Monday, August 26, 2013

Your Birthday Story, Part One

Dear Ryder,

It may be two months behind, but let's be honest, it took me awhile to start feeling normal.  For the first month, yes, the first month of your life, I was a bit of a hermit.  And while I was fine with us being at home, I know your dad was anxious to get out.  He knows best and you and I have been taking adventures ever since.

For a while I had been great about blogging.  Well, I had been okay about blogging. I'm pretty sure the blog world thinks I'm still 20 weeks along with you and they just found out you were a boy. Surprise to them, you're in the world and already two months old!  But I knew I wanted to write to you about your big day, your birthday, so that in years to come, I could remember the details and tell you about the day you changed our lives forever.

So here we go.  Can you already tell your mom is long winded? I don't think you mind, you enjoy talking to me most days and sometimes those are just one sided conversations.

Back to you though.  I went it to see my doctor for a regular check-up at my 35 week appointment. At this time she couldn't tell if you were breach or not - something you shouldn't be - so we scheduled for a sonogram that next week. I was excited just so I could see your cute little face again.  At 36 weeks, we went in and received great news that you were in fact, head down! Hooray...but were big. No surprise there, your mom was a big baby, and not in the crying baby way.  I'd like to prefer healthy, but big pretty much described me.

Our last week together...I'd say you were ready.

After that sonogram Dr. Wittek wanted to make sure you were safe to come into the world, which is why we talked about having a c-section right away.  For me, I wanted to make sure that you were healthy and safe...and selfishly, that I could still keep myself intact.  You will know what that means when your wife has a babe.  So we scheduled the day to meet you - or rather to see if we could get you to come into the world.

Your dad and I enjoyed a couple last days as just us two. We made sure our bags were packed, that we had your car seat ready to go and that your big brother Tyson was safe with Nana and Grampa. On Friday, June 21, we dropped Tyson off at your grandparents, gave them a big kiss and hug, told your cousins that they would get to meet you soon and we went to enjoy an Italian dinner.  For my little Italian babe, it was fitting.

Unfortunately, the hospital called and lots of babies were being delivered that night and we had to hold off on going in.  To tell you the truth, I think it was okay that we had a little bit longer to wait. Part of me was so excited to meet you and the other part of me didn't want to give up the you and me part of pregnancy.  For 39 weeks, I was able to keep you safe, fed, and comfortable, and now, well I had to share you. But the love that was waiting for you didn't make me nervous.  You had a dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends waiting for you to arrive.

So when we go the okay to head into the hospital that night around 9:30 pm, I was once again ready to meet you, I was ready to give up our little bond and share you with the world.

Into Shawnee Mission Hospital we went.  I got to wear a snazzy bracelet, a pretty gown and a fabulous sleeping pill that helped me nod off to sleep and relax my nerves.  After not sleeping through the night the past few months, I was a little excited.  My bladder also thanked me - and I thanked you for moving off of my bladder.

Your dad? Well, he didn't get much sleep and had to listen to beeping throughout the night.  Don't worry though - his excitement got him through the next day.

Off to sleep around midnight we went, hoping to meet you bright and early the next day.  Instead, you took your time.  I know this letter is getting long, so I'll keep the second half of your birthday for another post.  Hopefully during your next nap.  Now, well, you're about to wake up and we have to go visit your doctor.  I apologize now for the shots you're about to receive.  We may be cuddling for the afternoon.

Love, Mom