Friday, July 29, 2011

It's Happened

I saw something in the mirror yesterday.  At first I thought it was just the light...but then last night as I was staring into the mirror again (bring on the vain comments, I'm ready for them) I saw it again.


So I did what every normal person would do. I took a picture, well I took multiple pictures, but only one turned out pretty decent. I had others, but it's funny how mirrors catch whatever is going on in the background too. So I'll save you from seeing Tony and Tyson dancing in the background. They're special.

As I tried to tell Tony that I didn't understand this gray hair and why it's come on so early in my life: I don't have the ability to blame this hair on kids like my Mom likes to do. I don't have that stress....yet!
Thinking of what it could be, I came up with a few things:
  • Living in Waldo.....
  • Tyson.....he's cute, but boy is he needy
  • Keeping a clean house. What? It could stress me out if I actually cleaned it....regularly
  • Training to be a ninja. - And you thought you knew everything about me.
I went to bed tossing and turning trying to figure out if I just give up after this. Do I pluck it and let three more gray hairs grow back as my husband told me? Do I try and dye it....right now it's only one gray hair, so I could probably use like a sharpie or something. I do love the smell of sharpies.  But that would take a lot of work. Or do I try and hide this hair daily to make sure it doesn't show in public - because I do love me some stiff hair spray. Of course I could just let it all one with the gray hair and see how long it takes the others to come in....but then I thought that would also mean going hippie style, stop shaving my legs, let any facial hairs begin to sprout, putting the rest of my hair in braids and start using my "natural deodorant."

I woke up this morning realizing none of those things were me and the gray hair was just excess dry shampoo.

Well, at least I'll know of some options for later in life.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

You Need What?

I've started something new.  Or rather re-started something. Apparently I'm training for a half marathon. Although I haven't officially signed up for the actually registered for the race, my sister-in-law will be holding over my head  is convincing me to sign up and run with her...or rather behind her.

It's something that I've wanted to do - run a half marathon, not continually run behind my sister-in-law. A few years ago the plan to run with a friend didn't really happen. During training I found out some interesting information. More interesting than just my slowness factor.  Apparently I had asthma...which began with a tight chest which brought on multiple tests.  Including having my heart sonogramed by a man who kept saying, "I'm moving my hand to the left, excuse me" all while having very close contact with the ladies.  (I feel like saying boobs is weird, knowing my Dad reads this)

The few months leading up to the race - in which I had to trade out my half marathon bib to 5K status and was judged harshly by the volunteers - were quite interesting. I still ran, slower and with an inhaler. You don't look like a runner when you carry an inhaler.

So after a couple of years and more realization that I do not have asthma but just allergy induced asthma - which made me want to chuck my inhaler down just like Hitch - made me want to start running again.  Oh and the fact that my pants are tight and the muffin top in this house was not in the kitchen.

Motivation and probably a little guilt trip has led me to begin my training this week. Yep. Training.  I'm actually going to try and build myself and my stamina up to run 13.1 miles. Obviously in all those miles I'm sure there will be the following: jogging, walking, crying, limping, and probably sheer excitement. But mostly walking will be happening. I'm not setting a specific time goal - other than finishing before they shut down the course and I'm stuck on the Paseo for too long.
Say it sister....

And where does this blog come in? Well, I've put on a little widget - called the Daily Mile to track my progress. And it will probably also be where I complain. It's going to happen. My complaint today: there's no gap between my thighs.
You've seen me sit down?

It's nothing new really. I'm pretty sure the only time there was space between my thighs were.....well, most likely never. This creates a small problem when I run.


Yes. Chafing.  Which consists of my thighs rubbing together with my shorts creeping up. And of course while my shorts creep up, I do the chubby girl pull down. It's pretty common and easy. You just have to throw out one leg while doing a hop style thing and quickly yank down your short.

I would do a little vlog - but then you might not be friends with me and continually stare at my thighs when we talk.

So I've done some research, i.e. read blogs by runners who might know what I'm talking about. Apparently there is this thing that you can rub on yourself to easily prevent this chafing situation.
No chafing here

Sweet...pretty sure after getting my new running shoes this will also help me become a runner. However explaining this situation and what I need to my husband makes for an interesting conversation.

Me: "I think I need to get something to make this rash thing go away."
T: "Like what?"
Me: "Well, it's sort of like lotion, but not really.'
T: "What do you mean like lotion?"
Me: "Um, well you know those commercials where you buy something for, um...."
T: Enter confused look.

I hope you can see where I'm going with this and not actually use the word. If you don't know, let's just say the conversation led to letters in the alphabet.

Get it? Great. Now to move on....I don't need that stuff, just the athletic type.

Hopefully this will improve my time.

Probably not though. Here's to hoping it will improve my chubby girls pull down of shorts method.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Yeah, that whole domestic thing

Um, it's not happening so much around this household. I'll be honest, I thought that once that ring was on my finger it also brought magically skills of cleaning and cooking all while wearing pearls and heels.  Okay, so maybe not pearls, I'm more of a cute chunky necklace type of girl with some peep toes. (and most likely a sports bra. ha.)

At first I thought I could handle it, some simple recipes, some new dishes to try (nothing with carbs of course....or really a small amount), and decent tasting stuff.  Tony was even good enough to help out in the kitchen - or maybe he was checking out to make sure something didn't catch on fire.

I believe I successfully didn't catch anything on fire, however there might have been some smoke. Perhaps more than once the smoke alarm didn't go off. And why you may be asking of why I didn't turn on the fan in the stove hood (hood stove?), well, we don't have one yet.  We're still waiting on that little purchase for the over head microwave.  It's fine though, we prefer to use the arm workout/ridiculous amount of towel waving in front of the smoke detector.  Not only does it give you a great tricep workout, but you can also feel like you are dancing in the kitchen.

What am I talking about? I have zero amount of coordination - I use it mainly for the arm work out.

However, things in the cooking department have gone down hill. Well, there were never really uphill either - but neither was that whole cleaning thing. I'm pretty sure I still have a basket of laundry (unfolded) sitting at the end of our bed.....from last week.  I think my Gram needs to come and visit me while she's here. Hint, Hint Mom. Bring her over.

And since my work out classes (read holy cow the sweatiest, hardest workout ever) go until almost 7 or 8 at night - dinner seems to be pushed off until late. So my plan to make a fabulous four course dining experience gets a little shot. Are you believing that at all?

Enter the Italian Chef Tony. He's been taking over chef duties, shopping and even cleaning.  Okay, so he already did the cleaning because he has some standards that Molly Maid couldn't even meet. So the nice thing is that I get to come home to a meal that is ready and sitting on the table.

Um, hello - is this what men who brought home the bacon came home to for years??? This is the life! Except, I'd like to just workout and then come home....and Tony still bring home the bacon.  Too much to ask?

Okay - so it's probably not going to last for the rest of my life...or his...but a girl can dream right?

And I'm sure you're probably thinking that my cooking can't be all that bad.  Well, it's true. Let me give you some examples.

  • I attempted to make a raspberry trifle: I did not have a trifle bowl and no one ate it.
  • I made some cupcakes that turned out like muffins. Pretty sure my nephews just at the frosting off of them.
  • I burnt a hotdog. And not just burnt: could have used it as a hockey puck burnt.
  • And tonight: I burned a quesadilla.

A QUESADILLA?? I think all of my Mexican ancestors are rolling in their graves. It's sad really.

It's 8 months into this whole marriage thing and I should really be working on this cooking thing. I mean, I did open a few cook books - they have such pretty pictures.

I just wish they had recipes for hot dogs and quesadillas. Hmm...maybe that can be something I work on.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Surprise....Kind of

This past week we celebrated three things: my sis' birthday (which she chose to celebrate in Colorado), my Dad's 60th - yep, the big 6-0! and finally we celebrated Tita! Yes, my Gram came back to visit hot Kansas for a few weeks - and I'm not sure who is more excited, my parents, my siblings or the babies who she giggles at endlessly.

I'd say we all won. Especially Tony who might actually have someone do his laundry and iron his clothes. To be fair, when the never ending question came out - "Should Caitlin do Tony's laundry?" My Gram answered no, and it was "good for her" not to do it! Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Of course this is the same woman who told me that "if I got it, flaunt it." She rocks in all sorts of ways.

And this week with all sorts of craziness going on, we got to celebrate the Major's big 60th. Since some people would be gone for family dinner - we tried to surprise him with some ice cream cake. Leave it to me and Tony to have our timing off and show up with said ice cream cake as my Dad is standing in the garage. I guess that whole "surprise" business should be timed a little better.

I think he enjoyed it - especially the part where his grandsons helped blow out the candles, with spit and a mouth full of Chic-fil-A. We are a classy family I tell you.

Ice cream cake was had and I'm pretty sure the Maj enjoyed his birthday.....maybe for his 61st we'll be better about that whole surprise thing.

And while all five boys are entertaining, I want you to meet the youngest two. I foresee lots of baby fights in the future.


It's pretty entertaining when you give someone else your camera to take a picture. In my attempt to take more pictures, some pretty funny ones have taken place. Especially when someone does a photobomb. Meaning, they show up in your picture without meaning too....or maybe they are wanting to be in your picture.

Take for instance: my Dad.

Pay attention to the sign: wrong way Dad.
 So glad we were able to take a picture as a couple. Better luck next time I guess.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Photog In the Family

Recently I've noticed that our family picture taking has been mainly aimed at the 5 little monkeys. Obvious reasons of course: they are cute, they can do funny stuff, we can't wait to show embarrassing pictures (a la running in underpants in the back yard) when they are 18.

But I've also noticed that unless you are three feet and under, your face is in little to no pictures. Unless you do that smart move and hold up a baby to your face. Then you might have been able to be captured by the digital cameras around....until we see it's better with you cropped out.

And since my sister and I have working cameras, I feel like it's going to be our duty to capture the pictures of our parents, siblings and in-laws. And maybe capture them without their kids....they are real people. Plus how else are we going to embarrass each other at 30th 40th, 50th and 60th birthday parties?

You see, after going through my parents photo albums, prior to their perfect kids, and Ryan & Greg, my parents had pretty funny pictures. They captured moments like finding cowboy hats in a dumpster (true story), and others that I obviously can't think of now....maybe I should look through photos again. Either that or start taking a memory pill for this issue.

So I'm warning you now: there will be more pictures taken at family gatherings. I should probably warn my in-laws as well. Make up and showers may have to be required at family dinner. Although when we submit you for your make-overs, we'll need a good before disregard the make up.....unless you had a serious party night before.

Serious night out before....

And maybe before more pictures are taken, maybe we should learn how to pose normally....