Monday, August 29, 2011

Hi, It's Been A While

So I've been informed a few times by my sister that I haven't updated the bliggity blog lately. Well, let's just say I've been playing catch up for the past few weeks.  I'm catching up with friends, catching up on DVR'd shows ( many new ridiculous ones to watch, hello Most Eligible Dallas), catching up on reading blogs, and catching up on eating.

Okay, so catching up on blogs probably sounds geekish, and considering I had over 300 posts to read, it could mean I'm either a nerd who reads lots of blogs, or I've been busy.  I'm going to go with the latter.  And as the eating....I don't know who those people are who always say, "Gosh, I'm just so busy I haven't had time to eat."

I'm going to go ahead and call a big BS on that one. As busy as I was last week, I somehow found time to eat.  Whether it was the, ahem, donut in the breakroom or the quick sushi pick up from the market, I always found time to eat. Or at least my stomach made sure that I knew when I had gone a bit too long to eat.

Other than catching up, our lives have been crazy with trips to Chicago, work craziness and a little bit of all things random. So while I probably have a lot to catch you up on, I'll just start with this. I'm NOT pregnant.

Apparently I've had a few hints suggesting that I was knocked up.  My sister informed me last week that my female parts were looking quite large. And I just thought those comments came from my husband. But I informed her that the little secret of Victoria is what make the voom in my va va voom. That and horizontal stripes.

I should start learning that horizontal stripes are not a good look on me. But I digress. My other mistake on the baby route was letting Facebook know what was on my mind.  I had graciously informed my "Friends" that there was something in that Tri Delta water...with a few of my sorority sisters preggers.  Well, much to my surprise, when your family all "Likes" your status, it should be a bad sign.

So hello again blog land! And no, I'm not pregnant....just eating lots of donuts...and maybe some cookies...and some other crap that my healthy husband doesn't approve of.  Oh well....back to the grind.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fallish is Here

I can always tell when school is about to start. And not because of all of my teacher friends whining talking about getting their class rooms ready. Nor is is when the news talks about back to school stuff.

I can tell when I see the water jugs on Ward Parkway and the looks-like-they-are 12 high schoolers running in the big median.  Yep - it's Cross County time. And the high schools by our house are gearing up for their fall sports.  Crazy - I feel like I was just about hit some of them as they crossed the street for spring track.

And yes, I did say hit - they are not the smartest runners in the world - first they run in the median on Ward Parkway - yes, it's large, but there are also cars zooming past.  Second, they like to cross where you are turning and run on the curb - just close enough to make you think you might hit them with your side mirror.

These kids reminds me of my cross country days.  The dreaded morning workouts, the dreaded afternoon workouts and of course the horrible Saturday races. Let's be clear, I enjoy running, I'm slow, I like to go at my own pace (slower) and I am not a competitive person.  Sports really isn't for me. Neither is drag car racing, I don't like to speed.

While I'm in a running rut right now - or rather lack of running area - I'm slightly jealous of these cross country runners. But then I remember they have to do the races coming up on Saturdays and run in mud. Jealousy over.

School is starting. Guess I too need some new school supplies. Staples, here I come!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pressure's on

So my lovely sister told me that she was able to do 3 blog posts yesterday. I of course called her an overachiever and would like to think that one post really doesn't count - mainly because it really wasn't a whole post - it was only a picture.  Granted funny, and will probably give me horrible dreams later in life, but only a pictures.

I think she's trying to one up me.  Which she's able to because she has funny kids who say funny things and lives in suburbia with Slovakian's walking in the neighborhood.  Me? I have a gassy dog, an Italian husband and live a little too close to the ghetto.

While I may not have one good post, I will give you updates happening around the 'hood.

  • I was on the news tonight. My sweet brother informed me HD was not great for my complexion.
  • Tony and I have been blessed at the "key holders" for our neighbors, Gary & Patrick. We received a list, or rather a packet of information for when they leave on vacation. 
  • I actually made an edible meal for Sunday dinner. I'll take your applause now. I think I get bonus points because it was pasta.
  • I recently got bangs. I've realized that they take a lot more work - which also means that five minutes I want to keep sleeping means that is 5 minutes I could take working on my bangs. I'm going to go ahead and let you know which option I choose.....and I've been late to work a couple of days if that gives you any clue.
  • Our dishwasher is leaking.  When Tony saw the water, he immediately asked if I had thrown water on the floor. that something he thinks I do on a daily basis? 
  • When complaining about my weight, he let me know that he thinks I'm a secret eater. I probably confirmed that today when I ate a handful of chocolate chips before I worked out.
  • I didn't feel too bad for eating the chocolate since I was on my way to get my rear kicked.
  • Tyson and I are having a sleepover at my parents on Saturday. My sister told me that my mom would probably make me breakfast. My mom immediately told me no. Let's hope my dad shows a little bit more love.
  • We attended a couple's baby shower this weekend, where we were surrounded by pregnant people. Tony immediately told me to stay away from them. Don't worry babe - I get frustrated with the dog when it's just the two of us for more than 36 hours, a baby would be with me for longer than that.
  • I've sucked myself back into bad reality TV, ahem, Bachelor Pad. I don't feel awful for it - Tony wanted to know what the ending was like as well. 
  • Oh and I'm joining in this new little thing called, Twitter. I've had 4 tweets - 2 which were the same picture I didn't know it. #newbiefail. 
It's been a crazy couple of weeks. And we're about to be in full wedding season again, fall style.  I am hoping to have some good material for you soon. Until then, be jealous that we are key holders for our neighbors and have full access to their cat, Miss Kitty.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

One too many Peas

I made dinner last night. I know, I know.  I will pause for you shock, but sit down for this next shocker.  It was edible. And tasted good.  My husband told me so.

Sorry - was that too much shocking information for you?

Well, it was surprisingly easy.  Except for the two points of panic/ugh feeling.  One was when I had to shell my shrimp.  All while wondering why they were blue. Luckily for me, they changed to normal colors when I sauteed them (oh yes, just used a big cooking word). I came to the conclusion I could never work in the gulf coast shelling shrimp. I felt like I was pulling off a piece of their bodies.Thankfully that feeling passed and I got really good at shelling them - almost like that could be my next career move. I'm leaving it on the table for discussion.

The next panic moment was when I realized I didn't have enough chicken broth. And I've also decided that those labels they put on cans need to start talking in measurements of cups. Seriously, I don't know how many cups 14 ml. make. And yes, I will let you judge me on this, but I don't care. Give me cups you label maker!

So when I ran out of chicken broth and my risotto sounded like it was sizzling and tasted a bit crunchy, I will all McGyver on dinner and improvised with beef broth.  Yep, beef broth. The only reason I had it in my cupboard was because my mom brought it over when Tony got that little thing call food poisoning before the wedding. Apparently beef broth can also make a really interesting soup. It didn't at that time, it just sat in our cupboard until this moment.

Thanks Mom - for providing me with beef broth.

Dinner was delicious  - it ended up being a good Lemony Shrimp Pea Risotto from this cute pregger -she's a personal trainer and about to have her second baby. I'm not at all jealous that her stomach is still smaller than mine.

However I realized one thing. I'm not a pea fan. In my attempt to add more veggies to my palate, I added the frozen peas. Okay for a few bites, but then I feel like the peas multiplied and my pea to risotto ratio was way off. I'll make it again, maybe next time without the beef broth and so many peas.

Peas are harder to pick out than you think.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Thankful for Sisters

I'm watching the first part of the Bachelorette right now....and yes Tony is watching with me. He made the "really, I have to?" face, but I forced him anyway.

While I'm watching the first  half hour, since it's close to my bed it's 9:49 and I plan on being asleep by 10 pm sharp.

The things I've realized while watching this little show:
1. I'm glad my parents informed me how I would regret full body tattoos later in life. A few are okay I'm sure...but I prefer to take my necklace on and off.
2. I'm glad my sister never told me that Tony wasn't the one for me. Especially since I didn't have another guy on the sidelines....waiting for a rose.
3. I totally prefer Gerber daisies to roses.
4. I should have poured another glass of wine to watch this business.
5. Why am I watching the Bachelorette...still 17 years later.
6. I thought Ben and Constantine were the same person.
7. She really needs to learn that short shorts are only cute on pre-teens and the runway.
8. Puca shells are still not cool....Although Tony wanted to keep wearing them after college.
9. The amount of sweat on these people make me feel better about how much I sweat during a workout.
10. Ben should have really not worn a dark shirt.
11. Note to Ashley's sister: it's hard to be normal when you have cameras around you and you'll be judged by the nation the next day.
12. I'm really glad that we don't do dog voices to Tyson.
13. I think Tony does his version: "Hey buddy, yeah, you're my buddy" - I should record it sometime.
14. I want Ashley's Tatty sister's hair.
15. I'm wondering if I can get away without washing my hair for work tomorrow.
16. I got that means more hair time in the morning.
17. I wonder if the sister has fire on her chest cause she gets heartburn a lot.
18. That's all I have for now. I'm missing some very important information.
19. I hope creepy Ryan shows up and just invites himself in. But walks creepy like he did in the last episode.
20. For sure that's it right now....oh wait....nope that's it. Tony wants me to stop typing so he can hear the convo's better.