Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Diapers and potties

So part of my job entails a little bit of travel, granted not as much as when I first started, but I get to get out of the office every so often. Today was a travel day - and lucky me, I got to go all the way to Jefferson City! What, what! I'm like a state capitol traveling fool - I have been to Top City aka Topeka, KS way more in a month than in my life.

It was all about Jeff City today though - and because of regulations for the amount of miles I can put on my own personal car - and because Tony prefers me not to rack up any more miles on Ted the Tahoe, I rented a car. Before I get to the real subject of this post, let me tell you more about my rental car that I drove today. Remember those little, itty bitty cars that little boys used to play with - smaller than even the matchbox cars? The micro machines?! That's what I drove today - for 5 hours - to and from Jeff City. A-Mazing.

Not only did I feel like I was going to get run over, this thing actually had a little pick up. Usually I get a little nervous about passing people on two lane roads, but man, I felt a little like Danica Patrick, without the cheesy GoGo Daddy logos. But I am really thankful for my tank that I normally drive, it was an experience.

So in my first 2 1/2 hour drive to J-Town, one thought came to my head. how am I going to pee in my wedding dress.

Yep, that was the thought. Nothing really about how nice the weather was, or what things I need to get done for work or the wedding. Just, how am I going to pee on the wedding.

You see, I am a pee-er. I have the nervous pee, which happened almost every time I had to walk down the aisle for a friends wedding; I have to pee every 15 minutes at work, which makes me wonder if people are counting how many trips I take to the bathroom.

So you can see my dilemma. And although I am keeping my dress a secret, any bride knows that it's not the easiest thing to do on your wedding day. Which is why I wish they had an adult diaper that wasn't so bulky.

Yes, I said it.

Its gross, I know, but thing is pretty genius. I mean we don't judge babies for wearing diapers. Why should we judge brides in complicated dresses to take 15 maybe 20 minutes out of their day that goes so fast anyway. Alright, so you're grossed out by this posting. But these are the thoughts that go through my head when I drive by myself.

But before you start judging, don't tell me you don't think about how great it would be to be wearing a diaper on a tailgate day rather than going to a port-a-potty. you're thinking! you're all going to wonder if I'm wearing an adult diaper on my wedding day.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Table Saws and Screw Drivers

Tony and I had a very married Sunday- and I use that term with all the positive thinking. I mean we were both pretty productive, we worked out, we washed his car (obviously through an actual car wash, homey don't wash by hand), and then had a pleasant experience at Home Depot.

You see, Tony generally gets Hope Depot gift cards for his birthday and Christmas. Bonus - less for us to actually buy when talking about up-dating the house. He already has a list of things to do, like add a deck, change the light fixtures in the downstairs bathroom, and change the paint color. So we traveled out to good ole Hope Depot to check out a few things. I of course was distracted by the shiny red washer and dyer - which Tony said we didn't need because the ones in his basement worked fine. Dream ruiner.

So we looked at dishwashers, paint colors, and then vanities for the downstairs bathroom. It was great, I felt a real adult - mainly because I realized it would be "our" money going to purchase these things. Side note: Tony did mention how great it would be to take all that money we are saving for the wedding and just using it all at the HD. Reality check - Not happening buster.

We left the HD not buying anything, but having great dreams about granite counter tops, fabulous shower heads, and shiny red washers and dryer to have family dinner. I should realize now that the things that come out of my brothers and brother-in-laws mouths should be filtered before the words come out.

Because someone, I won't mention who, but I also think my dad was involved, suggested we have our registry at Home Depot.

And then the idea evolved.
Tony: "Babe it would be so great, we could actually use stuff like this, instead of stuff like towels and what people would get us at Crate & Barrel."Me: "Oh, so you're saying you wouldn't use a towel everyday?"

The discussion went on, and he tried to convince me that we would only tell a few people, like his uncles and stuff. But he could tell that I was not excited about the thought of having a registry at Home Depot. All of those pretty towels and vases are going right out the window for gift cards to Home Depot. Although I do know of a friend who did register at Lowe's for their wedding - granted they were re-doing their ENTIRE house and the bride actually brought up the idea, but I guess I could think about it.

I'm totally going to get a table saw and screw driver for a shower gift.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Signs I'm not ready to have babies

It's the question that comes almost right after you are dating your future spouse for a while. First it's when are you going to get engaged? Then, whens the wedding? Followed by So when are you having babies?

It's already happened. Listen people, we still have 7 months to go, and let me tell you, I'm not working out this hard to have a hot body on my honeymoon, I expect to make it at least until Christmas. After that, well, we'll see.

But we have no plans for babies anytime soon. In fact, I am lucky enough to have my fill of babies with my nephews and the few friends that have little ones. I'm an Auntie, and I'm good. Which brings me to my story of the day. And you may question my auntie skills....but let's just preface this with he's still breathing and there was even laughter.

Today is my mom's birthday, and I was lucky enough to have the day off and wanted her to have a special surprise. So I gathered the troops to see who wanted to go and surprise Nana at school. So Luca and Courtney and Rocky came to meet us, Dylan couldn't join us, but I got permission to go and pick up Garrett at the sitters to join us. So being the great Auntie I am, I arrived at the sitters ready to put the car seat in my car and then load him up to get some birthday balloons and head to Nana's school.

Error number 1: I do not know how to load a car seat in our car.
Surprise number 1: I figured it out! Hooray!

So we were loaded in the car, and I was being very cautious, driving 10 under the speed limit and making sure all cars were completely stopped before I took off.

Error number 2: I had no idea where a Party City, or store that is similar to that is in the area.
Surprise number 2: We found one!

Heading into the store, we were in quite a rush, timing is not my thing. So me and Lil G picked out some balloons - which brings me to my third and biggest error.

Lil G has a fear of balloons. What was I thinking?!?!

But to no avail, even after one got popped in front of his face, he was so good. But then it was time to wrestle everything into the car. Almost epic fail.

Balloons, Lil G and myself = lady in parking lot asking if I needed help. Let's just say this, if Garrett is deathly afraid of balloons for the rest of his life, it might be because of our maneuvers into the car.

After that, we were great, he was great at Nana's school and I think enjoyed it more than Lucas did - well let's just say they loved Deanna's little frogs. Great auntie moments! So it was back to the sitters. I was doing fabulous, G was talking in the back and loving the car ride. So we got back to her house...or what I thought was her house. Yep, that's right, I pulled up to the wrong house, got G out, took the car seat out and then walked up to the door.

Then I realized my mistake. So back in the car we drive to the next street down.

But, he was back at the sitters and was very happy.

So not ready for my own kid.

Then, as I sit here and watch 16 & Pregnant, I realize there is no way I am ready for kids now! Holy cow! So FYI, we are not having or thinking about having kids really the question for the next bride. You'll see this one dancing with all of her nephews in the meantime.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bikini Body Ready....or not so much

Our honeymoon is booked! Woot woot - oh yeah, it got two woots! We are going back to my homeland, MEXICO! Okay, so you might be thinking, "Um Caitlin, you are the whitest Mexican we know and aren't there a bunch of drugs and killings going on there??"

Well, yes, both observations are true. However, we still have 220 days until Mexico shapes itself up, and well most of that is in the inner part of the country, we are definitely staying on the beach. And for the other thing, yes I sometimes show more of my Irish side than I do my Mexican, but I do have a full fledged Mexican Bro-in-law, who will be giving Tony and I lessons before we go. In return, I might even change a poopy diaper for one of his kids. Sorry, two poopy diapers is pushing it.

And Tony and I already know this much: Gracias, Por Favor, Tengo mas cervesas!

While I'm very excited, and ready to be laying on a beach drinking a pina colada or two, reading one of my many books - the thought of being in a bikini scares the ba-jeezes out of me. Which is why I resorted to P90X - or as I like to refer it, px90. I'm still getting the lingo down.

After skipping a couple of sessions, one to walk Tyson on a gorgeous KC day, and the other to break out some sweet dance moves at the Black Eyed Pea concert, I thought it would be a good idea to do two workouts in one day. And since I have the day off, I have all the time in the world.

Ay, yi, yi. For one thing, I had to use my inhaler in the first warm-up. Sad. Then I had to press pause (although I kept saying it was because I was checking on Tyson). Sad. And then I didn't do the ab ripper. Dang. It might be a one piece for this girl.

So beware, I might not be able to pick up either of my legs or my arms this weekend. But I am proud to say that it's not only because I did two workouts, but also because I did some awesome fist pumping at the BEP concert - Jerzey Sho style. Sidenote - I did have some teasing bumps in the hair as well, so you could have called me Snickers.

I just hope I am not too sore to cheer on my Cats tonight as they play in the Sweet 16! Never I have I been more excited to watch basketball. Pumped I tell you.

So I'm off to probably eat something, but my little P90x voice, will be telling me I'll pay for it in Mexico while in a bikini. Oh well, Tony can deal - I mean the ring will already be on my finger!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm fighting with the Post Man

So this will be quick, but I'm totally fighting with the Postmen in Prairie Village. As soon as the save-the-dates were out, I had a fear that some people wouldn't get them. Well it came true. My friend at work told me she's never gotten it and another friend (who both reside in PV) told me that he found theirs in the melted snow the other day!

What are the USPS people doing to me??? Don't they know I already have major issues with just buying stamps??

Well I hope that everyone else has received their STD(clap). If not, well, it either might be a mistake by the postman or a very awkward conversation. Followed by me scrambling to send you a Save-The-Date.

Ruffles and Tutus

I have been told that unless I want the spotlight stolen from me, I shouldn't have any little kiddos in the wedding. Obviously they don't know our family. I think I would even have Rocky and Baby X in the wedding if their moms would let me. But, to keep the sanity a little bit, we are only having the oldest three actually walk down the aisle.

And although I am happy for ANOTHER nephew, if Baby X had been a girl, you better believe she would have been dressed to the nines in a little tutu walking with Nana down the aisle. So backup plan, tuxes and tuxedo shirts will be worn by all...except our little flower girl Madison. Her outfit has yet to be decided on.

But this wedding will not be the first time that these party boys will wear tuxedo shirts, they previously wore them at Uncle G's and Auntie B's wedding last year. But these boys have definitely grown out of those little t's. Plus they will have to have extra room so they can dance around. We've been having dance parties at Nana & Grandpa's house recently and let me tell you, these boys have moves. They probably get it from me - D baby even has some booty moves. I'll have to hunt down video to post later.

So tuxes it is, but come on, if everyone looked as good in a tux as Luca does, then would you want them to wear them in your wedding too?!

Side notes: I have yet to call our florist back, yet to call a cake person and we are still trying to figure out our honeymoon. Whoops. That checklist just keeps growing! And if they keep trying to tell me I have 57 overdue To-Do's, they might just get a piece of my mind. Probably not, but I like to sound tough.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Off to the post office

And they are out! The save-the-dates at least. And in that little trip to the post office, well actually the third in less than a week (I'm getting over my anxiety of the post office for this whole wedding), made me do a lot of thinking after I left. Does it have enough postage, did I write out everyone's name correctly, did I forget anyone, etc. The thoughts that go through my head I tell you!

But alas, I already have heard from a couple of people that have said they have received them, so I know they at least got out to half of our guest list. So it's one more thing I can check of my to do list from the! Hooray! Another random thought while I was getting them all ready, why are they called Save-The-Dates? Because when I am writing up my daily/weekly/monthly To-Do lists, I just write STDs. Um, not the most appropriate thing to read on someones list. So I have to remember to write the whole thing out, because then it looks like I'm mailing out the clap or something. Which is just gross.

On another side note, we had our nephew Lucas' 2nd birthday party today. It was quite the adventure. I"m just glad that I've been doing P90x - yes I'm on day 6 and haven't skipped yet! Some of those little junglely gym things were quite the adventure - and yes, I did get a little sweaty, the bangs were banging.

But I wasn't as winded as I normally could have been - total bonus. And Tony has even taken part in some of the P90X days with me. You might see some of the moves we do on the dance floor - let's just say coordination is not our thing. I think I got a little ab workout watching him do these twist and elbow things. Which made him say,"I"m throwin' bows!" Get excited!

So after a trip to the mail box, a birthday party and NCAA games, I'm exhausted! Good thing it's only Saturday!

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Pressure

And the word is out that I have a blog. Now there is so much pressure to write something funny, or quirky, or impressive and something I haven't talked about yet. Oh geez.

And I have nothing....this must be what writer's block feels like.

Well I will tell you that I feel like I got yelled at by the Deacon at church who organizes the wedding preparation classes. After finally calling the church and seeing what to do, I was directed to call or e-mail Deacon Charlie. Well I did, and this was the response I recieved:
"I need to meet with you and your fiance as soon as possible. Marriage preparation usually takes 6-9 months."

What? 6-9 MONTHS?? What happened with all of my other Catholic friends who got away with a weekend or a few weeks to prep for their life-long marriage? Is it because they were married in Kansas? Do Missouri Catholic need a longer prep time? Are they saying its harder to be a married person in Missouri?

Great. Tony is going to love to hear this.

But I wrote back to Deacon C. and told him I would call him immediately. And although I really wanted to say, "Well D.C., I was told that someone would call me after I registered to register with the church, and then again after I actually went to the registry."

However that might get me kicked out of the church and then we'd have to scramble to find a place to get married. Oh the tears that would happen with that situation.

So on to call Deacon Charlie, and hopefully he will see how easy going I am and know that Tony and I only need like two weeks to get prepped for our marriage. I mean, we are already on a good path - he keeps saying, whatever you want babe. Yep, he knows. A happy wife is a happy life.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Give me the address

The time has come to send out our Save-the-Dates. So we have gathered as many addresses as we can, and are still gathering some. Now, my Type A personality side is going nuts because I don't have all the names of family members, or girlfriend/boyfriends, or the number that will be there.


The Type B side, is saying, it's fine, I don't really need that until I send out the actual wedding invitations.


The good news is, almost all of them are done! Ta-Da! Ready to be stamped, licked and put in the mail box. Don't let this excitement fool you. Tony and I did have a conversation the other day that I'm sure every bride has had with their fiance, and we'll probably have again. It went a little something like this:

Tony: "Are you done yet?"
Me: "Well I could have been done faster if you had helped me, I mean I am doing this for OUR wedding."
Tony: "I told you the other day I would help you."
Me: "Yes, but you didn't offer to help tonight."

Does this remind anyone of the Breakup movie: "I want you to want to do the dishes. Why would I want to do the dishes." Hmm, we are definitely not breaking up, but I thought of that section of the movie after our conversation.

Although, I did tell him that I didn't want his help earlier, mainly for the addressing part, but I was waiting for him to do the stuffing. He will do his part later, when it comes to mailing. The only thing I don't really enjoy doing...going to the post office. I get nervous about what stamps to order, if they are going to take my debit card (at one time they didn't) and then if people are waiting behind me. It can be very traumatizing sometimes.

Anyway, the save-the-dates are almost done and I could not be more excited. It's one of the things I can check off our to-do list. Until have a list of to-dos that is telling you are behind on 54 items, the feeling of checking that box is simply amazing.

However, in the midst of this four day addressing and stuffing fun-ness, Tony and I were still debating on final guests with (*) by their name. Yes, sadly, we had to put some of those people on a question. I mean the guilt you have doing that, sits with you for about 5 minutes, and then you realize I either haven't talked to you in years, or we cannot afford to feed another face. I just really hope that none of those people find out.

And my lingering thoughts, oh geez, what if I spell their name wrong, oh no, what if I forgot someone. Ugh, the dreams I'm going to have now.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Addicted to weight loss...books

I have a confession. I am addicted to weight loss/dieting/exercise books. I have a horrible habit of finding the newest trend to dieting and I end up buying the book. Examples: Abs Diet for Women, Skinny Girl by Bethenny Frankel (RHNY), Jillian Michaels Fat Cutting Machine.

I read them, take notes, maybe do one or two advice tips out of them, and then they sit on a shelf. Although I have loaned them out once or twice.

The latest book I bought: Body For Life. I even signed up for an online newsletter, printed out recipies and took notes to the gym with me to try and work out. And fail.

So Tony and I both decided that we want to look good at our wedding, my goal: to have some buff guns. Tony's: to have people see him and say "Damn, he looks good."
Either way, the countdown has begun. Tony has great will power, and he's lost weight on the South Beach Diet. Although I told him it make him super cranky the last time he did it, I thought, I can do it too. At least we will be crabby together. Love.

Well, let's just say my habit of getting excited about a new diet trick hit the cycle again. I did the first week great, the second week of no carbs, well lets just say that didn't happen so much. Fail. But we have 72 days until our engagement pictures, and I don't want to look back at them and hate what I look like. So it's on to the newest diet/exercise craze.

PX90. Yes, I am getting it delievered today and am so excited. I even had a room ready to go, okay well almost ready. But this time is different, I've looked at pictures of people online, their buff bods, knowing if they can do it, so can I. I have no choice - Tony's not going to be the only skinny one at the wedding! So wish me good luck, I'm probably going to need it!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

You have how many people?

So last night, my mom and I went to meet with florist. Something I kind of have been dreading to do since the whole planning got started. I have been fine with everything else and kind of expected the prices to soar on account of how many people we have - not only in the wedding, but invited.

Side note, Tony and and I both got really excited when we were able to narrow down our list (granted my narrowing down consisted of combining babies with their parents).

But flowers make the ambiance, according to Kathy. So we met, and this florist was great! We both really like her and her ideas, and the fact that she wasn't pushy, but very helpful in deciding colors and options of flowers. Phew, done, easy as pie!

And then we add up the number of people.

Bridal bouquet, 10 bridesmaid bouquets, 1 groom boutonniere, 14 groomsmen/usher boutonniere, 3 fathers boutonnieres, 3 mother bouquets, grandmothers, grandfathers, attendants, readers, ring bearers, flower girl (yes, we have 3 ring bearers, but only 1 flower girl), and that, was just for the ceremony. We hadn't discussed the tables at the reception.

Oh vey.

So it was a little more than I expected. And well, then I go into, fairy princess bride moment, and think, "I need it, I have to have it, the wedding won't be great if I don't." Mind you, this is all in my head, and only for a split second.

But as I am my mother, also think, that's not bad, it's totally doable. Then we talk to the money man, my dad. His words, "Well go back to your budget, does it fit, can it work. If not, so sorry."

Of course, not in so many words, but you get the gist. I think he gets scared when my mom, sister and I go "shopping."

But I listened, as I don't want our little wedding to make anyone go broke. But it's a part of wedding planning, right, spending a little bit more than you expected? Ok, maybe not, that's just what people say they do. And by golly, I'm determined to get this budget taken care of!

Back to the drawing board, and talking to Tony. And gosh, why does he have to be so reasonable!!! I tell him how much they are, and of course, he starts talking about the budget, and not wanting to go over our budget. Ugh, reasonable, level headed. Boo.

But, he listens, I cry over stress (and PMS, yes, I used that excuse), and tell him I don't want to go broke, but want a nice wedding. Then he gets all level headed and starts telling me, "well we shouldn't have booked that photo booth without looking at prices for the flowers yet...." Let me tell you, not what I wanted to hear at that moment.

However, he understands that this is once in a lifetime for us, and he's already been fabulous about letting me have my wedding here and not on a beach, so he tells me it will be alright and we'll figure out a way to find good flowers and things and still not go broke.

See why I am marrying him?

If only I can convince him to let us save a bit more money....guess I should stop shopping as well.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Working vs. Planning

So lately I've been really good about putting my work first. But can I tell you how hard it is not to try and push off daily work and just do wedding stuff?!! I mean by the time I get home, all I want to do is eat, work out, and either watch TV or read a book. Probably not in that order, and if its cold outside, working out is generally last in that list.

Plus, it's impossible to get a hold of people after 4! Although, I do sometimes not answer my phone when I know I probably should. Its just so easy to let it go to voicemail. Oh well, go ahead and blame me for screening - you know you do it too!

But I have come to the realization that I should put work first so I don't get fired, and can't pay for this wedding and all of the other fun things I want to do. Like shop.

Don't judge me as I write this blog at work. If smokers get a break for smoking, I should get a break for blogging. : )

Back to work for now, but don't be surprised if I get back on The to check out the 100 new centerpieces for spring article.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Decisions, Decisions....

Okay I'm sure for most people, well most brides, the decisions about the wedding are time consuming, and probably harder if you have an opinionated groom, mother, or bridesmaid. Well thankfully for me, I ignore all of those opinions. Just kidding, sometimes I listen to all of those people.

But I think the hardest decision for me is flowers. I mean the wedding site, done - its where my parents got married almost 36 years ago; reception site, done - we got a super great deal and we get to bring in everything, bonus; the wedding dress, done - my mom cried, I felt like the skinniest girl in the world and it went great with my shoes. But this whole flower thing, I mean, really they are just going to die, and be left on the tables and then just be that thing you held in the pictures.

However, they are important. And my mom does have an opinion. Well, maybe not an audible opinion to me, but let me tell you, her facial expressions do a lot of talking.

But I love my mom, and she has been great through this whole process. She was even so excited to go to the bridal show with me, which let me tell you, bridal Let's just say it's like flies surrounding a piece of food from a picnic. Brides are the food....and they even give you a sticker that says BRIDE. You have no hope to avoid any of the vendors.

Like all of the other posts, I digress. So far flowers and well the date actually have been the two hardest decisions. The date you ask? Yes, it was a week of tears, helplessness, and debating. Our original plan was to get married at the end of September. It was a two fold reason, 1. I enjoy fall weddings and 2. We are sweaters. Yes, we are both very hot people and sweat. And the last thing I wanted to do is be that sweaty bride at her own wedding. And since Tony is wearing a tux, I didn't think it was fair to him to have a wedding in the middle of a Kansas City summer.

(Side note - my love also wanted to get married in Mexico - funny, since he's a sweater. But I love him)

So it was a decision to move our wedding back a WHOLE month - to October so we could get the church I wanted and the reception site that will hold 400 people. Don't judge, we have big families, and we've been in a lot of weddings, and been to a lot of weddings.

Flowers and dates. The biggest decisions thus far. Hopefully there won't be a ton more of those hard decisions. Although Tony and I have not been to register yet. Let's just say that will be a whole other blog post.