other color in ever size, except purple. Grrr. But there was another store we were going to venture to that day.

Yep - they have very FEW sizes of the purple shoe. Panic sunk in. So I bought three pairs of shoes for the girls. And then Sara had a nice little tid bit of information that helped me in my bridezilla moment. She said they could order some for me. WOOO HOOOO! So creepily, I had all of their shoes sizes - let the ordering begin!

Of course it was the busiest time I had ever seen Off Broadway, literally three lines of tons of people! Really?! You all had to buy shoes on that Friday at that time?? But we waited anyway- while they both told me stories of how they each bought a ton of shoes and well, Sara bought three different shoes for ALL of her bridesmaids. And I mean, she had each of our shoe size in each style. And not going to lie, I thought about buying another color of the shoes just in case. Crazy. I mean who buys a bunch of shoes in all different sizes?

Whoops, sorry Sara! : )

But the line finally died down, the girls helped me figure out which shoe sizes to get and theses shoes, which should be made of GOLD, are coming from places like St. Louis, Colorado and the like. So ladies, you may not have traveled, but your shoes have!

Mini-bridezilla moment over. And I totally blame those two - dangerous BM's.