Monday, December 31, 2012

Our Little Secret

Well I supposed since it's officially Facebook approved, I should get back to blogging about our little secret.  And maybe go into more info that people are asking about - like is it a girl? Still don't know that answer quite yet.

But yes, Tony and I have kept a little secret for a few months....we're having a Baby Meatball come June 2013.  We couldn't be more excited and having the secret out is so much fun - especially since it would explain why we have been hiding from friends for so long. 

We're very excited and I think still in shock - I think both of us thought it would happen eventually, but maybe not as quick as it did - plus Tony was half asleep when I told him, so the information that set in that morning was taken in a little slower.

But back to the beginning - we found out back in October....during one of our busiest months.  Between the two of us, we had work events, travel, and what felt like a million other things happening at once.  Little did we know that my absentmindedness and feeling tired all the time was due to a little bean growing inside. I had just gotten back from a work event out of town and Tony was coming in late Saturday night from being at a convention out of town, as well.  See...busy!

That next morning I just had a feeling - but I didn't want to get my hopes up and then be I just snuck into the bathroom early.  And started first I couldn't believe it, but it was there.  A positive sign that we were going to have a baby.  Now, I know you're probably all expecting a picture of a pregnancy test on here - but in my opinion that is gross. Sorry - I'm Judy Judger over here - but if you have to post something that you pee on social media, then you are sharing too much. 

But I digress.  I woke up Tony with a romantic, "Ugh, I'm pregnant." It was a sweet and sentimental moment that we'll always remember.  I'm so graceful like that! Of course, we couldn't celebrate for too long - we had to get out of the house since we had a showing.  It's just our little life - always looking like a movie.

We held in the news for a s long as we could - wanting to tell our families before anyone. Occasionally it was a little too tempting for some (ahem, Tony)....fine, me too, and the news slipped a couple of times.  

We wanted to wait until after Thanksgiving - to let family know - our holiday festivities can be a little nuts, and not always the best time to break out big news. But we were able to tell all of our parents and family - and I honestly don't know who was more excited.

So how did we break the big news? Well we gave a picture of me holding our first sonogram to Tony's Dad and Stepmom - which they now proudly have up in their house.  After getting a hard time from Tony's Mom - asking what seemed like every time when we were going to have some news, we went and visited them and waited until 10 minutes before we left to give them a "treat" from our trip to Napa: a onesie and a sonogram picture.  Tears were shed from both parties and for them, it's their first and second grandchild - so they were all pretty excited.

For my parents I needed some assistance. So I let the cat out of the bag to my sister - and if you know her, then you know how hard it was for her to keep her mouth shut! But she did a great job and it was so nice for her to know - especially since I needed someone to bounce ideas off of. 

My plan included all my little monkey nephews - all six of them on our side.  Luckily my Mom had planned to take their Christmas card picture which included outfit changes.  And that night, dinner included spaghetti sauce.  To share our news, I decided to have the boys all wear the numbers 1 through 6 to show their birth order and for me, lucky #7 on mine.  

We quickly grabbed the boys for an outfit change before dinner - and for once all of them were more than happy to run upstairs - and switched them into their numbered shirts.  Oh and we needed a third set of hands for all those we grabbed my SIL Alison, who was more than happy to help.  

Sorry - I realized this is getting long...oh well, there is a video coming.

The boys all lined up - they are all into line leading and taking turns....thank you preschool! So it was pretty easy - and no coaching was needed to get them to show Nana & Gampa.  What we didn't know was that Nana & Gampa were in two different rooms...oh well. 

Tony was set up filming on the iPad and what you don't hear is Lucas saying "come on guys, let's have a parade!" Um, perfect Luca - you get all the treats in the world! 

So here was the big reveal - sorry for the shakiness...blame Tony, he was trying not to be obvious...kind of. 

(And thanks to my Dad for counting out the numbers...not planned...also not planned, him not seeing my number 7 for a good 45 seconds because he was too busy talking to Baby Graham)

So the news is out - and since this is getting rather long...I'll post more about Baby Meatball later.  But here is to 2013 - it will be an exciting year for our little growing family! 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

July & August Project 365 Pictures

So I've been behind on my Project 365 - and while I was organizing my pictures, I also noticed there were a few days that I missed. Whoops.  But here is what I have for July & August.  Surprisingly I hit almost every day - a little pat on the back for me.

Maybe when I do it again next year, I'll have every day done....and maybe just one picture per day and not three or four.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

What's In a Title?

There were a variety of title options that I was trying to come up with for this post.
Some may have been:

  • Beware: This Girl is Driving
  • Back that thing up....wait, look first
  • Tired would be an understatement
  • How to make your husband steamy
  • The never ending week...or two
  • You know you're dumb when
  • Ugh....I make expensive mistakes
  • Or: Whoops....

To say it's been a long week would be an understatement - two crazy, long weeks? Well that statement would just be a load of crap.  But you know what makes this week seem even longer? The expensiveness that went right along with it.

October is a busy month for me anyway - and for Tony.  I let my friends know that I really wouldn't see them....some thought I was joking, but really...I'm not.  Literally every weekend is booked in October - all for work - and the first two weeks were insane. Early mornings, late nights lead to issues.

The number one issue: sleep or lack there of.  Lack of sleep leads to stupid moves....stupid moves that cost money and smoke to come out of my husbands ears. Let me explain.

You know those insurance commercials that talk about how dumb human are?  Well, I could be their poster child. You see, it was not a rushed morning....I was not in a hurry, nor was I stressed out at the moment, stupid however? Absolutely, yes.

Ladies and gentleman, let me provide exhibit A:

Yes, that would be a large dent in the back of my car.  That large dent was created by me while backing out of the driveway.  What is so hard about backing out of a driveway? Well it might be the car that is in back of the driveway, which happens to be your husbands.

Yep - I'm the idiot who just backed right into the other car that we own. What make my idiot level rise? The fact that I have little sensors in the back of my car that literally BEEP when something is behind me. I would have to deaf and blind to make this mistake - and yet I did.

Adding to my fun experience was the husband standing in the door, watching it all happen.   If steam could be literally coming out of someones ears, it would have been his.

I'd go ahead and say that this was a great test of marriage. Perfect timing before our two year anniversary, right?

Oh I almost forgot to mention that we also had to get a new furnace the day after this little, um, mishap.  Yep - when it comes to spending money, this girl can do it without even thinking.

So as this week comes to a close, I'm ready to enjoy the glass of wine tonight with friends.  Lord knows that it is needed....and maybe a couple more after the first.

I'll leave with a couple of artsy shots of my accident and remember to not park behind me.

It looks a little better in black & white, no?

I asked: If I hit the car in any spot that would be good, that would be the spot, right? Owner: Um... Sure

Thursday, September 20, 2012


And of course this all happened while I was talking to Tony, half dressed, me, not Tony- well he might have been as well, he didn't go into detail and tell me what he was wearing while chatting with me this morning.

My timing was also off for getting up and getting ready....which of course leads to dry shampoo, a sad looking pony and some pants that may be a little to snug.  My pants being too snug have nothing to do with timing, well unless you have been counting the number of times I have been stuffing my face. Of course my teen acne has great timing too -I think my friends The Zits have a great time showing up for important weekends and they love having themselves front and center. Lucky me.

Timing also has a lot to do with the traffic I hit in the morning and the amount of times my road rage comes out - luckily it only came out in this way: "Let's go cougars, let's go!" I was following a SUV with a GO COUGARS license plate holder.  I said it in my best cheerleader voice, and if I could have pom-poms in my hand I would have raised those up as well.  But that's not safe while driving, nor do I own a pair of pom-poms.

So while I sat down at my desk this morning and realized that my timing has been really bad lately – I got on Facebook thinking surely no one would post news about a reality show winner since maybe not everyone has seen the results.  Once again, my timing stinks. 

You know who else who might have bad timing? Tony – or rather his sickness….right before we head to a wedding this weekend, that his is in and is wearing a bow tie.  Don’t worry – I’ll work on my picture timing to grab a portrait of that bad boy. 

While Tony and I might have poor timing, Tyson sure loves his time spent snuggled up next to me while I snoozed my alarm this morning.  He may be the only on a regular schedule in our household.
For the rest of the afternoon I’m going to work on my timing – especially with work deadlines – and try and get out of this funk and be time for my brow wax, and make time for a cocktail this evening.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Well, that should be a sign

You've probably read quite a few times about my, um, challenges with being healthy and maintaining a decent weight....or rather a weight that makes me feel skinny and okay with wearing tight-ish clothes.

It's been an up and down thing - and probably always will be...I guess that's what will probably happen for the rest of my life.  Poor Tony - he deals with my crazy...almost every day.  For example, I put on a Target dress yesterday, and well, if I wanted to emphasize my curves, well this dress would be the key. Except for the fact it emphasized my stomach pooch, my saddlebags and ba-donk-a-donk (and not a good donk way).

So I complained, huffed and puffed, and put on a new dress.

Then I promptly asked to drown my sorrows in Orange Leaf.  The man obliged.  See? Deals with crazy well.

But you may be wondering why all of this has come up....again. Well if I had any thought that maybe I had been putting on a little weight, I got the direct sign before work one day.  With the assistance of my pants...specifically my skinny jeans.

Those skinny jeans ripped right as I pulled them on.  If skinny jeans could laugh at every girl who "thought" they could fit into them, it would be the sound of those jeans ripping. Awesome.

My name is Caitlin and I am a sugar addict.  I'm also apparently a sad person who wore those ripped jeans to dinner....with the rip because all other jeans were dirty.

Apparently with my sugar addiction I also have a  problem with laundry and not being able to throw things away. And knowing what really fits me and what doesn't.

So for every time I've said I'm starting over and I'm going to eat healthy again and really take my work out seriously (well, I do take those seriously, I still can't sit down from Sunday's class) - it's going to be tonight.  And tomorrow and the rest of the week - I don't need any other pants ripping for a while.

Of course, it will start right after I eat these almonds.  What can I say, I eat my feelings....and my feelings are saying those chocolate almonds are 50% healthy because their almonds.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Well this is fun

I've noticed recently that my face has decided to take a visit back to puberty.  Apparently I was lucky enough to rarely get acne back in my teen days, it decided that it was going to make a full-blown comeback my late 20's.

Yep.  I'm now the proud owner of zit face.  Something that I don't really understand, want, or need, but apparently I don't have much say in what my face decides to do. I'm really hoping this acne party is because of stress.  Although, at this moment, I'm not really that stressed.  Have I been in the past? Well yes, there might have been one or two minor melt downs about work a few weeks ago, and we might be having little to no movement on our house, and possible some weight gain making my lovely lady bumps a little more bumpy. But I think I've been handling most of it pretty well.  Now Tony might have another idea on how I've been handling it, but I can at least say today, at this moment, I don't feel stressed.

So I think I'm going to try and work this little situation out.  Normally my hands are all over my face - maybe that is the reason why.  Most days, you can find me at my desk looking like this:

Not because I'm stressing out, mostly because I have bad posture and lean on my head.  Which seems odd after I type it, but it's true....and made me just sit up a bit taller.  But I'm catching myself with my hands on my face and immediately let go of my face. Hopefully that will eliminate some of the issues. 

I'm also trying not to eat junk - maybe all of the crap, including the stuff I've been making - is leading to the Rocky Mountains on my face. Or maybe I should start drinking more water.  It's one of the best things for you - but lately I've been slacking on my water intake.  Instead of drinking my 100 oz, it's been, well, less than that.  While my trips to the bathroom have decreased the spots on my face have increased. 

And one of the last things I'll make an attempt at doing is going back to my go-to make up stuff.  Which includes using my old face lotion that I've liked and have been out of for about 3 months.  Which is why I'm glad I've had the little tool Birchbox to use - samples are my friend.

All in all my goals are as follows:
1. Get ride of my acne friends.
2. Stop touching my face.
3. Sit up straighter.
4. Drink more water.
5. Stop eating crap.
6. Go back to my old products.

Until then, don't be surprised if my hair is in my face.  I'll be pulling a Cousin It look until the Appalachian Mountains decide to fall off my forehead.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Picture Taken Fool

I've been able to keep up at my Project 365....minus a day or two.  While putting my pictures together I realized that 1. I hadn't uploaded since Day 100....whoops. and 2. I forgot how funny some of those picture moments were.  So here are some pictures from April up til June...if I'm really on top of things, I'll even post July this week. I wouldn't hold your breath though...I still haven't blogged about our recent trip, and all the excitement of selling the house. Which is not actually excitement at all considering we still live in said house and it's still on the market. Sarcasm is my second language.

Day 101 to 107 

Day 108 to 114

Day 115 to 121

Day 122 to 129

Day 130 to 136

Day 137 to 143
Day 144 to 150
Day 151 to 156

Day 157 to 164 

Day 165 to 171

Day 172 to 178
Day 179 to 185....I might have missed a day here. 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Some Like It Hot

It is not me and Tony - or Tony or I - now is not the time for proper grammar. While I would usually like to let my readers know that I do know how to properly form a sentence, it's a little more difficult when flames are shooting out of my mouth while my lips melt like the Wicked Witch of the West.

I decided to catch Tony on camera when the flames appeared.
If that hasn't made you want to read more....well I'll just let you know that I made dinner.

Shocking for two reasons? Yes. But apparently I was trying to kill my husband by chili peppers in adobe sauce disguised by do it yourself Chipotle bowls.

Holy hotness Batman.

Perhaps I should have really read the bold sentence of this Pinterest-inspired creation when she wrote: **This is rather hot for some people, so be sure to cut the chili amount in half**

What I really should have done.
Damn me and not reading ahead. I did try to cut the heat with some water....however the tears in Tony's eyes 30 minutes after we finished "eating" means apparently I didn't cut it in half enough.  While we are full from dinner, it's not from the fake Chipotle bowl.  It's from the 72 glasses of milk combined with the 48 bottles of water we chugged after two bites.

Note to self: take the bold print to mean something while cooking.

Apparently after coming home from Mexico, that cuisine stuck in my mind. Probably because I ate hamburgers and chicken fingers while in the country of Mexico.  Naturally fake Chipotle bowls would be perfect, since we're trying to be good about the budget and keep things healthy.

You can keep things healthy by making sure things that involve hot chili peppers is in every bite. You pretty much stop after two bites and stay on a liquid diet until your lips stop feeling like they've entered the Devil's playground.

Oh and have I mentioned that I've done this before? Apparently I have a bad habit of making our meals the meal of a Fear Factor contestant.  Thinking that maybe this would get me out of cooking so every third day....Tony made sure to encourage me that it takes practice.  Ugh.  I guess I'll have to try adobe chilis and sirichi sauce next time.

And perhaps buy an extra gallon of milk while I"m at it.

This just made me laugh. Fat cat.

Pictures all from Pinterest. Yes, it gets me even in pictures.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Where are you looking?

Tony recently purchased an iPad.  He bit the bullet after going back and forth about really needing one.  In the end, and after some, "really, it's okay to get one" from me, he got one.  He was very excited to use it - his first reason to use it? A movie.  Yep, the man downloaded Netflix so he could watch movies on trips for work when he has to fly.  He will not and probably should not watch movies while driving. That's dangerous.  Also, he has to to have an internet connection to watch his movies, and since he only got Wi-Fi, he's really just watched movies at home....on a tiny screen while his big honking tv is muted and playing some other show.  Yep...caught him doing this, I laughed.

His other reasoning to get it? Facetiming.  Okay, well maybe that was my reasoning for him to get it. I love Facetiming.  It's pretty funny to chat with your nephews who are only 20 minutes away, but still need to tell you about the under (thunder) and check to make sure you were not in fact, bit by a dog. 

So it's no surprise that we tried out Facetiming while sitting in the same room. Don't judge us....we like to look at all the features before taking our new technology anywhere.  But Tony has been on a couple trips that we actually used Facetime.  I think he really just wants to talk to Tyson, but he has to deal with me. 

And for the last couple of sessions I've noticed that my dear husband is drawn to the screen where he can see himself.  Like a fly to a light, that boy loves a good mirror.

What he doesn't realize is that I can now see him looking at himself.  Busted.

I'm sure that there are now plenty of self-portraits on the iPad. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

I should not wear white pants

It's a little known fact that I spill a lot.  Like, almost every day. It's not that I don't try to keep things clean and tidy, I just have improper hand-eye coordination and apparently my real middle name is Klutz.

According to my dad, I was diagnosed by my doctor as clumsy.  I like to think that I am just accident prone.  I'm not sure which sounds better, but it's no surprise that I have bruises on my body from things I run into on a daily basis.  Although I think things like doorways and desk corners actually jut out while I walk past.

However today would be an exception to my clumsy, spilling ways.  For some reason I have decided that wearing white pants would be okay - apparently I had a lapse in judgement while purchasing said pants.  And today, since all my black pants were dirty and I have some sweet bug bites on my legs from the weekend that make my legs look like walking dominoes - two dots on one, three dots on the other - I had to wear pants and not a skirt. The only pants that I had clean? White pants.  Technically I think they are cream, but regardless, they are asking for me to spill on them.

And spill I did. Fruit (including strawberries)  and  my sparkly water all over my sandwich and veggie chips (probably the best things ever) as well as my desk.  Close enough to almost hit my cream/white pants. On a Monday.  Round of applause, please.

So after the cleanup, I am now praying that I keep up that good luck while sporting the pants for the rest of the day...especially since I have to be in a picture later this afternoon, the whole reason I had to wear nice pants today.

I should really not wear white pants.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Five Friday Facts

It's Friday - thank goodness! For some reason this week has felt really long, even Tony thought it was long after a hectic week of playing golf and schmoozing. Rough life that guy leads.  The good news is that we don't have much happening this weekend and we're both pretty happy with that.

So here are some Friday Facts - and cheers to the weekend!

1. I have not worked out in three days.  I know, I know, it's not like me - nor do I like it. The only positive thing is that the scale has not moved in the past week and my pants still fit.  Hell yes. I had some things to get done the past couple of days (which did not get done....hmmm) and really had zero motivation.  You would think I'd be pulling two-a-days since our trip is in two weeks.  Apparently that whole stress thing that most women have when they know they are going to be in a swimsuit has no affect on me. I guess I should start looking for a one piece and a mumu cover up. One pieces are in...haven't you heard?

2. I cannot get enough avocados this week, or really the past two weeks.  I search the menu's lately for anything that has avocados.  It's a horribly wonderful addiction. The other day I also realized I ate more green than any other color - I'm not kidding.  Breakfast: Green smoothie, Lunch: edamame hummus, Dinner: at moms, I had a vat of guacamole. It was heavenly. (And yes, I had green chile at my mom's last night...ama-zing.)

3. Currently I have nail polish on all of my fingers.  That being said, no fingernail is fully coated. Actually there are hunks of polish missing on every finger. My nails have been like this since Sunday. I should really go and get a manicure.

4. Tita is leaving on Monday.  It will be a sad, sad day. However after dinner last night, I think she's almost had her fill of small people under 4....and my demanding brother.  However he did manage to get her to make her green pork chile and homemade tortillas. My mouth is watering as I type this. There is nothing better than homemade tortillas by White Cloud. And if you think there is anyone in this family who dislikes tortillas, you would be sorely mistaken....and they would be thrown out. Tortillas are good with everything - butter, hot dogs, green chile, butter, peanut butter and plain. If my husband wasn't the carb police, I would eat them every day.

5. Be ready for this one - I actually did Tony's laundry.  I might not have finished it, or my may be sitting in the washer still, but I did it.  And I even folded it.  Shocking.  However I realized why I don't like doing his laundry.  Holes. Everywhere in everything.  Case in point: his socks. He came home the other day and I noticed one little hole in his sock and thought, that can't be comfortable, I know my toes find holes in my socks and immediately jut out (side note, my siblings and I have extraordinary toes that may have finger like capabilities, picking things up, playing the piano, it goes on) I throw those socks away.  However it was when he turned and walked away that I saw his entire heel. No trace of sock was found as he walked. So I ask, what is the freaking point of wearing a sock??? So when I do his laundry again in approximately three months, I'm going to throw out all things with holes.  He's been warned at least three times....which may explain why he hasn't complained that I don't do his laundry.

Happy weekend - may pools and summer cocktails be in your future!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Five Friday Facts

Well I know you must be impressed that I am actually doing Five Friday Facts on Friday - however I have not blogged since shame. I could give you the excuses that this has been a really busy week, but I'll be honest - after family in town, the Kenny/Tim concert and laziness, there was nothing really to blog about.  Unless you wanted me to tell you that two days is never enough with family, I have lack of self control when surrounded by friends and that I should do something other than catch up on trashy tv or my favorite blogs.....if you wanted to read that then let me know.

Until then, here are Five Friday Facts to brighten your day.

1. I'm wearing a braid in my hair right now.  Like one to help hold back my bangs - since I haven't cut them (not even by myself) in quite a while.  I should really schedule a hair cut, however it took me almost a full three weeks to reschedule my eyebrow wax appointment, I foresee my haircut taking at least another 3 months.

2. Selling a house takes a long time.  And here is a fact about selling a house: it's not as fun as it seems. You know those stories about yourself, your brother, your friend or that neighbor down the street who sells their house in 24 hours, two day or two weeks? Well hold onto those stories and pray like you've never prayed before for that situation to happen to you.  Granted we've only had our house on the market for a month-ish, but when people tell  you those stories, deep down you want that to be you....and generally it's not. And since Tony and I have mentally checked out of this house every day it gets a little harder to wait for a showing. Plus, cleaning sucks.

3. We have yet to go to the grocery store this week and I will tell you that making a list and menu for the week is not that fun.  So instead I ask Tony very sweetly to bring me lunch....which has happened more than once in the past week or so. On today's menu: guacamole....from Jalapenos. Best thing ever. I ate the entire portion for myself - all while reminding myself that this is the healthy fats and this is way better than french fries. It was scrumptious and I cannot get enough of that heavenly food.

4. My godson is obsessed with me.  I'm not even trying to be arrogant - you can ask my sister. That boy loves me, saying my name (over and over again) and making sure that I am safe. He made up a story about how a dog bit me. Or in his language: "CAIT! Dog bite Cait." Um, nope, no dog bite here - just lots of slobber.  Although he said 543 times while I was not there, it's nice to know he's always thinking of me- it's the perk of being a fairy godmother.

5. I learned a new trick on Lightroom that will help me post my Project 365 pictures better. Thank you Google - you're teaching this girl one step at a time. I know that you wanted that fact about me to end this post.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Five Friday Facts...A Little Early

I'm doing this weeks Five Friday Facts a little early - due to the fact that we have family coming in town today and since it's hard enough for me to remember them weekly, it will be the last thing on my mind since Tita will be here. Yes - Gram is coming and I don't know who is more excited, her daughter, her grandkids or her great-grandkids.  Yes, those five boys love their Tita and will gladly put her in her place....I think they are the only ones who could ever tell her no. Of course they are usually copying her with their no's, or "No, no, no, no's."

1. Tony purchase himself an iPad last week.  I had no problem with him getting one or spending the money on one.  He's been wanting it forever and I usually get something as well when he makes a purchase.  It's like he has buyers guilt - not guilt that he bought something, but guilt that I didn't get something too.  His shopping is usually a bonus for me.  This time I got a new photo editing program called Lightroom. I think I could spend gobs of time on it - and wish I had that time.  Instead I try and work on it at work editing pictures of work things and then at night.  Using this program has already made me want to work on my photography more (which will happen this weekend) and get a couple more photography programs to use as well.  Trouble for Tony.

2. The house selling is just going okay.  Well annoying, but okay.  And instead of waiting around, we decided to go on a trip to Mexico.  These are the things we do while we are kidless. It's pretty great.  Although a friend made fun of us for "saving money" - but Tony is the saver in this group and he's happy where we're at - so we're taking a trip with all that extra money we save while we wait for the house to sell. In reality, it works out for me, trip = new clothes. Win, win.

3.  After my bootcamp session ended I will admit that I put on a few lb's. Yes, apparently when you lose weight, you have to maintain it - which meant not eating anything and everything.  So I was back at watching what I ate and made sure to work out a little more.  Well I finally managed to get one pound away from my ending weight. I celebrated with cake someone had in the office. Ah crap....that was the wrong decision, wasn't it?

4. I'm really behind on my blog reading.  My google reader is full - like over 500 entries full. So on my lunch breaks I've been trying to catch up - every time I think I'm getting somewhere, the next day that number is back up again. I really need a day off with nothing to do but catch up on blogs. You might think I would have said, chosen less blogs to read, but let's be honest, I'm the girl who can't get rid of shoes that don't even fit, but keep them because they are pretty - you think I'm actually going to give up reading a blog?

5. I'm going to the Kenny Chesney/Tim McGraw concert on Sunday.  I'm excited to wear my boots and if I hadn't gone over my budget a couple of weeks ago, I'd ask to go and look for a new dress.  But I already got two - and might have found one in my closet that still has the tags on it.  Now I just need to know which one to wear to the concert - the dilemmas I deal with. But hey, at least I get to wear my boots!  Too bad it will be 900 degrees out there - pony tail, yes please.

There you have it - Five Friday Facts that I know made your day and helped you get a jump start to your weekend.

Oh and because a post wouldn't be complete without a picture - here a little collage from Memorial Day.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Poor Tony

Poor Tony.  He deals with my crazy a lot...and usually my craziness grows at a certain time of the month.  And if anyone watched the repeat episode of Modern Family last night, you know what I mean. Luckily, he only deals with me and not two other women.  Unless he has some secret girlfriends, well then he's just asking for it.

However there are certain times I don't feel bad for unleashing my crazy on him.  This usually involves us watching some of our favorite shows...shows that I've never seen before and have no idea what's going on.  Why Tony sees this as a good time to ask me what is going on or who that person is or what they are about to do - I have no idea.  That is when I pause the TV, give him an evil eye and unleash the crazy.

Poor Tony....but sometimes he deserves it.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Five Friday Facts

I realized Monday that I didn't post my Five Friday Facts... and to think I was on a roll.  Don't worry - I'm not giving you double the amount.  I would like say that it's because I don't you want to spend too much of your time reading this blog, but really it's because I could barely think of 5 last time, so 10 would be a doozy. Anywho...Happy Friday to you and yours!

1. My friend texted with a desperate plea to have a wine night since her hubby was ditching her for the second night in a row.  Who am I to turn that down? Wine with friends, yes please.

2. I attempted to use my manual and only manual settings on my camera for one of our work events.  While editing, I realized that I have a lot to practice on - but I stuck with it and had fun. And now that I have another work event on Saturday morning, I have more time to practice.  Tony better be ready to buy another memory card for me.

3. I have been asked multiple times while holding a baby if I'm "getting my practice in." While it takes every effort I have not to be snarky to the person who posed that question to me, I respond with, "nope, just holding a baby."  Awesome. Of course the snarky in my would like to respond in one of the following ways:
"Yep, gotta make sure my arms are strong enough not to drop our future children too many times."
"Why? Are you getting in your practice of eating? Is that why you're clinging to that cookie for dear life?"
or even
"What?!? I'm holding a baby??? Crap, ugh, does anyone have any baby wipes?? I can't be holding a baby yet....I'm not a mother!!!!"
 Would that last one be too dramatic?

4. Our house has only been shown a few times.  Do you know how annoying it is to try and keep your house clean between showings?  I think I ate my words as I told my mom a week ago that it wasn't too hard.  When Tony got home yesterday I believe his words were "Holy dishes!"  I might be paraphrasing since I was not there, but I'm positive that's how it went. I need a maid....and for my house to sell.

5.  I actually enjoy the new Justin Bieber song.  Yes....I dance to it in my car when no one is watching....or people might be watching, I can't help myself though...once those shoulders start shaking it's had to stop. Which may sound like I'm having convulsions or something...I'm not, I'm shimmy-ing....which is not a word, but it's Friday and that is how my mind works lately. So next time you see me dancing in the car, it's probably to some J.Beebs.  Don't judge....I've probably seen your taste in music.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

When you don't have kids....

You buy your dog birthday gifts.  Yep - our "baby" turned three today or 21 in dog years. So instead of buying him shots, we bought him treats from the Brookside Barkery.

Spoiled? You betcha! And we're not ashamed to admit it - for now, he is our only baby - and we like it that way! So we spoil him with treats and Leo the Lizard...which he has already ripped open in the 5 minutes...and Tony will be taking away in 7 minutes, and take videos and pictures of him enjoying his 21st....err 3rd birthday.

You've been warned...we don't have kids, we have a dog....this is what happens.

Birthday Boy

A lizard, a cake, and some stick walk into a bard.....oh wait.

Patiently waiting

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Adventures in Babysitting Part Three...ish

Yesterday I got to pick up and babysit two of my nephews.  I felt pretty lucky since usually it's my parents who get to be the superheroes of the day - and have entertaining stories to tell about the boys. But luckily, my sister called me last week and asked if I would pick up her boys, I immediately said yes.  And immediately after remembered I had to steal my parents car seats....and remember how to install them.  That part is where brothers who have babies come in handy - I feel like it gives them bonding time.

So I rolled around town with some car seats - which for a person who never has car seats in their car is shocking when checking your blind spot - until it was time to pick up the men.  Of course I brought snacks....had to be reminded and steal snacks from Nana's house, but I brought them...instant hit.  And since I've seen what their car seats look like, I gently reminded them not to spill their yogurt covered raisins, cause Uncle Tony doesn't like messes. They both laughed at me.

If you've never driven with L & M, you're missing a great time.  We look at "choo choos," let me know that M loves this song, point out the Little Cesar's pizza place, and tell me things that I still can't understand...which is why I say "What?" a lot when I'm around them. Don't blame me for their repeating skills.
I like to put them to work when I babysit....too bad that mower is plastic.
We made it home, dinner plans made - and not the pizza L pointed out so easily. Upon entering the house we were met with a pleasant surprise..a sick dog. Not fun for anyone we partook in a fun evening of bike riding, wagon racing, kennel cleaning fun. L helped me with the hose, after telling me the mud piles were fun...I nixed that idea rather quickly, while M repeated the following: "Wriggs caca, eww, yuck, eww, wriggs caca, yuck." Between gagging and laughing, we cleaned....and promptly left the kennel outside ...sorry Court.

Uh, wrong thing to water, but A for effort.
After our outdoor cleaning fun, dinner was my specialty - fish sticks and mac and cheese.  I would like to add those two items to my following list of things I make well.  If you are wondering what that list is, please see below:

  • Quesadilla
  • Toast
  • Peanut butter and jelly
  • Oatmeal
  • Fish sticks
  • Mac and cheese
Watch out Rachel Ray, I'm catching up to you.

The best thing about our dinner - the boys ate it up...literally, they ate everything. I guess holding them back from snacks really helps. I mean I did have to bargain with L for cheez-its. Apparently 5 of those small square crackers seems like a lot...if only I could convince my stomach of that as well.

I like safety, but I did not make them wear their helmets....I just laughed at them.
Post - dinner we caught up on everything cartoon...Mickey, Chuggington, some weird show with talking walrus' and more Chuggington.  If you didn't know that Chuggington also contains some fire safety lessons, you were mistaken...although I'm also now convinced that trains talk and can jump up and down.

So good, yes minor caca incident, but both boys were relatively clean, fed and willingly put on their jammies. Piece of cake.
This one stood still long enough...the other one said no and ran.
Of course, I've never been so tired in my life and immediately fell asleep and wanted to throw my phone out the window when the alarm went off this morning.

But we all survived....the boys, Wriggs, and I - lucky for me they said all good things about our adventure....I'll keep going with it until they really start repeating things.
Wriggs survived last night...and tonight he had to wear a diaper. Ew yuck.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Five Friday Facts

Thank goodness it's Friday. While I wish there was some good ABC Family Friday night shows, like Family Matters....I'll deal and probably indulge in a glass of wine...or two. We'll see, until I let you know for sure that I did have that glass of wine, I'll just give you Five Friday Facts.

1. There is a sign in our yard that states our house is for sale...exciting and nerve racking all at the same time. We already had one showing the day, yes, the day it went up and I think that got our hopes up a little too quickly.  We're hoping this weekend will be a great one for people to get out and search for their new home...until then, we'll be making our bed every day, make sure dishes aren't in the sink and vacuuming like crazy...waiting for our next showing.

2. I convinced Tony to drive me to get Orange Leaf frozen yogurt last night. While we've both told each other that we are going to do a no sugar month of May, I was in a war with PMS, and PMS won. You can't fight it - and luckily Tony knew what would happen if that beast was not tamed.  It was delicious...I was even really good and didn't fill the whole thing up..just half.

3. Today I'm walking like I just got off a horse. My workout the past few days have given my rear end a run for it's money. Hopefully it's money said to give it a lift.

4. We're currently using a college style shower caddy for our shower things right now.  While we once had all of our shower stuff in a stand up rack thing, our stager told us to take everything out so we could have it empty. Shower caddy under the sink it is. So far it hasn't been bad...I'm thankful that at least she didn't tell us to wear shower shoes.

5. This will come as a shocker to many, but since Tony told me that we had to be on a budget and I couldn't spend any money - I've only spent about $15 on something new (besides groceries and Orange Leaf). This is big....every day that I get emails about deals and things, I look through, sulk and tell Tony that I am dying to go shopping, and then promptly delete them.  Making sure to not go beyond the budget.  It's, so painful.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's Go Time

It's up.  The house that is - there will be a For Sale sign in our house by the time I get home this afternoon. Cra-zy.

It seems a little surreal - we've been talking about moving and looking at houses and crossing off our To-Do List for so long, it's hard to believe the time has come. While there are many things I miss about this house, there are some things I'm ready to change.  I'll save that for a later post - for now I'll just leave you the link to our hose.  You can either forward it to friend who wants to live in Waldo or you can look at be nosy....I have a feeling it will be the latter for some ; ).

So here is to our new adventure - let's hope house hunting will go better than projects....either way, you will probably get a blog post about it!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Beware: Photo Overload

It's been while you may have thought that I've failed in my attempt of Project 365...but ha! I have remembered to take them...just not post them. So here is an update from week nine...also the last day was day 66...I just saved Day 122...get ready.

Week 10
Day 67

Day 68

Day 69

Day 70

 Day 71

Day 72

Week 11
Day 73

Day 74

Day 75

Day 76

Day 77

Day 78

 Day 79

Week 12 

Day 80: Whoops...that one was missed! 

Day 81

Day 82

Day 83

Day 84

Day 85

Day 86

Day 87

Week 13
Day 88

Day 89

Day 90

Day 91

Day 92

Day 93

Week 14
Day 94

Day 95

Day 96

Day 97

Day 98

Day 99

Day 100

So that's all I have for now...I can't load anymore...and you probably don't want to see anymore. Be ready for my next 40 days.