Friday, April 26, 2013

Who has time and a donut?

I must confess that I've been really bad about updating the blog, especially with bump updates as noted repeatedly by my sister.  So while I'm behind on bump-dates, I have been taking plenty of pictures of this growing belly.  And it certainly is growing, as noted by the looks that I get lately along with the "Look at that belly!" comments.  Of course, I can also notice it growing when I have a small nephew below me and all I see are little hands rubbing my belly.  The small hands might have been headless, but at least I realized he was there before walking forward.

But I digress.  Work has been nuts - and when I say nuts, I mean I haven't left before 5:45 in the past two weeks with the exception of doctors appointments and daycare tours.  And since our "vacation home" is out in Lawrence, well by the time I get home, I have time to eat, listen to my mom tell me to put my feet up, and get the dogs to quit running before I hit the sack and have my day start all over again.  So, there has not been a time to blog.  Well there probably has been, but I'm generally too zoned out to make sense.  Not that I make sense on this here blog anyway, but let's just say it would be a lot more confusing to read if I wrote at 7:30 rather then on lunch break.

I'm impressed with all the blogs that I read, well need to read, because they are able to post daily.  Who has time for that? Between work, driving, potty breaks, eating, and the amount of time it occasionally takes me to get either up the stairs at work or up from my chair, I barely have time to wash my hair!  Okay, so not true about the hair - I just like to see how long I can really go before having to wash it again.  So if you see me at the end of the week with it in a bun, pony, or heavily teased, take note that it probably hasn't been washing in a few like a week. Hey - my stylist said it was totally normal to do that - I'm sure she would like it if I came in more than twice a year for a haircut - but few washings was fine!

So until I find more than 10 minutes to update you all on what is happening with my body, I mean, with this babe, then I will be trying to remember to get up and move so I won't have to use a donut for my sore tailbone.   But if I do have to get one, you might actually all get a blog post that is not only written, but also one that makes sense....somewhat.

Until then, I will leave you with a bump picture....but be warned, this boy is bumpin'.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Saying Goodbye

A couple of weeks ago we said good bye to our first home...well if you talk to Tony, his first house. Granted, it took three nights, eight people, a pod, and a storage unit, but we are all out of our little house.

So when did it all fall into place?  About a month and a half ago when we got an offer - right before we left for big weekend trip to Chicago. We were excited and nervous about it - wanting it to really happen and not thinking it actually would come through.  But it happened, we had a great inspection and a final date to move out of our very first home.

The final date? Well it also meant we had only a small window of time to find our next new home.  The problem? We have work schedules that were nutty and all of the houses we even liked online were sold with in a matter of days. Stressful? Yes. Exciting? Yes.  Which feeling out weighed the other? Stress...hands down.

Luckily, we were able to look a couple one Thursday before the crowd of house hunters went out on the weekend.  An offer was made...rather quickly...and what seemed like forever, we got the acceptance notice the next night.  I think we were both in shock that we put in an offer and it was accepted.

Everything seemed to be falling into place, with the minor exception of having no where to live for a month.  It's a good thing my parents were kind enough to open their doors to their new house.  Not only for us, but for our slobbery, 70 lb bundle of fur.  While our roommate experience can be a whole other post, I will say it's been great - at least for us, I don't know what I can say for my parents.

So we began packing up our little house.  Our little house full of a lot of crap...I mean out stuff.  I honestly couldn't remember how much stuff we actually had, until it all started to gather in our spare bedroom. Yikes.  That sucker filled up quickly.

However, packing went slower than expected.  For some reason packing, walking up and down stairs, and trying to put stuff in boxes is a little harder when there is a baby in your stomach.

Preggers has to put up her feet while packing
I now know why they say moving is stressful.  Adding moving, traveling work schedules and pregnancy hormones, and you get conversations like this:

"Babe, what do we need to do?"
"Um, see all the stuff? It needs to be packed."
"Well, what needs to be done?"
"Seriously? You are seriously asking me that?"

Okay - so they didn't always go exactly like that - but my dear husband realized that pregnancy hormones are no joking matter and on occasion I let him know that his, ahem, "jokes," were not hitting my funny bone.

We met our deadline though.  Everything was packed and ready to be moved out bright and early on a Saturday morning.  A quick donut and coffee run and we were ready for our movers - our family.

Waiting for our "movers" to arrive

With every box they moved out, it felt a little odd.  Granted when I moved it, I was moving into a blank slate - an Asian inspired one, yes.  But seeing our stuff being packed away and all of decorations pulled down, it was nice to remember everything that happened while we had that house.

I met Tony's family in that house.  We brought home Tyson to that house.  We got engaged in that house.  We had memorable Ugly Christmas Sweater parties in that house.  We came home from our honeymoon in that house.  And we found out that we were pregnant in that house.

So many memories in those four walls.  Memories that won't always be captured in pictures or on the blog, but memories that will stay with us as we close that chapter in our lives and move on to the next. While it may have been a little easier for me to say goodbye to that house on 10th Street, I know Tony will miss it.  As his first bachelor pad, he made sure that we were safe in our first home and that there was always a roof over our heads.

We were lucky to have great neighbors - although a few might have been questionable,  at least they were entertainment. As we move forward, we are excited to get into our new house, decorate, and of course bring home our little meatball to our new family home.

Goodbye to our first home - thank you for giving us memories, even the bad ones.  And I'm sure that we'll drive by and check on your updates later.  Although Tony might have already crept past to see if your new owners have moved in.

Goodbye House! We'll always remember you!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Things Are A Changing

To say that we've had a lot of changes in the past few weeks would be an understatement. In the past few weeks, well since March perhaps, the following has happened:

  • Took a birthday/babymoon to Chicago
  • Sold our house
  • Found a new house
  • Have been traveling for work like crazy
  • Packed our house....which made me think we had way too much crap
  • Looked at houses
  • Packed some more
  • Bought a house - FINALLY!
  • Had house inspections
  • Traveled for work some more
  • Packed the rest of the house
  • Moved out of the house
  • Moved in with my parents for the next month
Oh and sometime in between we registered for the baby who is coming in June.  No big deal, just a few things happening.  And if you think I had some meltdowns in between the travel, packing, registering, and moving, well you would be right.

At one point I do believe I told Tony that the teasing he was doing was not welcome with the amount of stuff I, rather we, had to get done.

Luckily we have some amazing family members - they may put up a fight, ahem, my brothers, but luckily they can tease me and make fun of Tony all while hauling bed frames and loads of boxes. As well as father-in-laws who move well, despite breaking some mirrors.  Good thing that the mirror was a $7 Walmart special from high school.  But at least I know that the rest of the ridiculous amount of glass from Tony's bachelor furniture is safe and sound thanks to my mom and mother-in-law.  If you need help wrapping and taping glass, these are your ladies.

Moving will have to be another post, but let's just say it was entertaining.  Our family was able to see our neighborhood in full bloom.

So while it's been a little nuts, it's going to be an exciting few next weeks. It may involve some travel, some parties, and of course I'll be growing a baby in he meantime. Thankfully we have great roommates who take not only us in, but our full size dog, who doesn't always know personal space. If you need us, we'll be hanging out in Lenexa living out of boxes and suitcases, but with a roof over our heads and roommates that help provide dinner.