Friday, July 30, 2010

Get Out Your Writing Utensils

Tonight begins, or rather begins again the process of invitations. Previously, my mom and I have pre-stuffed the envelopes. But of course, we as over-analyzing women we are, talked about how we were going to place them, how they would look and so forth and so on. (And yes Sara W., I did ask how they should go in the envelope so that right handed people could read them correctly - why they just can't flip it over like all the rest of the world, I'm not sure) I digress.

But tonight begins the hand cramping, hand shaking, ink smearing task of addressing these fine envelopes. I've been doing hand exercises and stretches all day. No, not really, that's weird. However, I am nervous about taking on this task.

But why Caitlin? You're mom has amazing, perfect penmanship and you have great first grade-taught writing. (This is actually true, I'm the go to person at work to write out flip charts, signs, and even artwork) But still, I'm nervous, and to most of your surprises, no, although I was a bridesmaid 72, I mean 12 times, I really only helped address one person's wedding invitations.

Mrs. Katie Wenger somehow thought that I would be good at addressing her future wedding invites to go out to hundreds of people. Ugh, I was so nervous, I probably had upper lip sweat.

And for my sisters, well, pretty sure at that time in my life, my writing was all bubbly and included hearts over the eyes. So they just gave me stamps (and yes, Courtney did check the placement of my stamps -- slave driver I tell you).

So as invitations go out in a few weeks, there may be some ones that look like a professional calligrapher has done them. Those would be the Kath's. The ones that look like a preschooler did it, we'll say those were done by the nephews. My mom does have crayons in the dining room.

Hopefully my mom won't critique my writing - but if she does, I know how to place a stamp like a pro!

So please, don't judge the writing, judge the placement of the stamp.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Shake, shake, shake, shake your

Alright - I'm on day 15 of my P90x workout. Yep, I'm hanging in there, but hopefully it will hold true. But if not, and I'm still struggling to get my guns that I want in my wedding dress, I might just have to go and get this gem.

Oh yes - You've probably have seen the commercials. And with my history of getting the newest trend in exercise and weight loss, it might just happen. I even tried it out this morning - yes, one of the girls as work brought hers in - we all got a good laugh and now my arms are sore.

But don't fret - they also now make one for me. Happy Wedding Present Tony G!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Get A Garmin

In a previous post, I apparently thought I was on top of everything wedding. Oh no, my little "To-Do" list, grew, and when I say grew, I mean taking up a college lined notebook page along with my parent's questions on a smaller note pad.

Oh vey. Little did I know - but I'm happy to say at least three things have been crossed off the list since Friday. Yep - we average about one wedding thing a day. Hey, progress is progress, and our therapist told us we were average anyway, at this rate, I think we're golden.

But on to what we managed to do. STUFF INVITES! Woot woot! My my and I scheduled a day, well a few hours at least, before Sunday dinner and our little friends with sticky hands and inquiring minds got to their house - and no, I'm not talking about my brothers, but they would do something like put syrup (gross) on their hands and threaten the clean and beautiful invites....they've been doing something like this since my arrival, and I have a feeling it won't stop just because they are Dads. Their poor wives.

Anyway, my dear, rollers in the hair mother and I carefully put on the insides together. And together, we over-analyzed every part of the wedding. Such as....

How should be put on the stamp, which ones should it be, which scream wedding more...
Should we have body guards for the candy bar, will there be something that breaks, how long should we keep it open....
How will we get everyone to the wedding, do we have transportation (this was one of my parents questions, apparently all the bridesmaids and groomsmen don't drive on the wedding day...)
Gift bags, gift bags, gift bags.....
And finally, what about the map...where do we start from, how do people know how to get from the hotel to the church and back, where do they begin their journey.

To the final over analyzed question, my Dad and I had the same response....tell them to get a Garmin. Duh. Or map quest - I mean these days everyone has some sort of form to find their way around town, right? But Mom said no - listen lady, let's save some trees here! Answer, still no.

Alright - so we left that job up to my Dad, the former police officer, man who gives directions with North, East, South and West. (Never Eat a Soggy Waffle...anyone, anyone?) So as we were stuffing and analyzing, in came the Maj.

"Well go west on75th to Wornall, north on Wornall....."

Well I would be able to give the rest of the directions, but my eyes began to glaze over and I started thinking about yogurt, or shoes, I can't recall at this time. This is the way my Dad and brothers always gave directions - my sister and Mom would have much rather had the following:

Turn left at the McDonald's, follow that road until you see the Shell gas station, then take a right at the DSW. So much easier.

So there may be a chance that you will be getting directions with North, East, South and West, or one that tells you to turn left by P.F. Chang's. Maybe we'll keep it a surprise.....

You should probably bring your Garmin just in case.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


It's a milestone really. There are many things that come in this number:

-$100 bill
-100 freckles
-100 q-tips
-100 calorie pack treats
-Tyson's trips to the vet
-The thermometer reading in Kansas right now
-The number of items I could take off my registry list

So you get it, the number 100 can come in a variety of things. And for Tony and I, it's days until the wedding. Yep, that's right, we've officially hit the 100 mark. Gah. It's going by too fast, but not quick enough. And while we are in the midst of getting everything done for the wedding, the reality of getting in the best shape of our lives is setting in.

Which, as I write this, I realize I should probably re-name the blog, Fat Kids: The Attempt of Getting Rid of Fat. Whatev.

But we're back at 100 days - and there is more to do than I probably let on, which means my lovely mother and matron of honor have a lot to do for me, or with me... Heehee. And while Tony has a little get-away for work, he has no idea what he's in store for....organizational Olivia is on the hunt. We only have 100 days.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I've Had THE Moment

Besides the craziness of the weekend, I was lucky enough to have a shower thrown by some pretty fabulous cousins and even better, they all gave me wonderful gifts! So thank you notes are in my future this week.

I was even able to use my mom's gift at the shower - yep, I had a little bit of sweat action going on (yet another reason our wedding is in the fall) and had to use her towels to do a little mopping. Although I am all one for attention, or so my sister says, even opening gifts made me a little self conscience, and the perspiration began. Thank goodness for D baby who was there to flirt and give knuckles to everyone.

So after gifts were opened and used - and yes, even after I got a little surprise, um nightie, we started the photography session. Which leads me to "the moment." It was odd being the one surrounded by family and being literally the center of all the pictures. But apparently I need to learn how to angle myself.

After going back to Court's to hang out with the Denver crew before the left, and enjoy some family dinner - Tony asked to look the at the pictures from the day.....and that's when he found it. The gargantuan picture. I cannot even begin to explain how large and in charge I look. And I'm not exaggerating. My dear mother, sister and cousin all saw it and said, "Let's not tell Cait." Strike one for you three.

Which lead to my, "oh crap, I'm getting married in a big white dress in front of 400 people with flabby arms and a large body with a small head on top. Crap."

Of course that didn't stop me from enjoying some angel food cake with strawberries at whip cream at dinner - but Mom said it was fat free, she gets some points back.

So needless to say, I was on a mission after viewing that picture and what's funny is that I was telling T, just on Saturday night that I was waiting for that moment to kick in...and boy did it! And although I'm supposed to be calling for my first dress fitting, I might need my friend Jen's at-home liposuction kit before hand. This calls for desperate measures.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Giggling makes you hot

I had my very first bridal shower this past Friday - it was thrown by Tony's fabulous cousin Jamie and the Ginestra family. It was very odd thinking that I got to take home all of the presents wrapped in that love Crate & Barrel white box.

But before I could open these presents, Jamie played a little game, that even involved Tony. I had to answer certain questions....and let me tell you, I think we were on different pages, maybe the same chapter, but our pages were totally off!

Here's how some of them went:
1. What does Tony do when you leave the house?
Me: Party Time; Actual Answer: Cleaning time.
*Hint that I got from the question, I should apparently start cleaning the house before I leave.
2. What is Caitlin's favorite comfort food.
Me: Duh, Mexican
Tony's answer: Chocolate.
What? No! Just because I say I want chocolate every day does not mean it's my go to.....alright I do love it and it does bring me joy, he may be on to something.
3. What is the one piece of clothing of Caitlin's that Tony hates:
Me: my rompers
Tony: Rompers (which I thought he might call them onesies, but he didn't

So the answer game went over alright, I mean 8/20 isn't bad right? Average?

But it made me laugh, which made me start sweating and made my skirt start sticking to me. Ugh. But it was alright, Jamie supplied me with my favorite summer beer and I was good to go!

So thank you Jamie and the whole Ginestra family for making me laugh and supplying our kitchen with all of these fabulous things!

On to the one part of the weekend that was the least thing that made us giggle. God's Plan for A Joy Filled Marriage.

Let's not talk about this too's something that we experienced in hard metal chairs and want to move on from.

Luckily, we had something to look forward too - Lauren & Brian's annual Jamaica Party! Bring on the Jerk Chicken, Rum Punch and Red Stripe!

And although I was planning on romping it up any way, I wore the romper because I knew Tony really didn't like it - mu hu hahaha!

We had a fabulous time, that brought on giggling, including man hugs, lightning bugs, and well I don't have anything else that rhymed, but you get the picture. We have some great friends and it was fun to chat about random stuff that reminded me to stay on these girls good side - I'm pretty sure they would have some stories about I will probably not be giving any of them the microphone at the reception!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Okay, I have a confession. I've secretly been looking at my registry. I mean like, daily. That may seem normal, and I know brides have look to add things or to see if something went on sale...but I'm now stalking my own registry.

Yes - I'm getting really excited since one of my showers is tomorrow and I'm not creepily stalking my registry. It's horrible! I know I will be surprised when I find out who the gift is from, but every time I see something has been purchased and I get a feeling of excitement and maybe throw out a fist pump. (Don't worry, my office door is shut, usually). And since telling one of my BM's and getting yelled at for doing it - now I get this guilty feeling! Ah! But I love looking at it! I'm a secret registry looker and I can't stop!

I'm sure there is help for me. Maybe I should have Tony change the passwords so I can't log on. But that would be useless since I can get them sent to me. Alas, I need to stop, because even though I will try and exude surprise when I open one of those pretty little black & white boxes, secretly I know what will be in there!

Okay, okay, I promise to stop....after maybe one more peek.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Four Months....You Crazy

So we've come to the realization that the wedding is only about 120 days away - probably less than that now that I write this post. I can hardly believe it! I mean, it's only about 4 months.....4 months! What happened to the 10 months we had to plan this shin dig??

But plans are going well. The questions about how the wedding planning are going usually go like this:
Interested person: "So how are wedding plans?"

Me: "Um, pretty much done, just the little stuff basically."

IP: "Really? Done already? How did you do that?"

Me: "Well really easily, actually, I have been in 12 weddings, attended 10 last year and been to countless others. Although it may seem hard to plan the biggest day of your life, when all you want to do is party in your big white dress, it's quite simple. Ingredients needed: Dress, booze and Tony."

Ok, well I don't actually answer like that, but I do saw it's been quite easy. Which is the truth, so hopefully things don't come out of the bottom toward the big day. But here are the things that we really do have to get done, and hopefully before October:

1. Attend our God's Plan Seminar on Saturday - yes, 8-5 seminar. Awesome.
2. Address the invitations and stuff them - thanks goodness I have my mom and my sister to help - oh wait, I may have forgotten to tell them...
3. Make the little men's boutonnieres, yes, my mom is hand making them, she's a little Martha this summer
4. Final dress fittings.
5. Confirm the cake - just waiting for her to e-mail me back.
6. Tuxes - totally on Tony, but I'll just add it to the list
7. Order our bling - and better yet, I get two rings.... Ba- Ling!
8. Get the mixers for the adult beverages for the par-te
9. Finalize make up for myself and the girls
10. Party like it's 1999.

Yep - not much to do, but hey, at least it's a small list. Hopefully the list won't grow, but I know I"m missing something.

We have 4 months right.....