Monday, January 31, 2011

If you give a girl a hammer...

It's kind of like that book, "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie..." This girl is ready for more...cookies and nailing to be exact.
I'd take a cookie and some milk right now
In an effort to make our home more homey and less like the ahem rental, Tony and I have been doing some improvements to the house. Already we purchased and hung some new pictures, which means the Asian artwork came down, we have been searching for a rug and I bought a frog doing yoga statue. Yes, Tony thinks it's weird too, but I think it adds a little whimsy to our house.  Guess who won that fight?

But I'll wait to show you that little guy, we like to call him Fred. Fred the yoga-loving frog. It's kind of like naming our cars, Ted the Tahoe and Alan the Altima. And when I say "we" I really mean me and my habit of naming inanimate objects.  Whimsy I tell you, whimsy.

Anywho - we have had this other lovely wine artwork in the hallway hanging.  Yes, wine artwork. And while I am a wine-loving fool, I don't think a Bordeaux really fit into my our theme of the house. So down they came when Tony was out of town and instead I tried that little tricky project of hanging white pieces of paper to decide where I would like to hang some new frames and artwork.

This was great - I  knew exactly how I wanted my little collage to work. We even had our gift of the little wooden plaque of our name and Est. 2010 as a wedding gift to hang. And after two weeks of really figuring out where to place everything just so, alright, well I sort of forgot about it and really just didn't want to finish. Ugh. Luckily I have a husband who gets annoyed with clutter and unfinished projects. Read: asking me in the most lovely tone "Uh, what are we doing with this?" (can you picture the arm/hand waving too?).

So Saturday was the day that the hammer and I became BFF's.

I mean, I have always had a hammer. My dad even made me a makeshift tool kit when I moved into my first house in college. He was smart enough to pack some easy picture hanging kits in there as well. At the time of course I thought you could hammer screws into walls....those might still be there and bonus, my pictures never really fell down.

However I'm in my grown up house now, and it's not realistic for me to hammer in some screws. Plus Tony would judge me. So I began hammering way and hit my finger only once. Okay, twice, I blame it on my slow hand-eye coordination.

And ta-da! Pictures hung! And I began to look around for more things to hang/hammer. Tyson looked at me like I was a crazy lunatic. It might have also been because I began laughing like a maniac and began pumping my arms in the air Jersey Shore style and singing Eye of the Tiger.

Then Tony came down and told me it looked cluttered and crooked.

I want that picture of the girl....would that be weird?
I gave him the death stare and stuffed my face with chocolate. Not really, but he might have gotten a really big sigh from me.

Crooked pictures to come soon. You'll love them, they aren't Asian.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Walking A Tight Line

In fashion there always seems to be one new piece, or style that comes back into play that I vow never to wear.
Leggings: check
Booties: check & check (yes two pairs with an urge to buy more)
Sweater tunics: check, with spanx underneath - those things show a lot more than necessary
Rompers: check and Yes indeed! This might be the one fashion trend that I should have jumped on the bandwagon sooner - Tony still hates them, which makes me love them even more.

As you see, eventually I cave.  I try to be trendy, but deep down I know that there is the J.Crew 'Mom' style in me dying to get out.  Yes, I do want to wear little loafers with the perfectly pressed chino and button down with a simple cardi thrown on. Okay, well obviously I would up the ante from the 1980's J.Crew model mom and throw on some jeans with a blazer and these babies:
Because these babies scream "I know I'm a mom, but I still know how to work me the runway." Or something like that.

But there is one piece of fashion that I thoroughly despise and love all at once. Tights. Not those hose things that were once all the rage with our Grandmothers era - those panty hose things that came in an egg type package. Tell me you know what I'm talking about!

 Full on tights - the opaque kind that you can barely see through, that could be considered almost pants if it wasn't for that lovely crotch looking piece. And the fact that tights are a little like stuffing a sausage as you put them on - let's just say there involves jumping and a little lunge action on mornings when I wear them.

And I don't know about other ladies out there - but I don't enjoy the fact that if you buy the right size of tights, they create a huge muffin, that is not for any lovin'. (say that really fast, I like to think that it rhymed.) Which is why I tend to buy my tights a size larger- which doesn't help my complex when buying them. But I like it when I can pull my pair up to my bra (sorry dad, I know that you are reading this...which will make it slightly awkward at family dinner. Don't be surprised if I don't look you in the eye for at least 10 minutes) giving my tights almost the same effect as a good pair of spanx.

But I digress. Tights. I love to love them and I love to hate them. Especially when I have to use the bathroom and it takes me a a few extra minutes longer. Which is awkward for me, since I already think the people I work with judge me for going to the bathroom 64 times....before lunch.

And you may be wondering why I bring this up today. Well my reading friends, today I brought the great tights controversy with me to work. Meaning, I didn't want to wear my skirt with pale, bare legs. And these are the things I think about during my mini work breaks.

However I like the tights to a point - until they start to itch and then fall down eventually because it's not quite appropriate to do jumping and lunging to get them back up at work or in public. Oh great, now they are starting to itch.

Ugh. I can't wait to take these off tonight!  Good thing I won't make myself go through this again until Saturday....maybe I'll just throw on some leggings with booties...hmm.

Monday, January 17, 2011

I'll take that as a compliment?

Tony and I were able to spend a lot of couple time together this weekend. Which always brings about fond memories to blog about.

The first one:
Tony:"Your earlobes are really big."

Um...thanks, kind, on second thought, not so much.

However I was able to pay him back by telling him I felt like we were living in a rental because our house is still not the way I would like it.

See? Couple's precious.

I'm off to figure out a way to hide my large earlobes....and look at more rentals.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Losing My Ethnicity

You thought I was going to say virginity did you? Dirty.

It hit me today that since taking my new last Italian name, I've become a whole new person. I mean, not entirely new, unless you count the food baby that is ever growing outside my pants. But now people look at my name and say of course! She's Italian.

Not so fast Mr. Hy-Vee checker - I'm full blown Mexish. (For those of you not following, that would be half Mexican and half Irish). Obviously it was really clear what my heritage was - since I have an Irish-y last last name and I have tan-ish skin tone that turns gray in the winter like every other Latina.

Or really, you could just see my parents together and you would get the idea.

However, I knew going into this relationship I would give up a few things: time in the bathroom, sleeping in the middle of the bed, rom-coms (romantic comedies), etc. What was not apparent was that I would lose my luster for spicy food. My steel plated tongue of spicy is leaving me as well. Apparently it's taken on my new Italian last name and now only enjoy marinara, meatballs and pesto.

Why?? I love spicy - it was like my hidden talent to eat something spicy and wait until my saliva stopped progressing and the other patrons at the table clapped and applauded my skills.

Okay, so that's a little over the top - but I like the spicy enchiladas my mom made, the hot - yes HOT salsa, the extra jalapenos on sandwiches. And now? Well my tongue retreats in torment if I eat even bland tomatoes with a touch of lime juice.

The other night I actually made a turkey chili (yes, made and edible) with jalapenos - and after 1/2 a slice, not even Niagara Falls could cure the radiating heat in my mouth. I'm pretty sure my taste-buds are revolting even to this day.

Why oh why? I know they say compromise in marriage makes the world go round - err, or maybe I just do, whatever - but 4 months into this gig and already I'm asking for the Bertoli.

But don't think this little hump will keep me down. Oh no - I will force myself to enjoy that mild salsa at Jalapeno's - and let it be know to that Italian Pizza Pie in the Sky that I welcome Little Italy in my house - but you better have a little cilantro ready to go!

But just in case, I will have a glass of milk handy.

Friday, January 7, 2011

A Doer, not a Finisher

When it comes to new projects and new diet fad, workout fads and fashion trends, I like to try it out. It's probably the reason I have a half done house, 47 diet books, P90X and half of the new fashion - say the cute tall boots, but not so much the body to pull off the skinny jean in the boot look. I end of looking like a light bulb - and not one of those cute spiral ones (yeah, you know, the ones that are all 'energy efficiant').

And this week, I have realized that I'm a halfer when it comes to projects. This week I was determined to get up early and work off all of the bloby-ness from the holidays. Mainly because I was pretty tired of laying in bed with my thighs overlapping each other. I hope you know what I'm talking about - you know, the feeling that you need to lay with your legs apart like you're back in tumbling class and reaching for the V. No? Well stop judging me then.

On Monday - it was great. I actually woke up for my 4:50 am (yes, AM!) alarm, threw on my work out clothes and did my first (again) P90X work out. I huffed and puffed my way through it and not only managed to finish the DVD, maybe with some slight fast forwarding, and not knock down any mirrors or pictures in the living room.  Success!

And then it happened. I woke up Tuesday morning - after 27 snoozes, and felt like death. Yep, the sickness, the plague, the carrier monkey nephews finally got to me. Ugh. Failure after one day of working out.

Darn you carrier monkeys and all of your cuteness!

So after laying in bed with half done toe nails (see?? This problem even affects my nail polish - as I'm typing right now with 4 really chipped nails) for two days and sleeping for 40 of the 48 hours I was home, I was more than ever determined to restart my kick off into becoming a finisher!

I took the stairs at work when I got there Thursday.

That counts right? I mean, I did have to pause half-way up, which of course I blame on the sickness and not the fact that I might be slightly out of shape.

But I'm back to almost full health - I mean I might still have huffed and puffed up the stairs, but I might still be blaming that on the sickness. How long do you actually think I can get away with that?

And instead of working out this morning, like I had a whole plane to do, I'm waiting for Monday to re-start my mission to finish!  Wait....if I wanted to be a finisher, I probably should have just started today huh? Ugh. Fail.

Well maybe I'll work out tomorrow and really kick off this shin dig!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, New Hope, New Attempts

Hooray! We made it to 2011 - and after how wonderful 2010 was, year 11 has a lot to live up to. While neither Tony or I are big fans of NYE - it has a lot of hype to add to an evening of staying up way to late and occasionally leads to making some bad choices - think tequila - it has a special meaning to us. Three years ago it was the time we met at an over-hyped, expensive NYE party at Californo's, who offered tequila shots.

But I would like to think it was pretty successful time. I mean I did get a sugar daddy wonderful husband out of the deal!

Two more resolutions: Stop always using "the pooch" as a pose & stop wearing the Snooki poof.
So as we embark on a brand new year and all make the attempt to make some New Year Resolutions, I thought I would share some of mine - I know, you're all dying to read about them.
  • Besides my ever lasting attempt to lose weight, my "weight" resolution is more than that - it's about getting in shape - so I don't get winded while walking up the stairs to work.
  • Become more familiar with the kitchen - and it's power to create things like dinner. Yes, we are all aware of my futile attempts to make dinner - and I will say that I had a redeeming one - but really make a good attempt to make more than cereal and quesadillas for dinner.
  • Take a photography class. I might be a little obsessed with looking at photographers web sites and blogs and really make an attempt to learn the features on my camera. Lucky for me, I have a few subjects to try this out on: my nephews and Tyson - I'm not sure who will be easier to capture on film - but I'm sure a lot of fuzzy pictures and back of heads will be on the film.
  • Participate in the Photo Project 365.  I've seen some "real photographers" do this and I think it's a neat idea - and while my photos may not be all artsy and clear like of buildings and fantastic weather - it will be fun to go back and see the year in photos. Wish me luck!
  • Make our house a home. Granted we've lived hear for a while and have furniture, bedding and dishes - and we were able to get rid of most of the wedding gift boxes - things are still in a bit of an array. And it would also be nice if I could make our house look like Crate & Barrel, but baby steps. First I'll work on getting a new rug.
And I'm sure some of these "resolutions" may change a bit and become a little "altered," I'm going to really make a big push to do these. And of course a few other that I would like to do would be:
  • Go on more dates with my husband - actually trying new places or things to do around town.
  • Travel! Yes - we took a backseat to our traveling so we could save for the wedding, but we have lots of friends in new and exciting places and we'd like to see them before they move back.
  • Read more - a la my new Kindle and expand my literature - even if it is some book about murder mystery - hey, maybe I'll learn a new fancy word or something. 
  • Make an effort to spend time with friends - we all get busy and I know schedules don't always match up, but at least make efforts to see these girls a lot more.
My Day on in 365 - Tony didn't appreciate my amazing timing after he hit his finger on the table. Critics.

While thinking of all of these new and improved ways to make 2011 great - I figured there were also some that maybe I should try and avoid:
  • Like gaining 365 lbs. - while I enjoy the Biggest Loser, I do not want to be a contestant.
  • Wearing my hair in pony everyday - I'm 27 now - I should probably make a better attempt.
  • Push my snooze more than 6 times a morning - I'm tired of Tony poking me in the armpit to wake me.
  • Start a burn book - it wasn't nice in Mean Girls, and I have no desire to make one either.
  • Avoid washing my hands. There is always a threat of H1N1 - and not washing your hands is pretty nasty.
  • Cussing like a sailor. While it's not really attractive on a lady, I realize I'm not a sailor and I think saying Fiddly Sticks would be more funny than the other option.