Saturday, October 13, 2012

What's In a Title?

There were a variety of title options that I was trying to come up with for this post.
Some may have been:

  • Beware: This Girl is Driving
  • Back that thing up....wait, look first
  • Tired would be an understatement
  • How to make your husband steamy
  • The never ending week...or two
  • You know you're dumb when
  • Ugh....I make expensive mistakes
  • Or: Whoops....

To say it's been a long week would be an understatement - two crazy, long weeks? Well that statement would just be a load of crap.  But you know what makes this week seem even longer? The expensiveness that went right along with it.

October is a busy month for me anyway - and for Tony.  I let my friends know that I really wouldn't see them....some thought I was joking, but really...I'm not.  Literally every weekend is booked in October - all for work - and the first two weeks were insane. Early mornings, late nights lead to issues.

The number one issue: sleep or lack there of.  Lack of sleep leads to stupid moves....stupid moves that cost money and smoke to come out of my husbands ears. Let me explain.

You know those insurance commercials that talk about how dumb human are?  Well, I could be their poster child. You see, it was not a rushed morning....I was not in a hurry, nor was I stressed out at the moment, stupid however? Absolutely, yes.

Ladies and gentleman, let me provide exhibit A:

Yes, that would be a large dent in the back of my car.  That large dent was created by me while backing out of the driveway.  What is so hard about backing out of a driveway? Well it might be the car that is in back of the driveway, which happens to be your husbands.

Yep - I'm the idiot who just backed right into the other car that we own. What make my idiot level rise? The fact that I have little sensors in the back of my car that literally BEEP when something is behind me. I would have to deaf and blind to make this mistake - and yet I did.

Adding to my fun experience was the husband standing in the door, watching it all happen.   If steam could be literally coming out of someones ears, it would have been his.

I'd go ahead and say that this was a great test of marriage. Perfect timing before our two year anniversary, right?

Oh I almost forgot to mention that we also had to get a new furnace the day after this little, um, mishap.  Yep - when it comes to spending money, this girl can do it without even thinking.

So as this week comes to a close, I'm ready to enjoy the glass of wine tonight with friends.  Lord knows that it is needed....and maybe a couple more after the first.

I'll leave with a couple of artsy shots of my accident and remember to not park behind me.

It looks a little better in black & white, no?

I asked: If I hit the car in any spot that would be good, that would be the spot, right? Owner: Um... Sure