Wednesday, May 26, 2010's where the pets go

As well as Missouri residents to get their licenses. Yes, that's right - you read the blog earlier correct, I was in fact IN PetCo obtaining my Missouri license. I'm crossing over. Sadly.

But that's not really what this post is about, well kind of. But I'm going to be quick, because my lunch break is almost over - which I will also follow up by running the stairs at the office.

As I was getting my DL, the woman was asking me all of the information:
Contacts or glasses: Contacts
Are you registered to vote: I think so
Do you want to be an organ donor: Yes, but please make sure they don't take my skin or eyeballs
You're 5 foot 4, 170 pounds: Yes.....WHAT????

NO! I am not 170 lbs! 99 please - okay well maybe not that small, but apparently to this woman sitting behind the computer I look like a huge whale. Awesome. Back to the diet consisting of watermelon and celery sticks. Maybe some coffee.

Ugh. Note to self: stop wearing shirts that apparently look like tents.

Back to P90x it is - super hard core.

Yes, we're sweaters

I had the realization yesterday that it is a really good thing that we are getting married in the fall. Yesterday at work, well actually Monday afternoon, our air conditioner broke. Bring on the hot air. Monday wasn't so bad, but they tried to rig up some fans to pull the air from a separate part of the building to our side - genius was not working there.

But yesterday it was so bad, that they let us have the day off. Woo hoo! I think that was even better than a snow day. However, prior to the time, I sat in my office sweating. Actually it came in waves, while my arms were sticking to my desk. Not the best day to have my hair actually done and down (and I was trying to leave it down for my new MO license) so I sat in my 85 degree office, and thought to myself: ugh. hopefully it's only in the upper 60s for the wedding, because this upper lip sweat thing is not happening.

It was even too hot to drink my coffee. Which for those of you who know me, I was not happy. I think I was more sad about not getting my caffeine fix than the upper lip sweat! But alas, we got to go home and I got to sit in my nice, cool car. Bonus - Tony got the window's tinted so it reflex's the sun off the car.

So I believe everything happened for a reason with the timing of the wedding - after our engagement pictures -where yes, we were both sweating a little - it is a good thing that October will be a little cooler.

But hopefully not too cold, I love this hot weather.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Show Your Teeth

Tomorrow is a big day. We are getting our engagement pictures done - and let me tell you, it has been work just trying to get an outfit together that not only makes me look like a twig (didn't happen) but also to give the skinny arm affect (arm on hip, slightly bent with a little lean toward the camera). But it was also a goal of Tony's to be thinner - uh if you have seen my last post, you know it's working for him. Side story, we went shopping for jeans for him, and get a got a whole size smaller. Jerk. But no, he's doing great and feeling great, so I am proud of him - and his motivation is really rubbing off. I even did my Brazil Butt Lift workout without dragging my feet yesterday.

By the way, when is this whole, I'm the bride, I want to be skinny, motivation factor going to kick in? Because the cookies sitting in my office are still calling my name.
But I digress. Tomorrow is the big day, and we are going down to the City Market and taking our pictures. Our outfits are ready, and I think we will be pretty good about coordinating, but not being twinkies. I have "viewed" many engagement pictures outfits from random people, and yes, I did some judging, but also got good ideas. Mainly for me, but I also thought about T as well - like, yes, you will wear a polo and a button down. Done.
Obviously I still have a few last minute things to do, like a mani-pedi. Although I really don't like when people touch my feet. It's weird, who really wants to touch another persons feet - willingly. But part of my last minute prep will be making sure our baby, Tyson Bear, is all ready to go. Yes, he's going to be in our pictures, that was a request that Tony had and I wanted as well. But I'm not going to lie, I'm a little nervous about Ty man's modeling skills. We tried to take pictures with him for our "before-the-ring" Christmas cards, and well, things did not go so well.

First, Tony tried to hold him - notice the Santa hat, it was obviously a no-go.So I even tried to hold him, and well, he got all up in my face.

And then Ty thought it was a game.And then he was tired of the game, so he just laid down.

He looks so freaking innocent too.

So we have two missions tomorrow, well make that three.
1. Get Tyson to actually enjoy getting his picture taken - don't hold your breath though
2. Make sure skinny arm is in full effect. Not hard on my part, I am a seasoned skinny arm poser.
and finally
3. See if we can get Tony to show his teeth.

Yes that's right folks, if you haven't noticed in some of our pictures, there is lack of teeth showing in pictures of Tony. He likes to say it's because when he smiles it makes his eyes all squinty and tells me that I have enough teeth for the both of us. Thank you mom.

Oooo, I need to use some Crest White Strips tonight - hopefully they will work in a day!

It has become a game when we take pictures, for me to yell out, "SHOW YOUR TEETH" to Tony. It doesn't always work, but there have been occasions where you see a little bit of his dental work.

So don't be surprised on our wedding day, when you hear, "SHOW YOUR TEETH!" It's not a joke, I'm serious about this people. Feel free to shout out too, just don't do it it's quiet in the church. That might be odd.

Friday, May 14, 2010

I'm so happy YOUR pants are bigger

Tony and I have both had goals from the time we got engaged, okay, well maybe from New Year's, that we want to be skinny and in shape for our wedding - and engagement pictures. In Tony's words: "I want people to see me up on the alter and be like, Damn, he looks good!" I really think he meant "we look good," but I'll let that one slide.

Since our commitment to get healthier, I think we've been doing pretty well - except for when Tony suggested we do the actual South Beach Diet. Yeah, not so much. Carbs are literally in EVERYTHING - including milk, which probably made me the most cranky. Don't take milk away from this girl, I will put some feisty on you! And since that didn't go well, we've been trying to work out pretty hard and eat better. Thank goodness for nice weather and a grill - there is nothing better than chicken and asparagus grilled!

And my efforts of working out have included P90x and my newest venture, Brazil Butt Lift - I vow to pass the pencil test. And for Tony - he's been kicking his own behind at the gym - and I mean it, he told me that he thought the elliptical was coming off the floor at one point. I really wish I could have seen that, and people's faces around him - I probably would have pointed and laughed. I mean, I would have offered my help and make sure he was okay. Right.

So through all of our efforts, you would think that we would be the hottest, buffest, in shape people you may know right now. Nope. Not the case. At least not for this girl. That's right, I have been slacking, eating sweets, loving my carb intake, and probably skipping a workout or two. And Tony brings all of that to my attention. In a loving way of course.

But I let it slide, thinking, it's fine, I have at least 5 solid months that I will be skinny and have great skinny arms (without doing the pose) - and I try and jump on the workout bandwagon the next day. However last night was the final straw.

We were on our way to our meeting with Deacon Charlie - and since we were both already dressed, and not really wanting to shower and re-dress, we decided to wait until after our meeting to workout. We were both determined. And to make sure we were going to work out after the meeting, it was decided to eat before. And then we hit traffic.

Ugh. Traffic.

So as in Ginestra style, we were running late. But I was starving. And if you ask Tony, I am not a happy camper when my stomach is rumbling. Yes, it actually could be worse than me not having carbs, but it's a tight race. Knowing that his bride-to-be was starving, especially since I said it at least three times in the 20 minute car ride, he stopped at Taco Bell. Obviously not on the list of great things to eat, but whatever. So I was just going to get a little quesadilla to hold me over, nothing big, just enough so my stomach would talk for me during our meeting.

And my loving fiance's response: "Really, you don't need to eat all that. I'll just get you a taco"

I wish you could have felt the tension in the air. All that? The four little pieces of cheese in a flour tortilla???? I couldn't believe it - the man actually tried to regulate my food. Grr. Of course this is after he already told me on the way over the jeans he had on used to be tighter and now they are pretty loose.

Great. So. Happy. For. You. Give me my taco.

And just to let him know that I don't care what he thinks: I ordered two tacos. HA!

Don't mess with a girl who has hunger pains.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Crazy Friends, and not in a Fun Way

I got this posting from a friend and it made me giggle. Hopefully Tony doesn't have any crazy friends on his side - I mean I have crazy friends, but I don't think they would threaten me. Or at least I hope they wouldn't! : ) HA!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Costumes Not Welcome

It's bound to happen, someone will show up in a costume, knowing my friends it will probably be more on the promiscuous side - I should really start to think about having bouncers at the wedding. And long coats.

But every time people hear our wedding date they think its going to be orange and black. So sorry to all of you Halloween lovers, it's not going to happen. Granted, we will be having a candy bar, and maybe a little surprise for our guests, but there will be none of the following:
1. Masks
2. Jack-O-Lanterns
3. Black Cats
4. Ghosts (although I am looking rather pale these days)
5. Candy corn -mainly because it's gross
6. Skeletons
7. Orange nails
8. Anything to do with witches
9. The words "trick or treat"
10. Black cats

So please be ready to be escorted out, given a coat, or a mean stare from me if you are decked out in a costume. Not because it's my wedding, but because Halloween isn't until the next day. Duh....I'm not that much of a bridezilla.


P.S. I was informed that I had some spelling errors in my previous post. Yes, I am aware that I don't look like a loin, and look more like an actual lion. I also misspell toothpaste occasionally and can never spell definitely correctly. It's spell check, it's not perfect, although I am most of the time. ; )