Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just A Nice Little Saturday...errr Monday

We've become those people who do weekend projects...except we sometimes choose to do them late at night...on weekdays. We obviously like to stray from the norm.  However, unlike my previous issues with starting but not finishing projects - we've started a big project: Operation Kitchen.

Oh yes - it's time for our lovely tile, white laminate, and gross & stained floors (I'm having an ultimate brain fart - sorry Mom- and cannot remember what our floors are called. Don't be surprised if it comes randomly in this post) to get out of dodge.

A few weekends ago - it began with paint. Oh wait - should I tell you our list of projects we want to accomplish. You know I love lists. Here is goes:

  • Paint the yellow walls
  • Fix the weird plaster that came off when Tony's house got broken in too
  • Replace the nasty hood stove - nasty stove hood? with microwave
  • Replace floors 
  • Clean those nasty cobwebs from those freaking spiders who never leave - I'm looking at you Charlotte and your 74,529 kids!
  • Replace back splash - the only vines I enjoy are when grapes are on them...at the beginning stages of wine
  • Ruin the 1982 laminate counter tops - or maybe just replace them
Are you jealous? Don't worry - I took pictures of the before so you can really see the kitchen in all it's glory. Let me just say the one thing I enjoyed about the kitchen is the yellow walls. And boyaah - those suckers are gone.

Back to the beginning - a few weeks ago we painted. I've always liked the idea of painting rooms. And by this point, Tony and I have had our fair share of painting together. Let's just say this: I would like to call myself a pretty good taper - I did live with my Dad who was an intense taper. I do believe he would double check our tape jobs before actually painting.

And I would like to call Tony, well, it's great that he can reach higher than I can. Just kidding - he also likes to point out places that we've missed and spots to touch up.  Literally this morning: You'll have to touch up that spot right there, I mean I'll help you and stuff.


You would think a simple paint job would be simple - tape, mix, paint. Ugh. We like to add extra projects: like moving the stove and finding some more Slick Rick surprises, and making the decision to remove the stove hood - hood stove (what the heck is that called??) at which point I received this little gem from Tony:

"You know you get kind of bossy when we do projects."

Really? Did I mention he was telling me this as I was holding up the greasy stove hood Biggest Loser style.

That's love right there. But I digress - maybe it's been too long since I posted. Hmm. Anyway - our little kitchen project has led me to our Monday night adventure. Hello Lowe's.

Although we've already been there once to look at paint, back splash and counter tops, we just love going back for more! And we had to pick out and order new counter tops.....and back splash. Our first idea had gone well....then we actually looked at our flooring when it came in - but I'll save that for another post. Instead, I'll let you know what I did while Tony was talking to the counter top man - who looked like an animated Santa Clause with just the mustache. Oh yes.

Wow. This post is getting long. Whoops - well, I'll leave you with pictures. Some before of our kitchen remodel and how to entertain yourself in Lowes at 8:45 pm on a Monday evening.

Meet our Kitchen. Yellow & Bright....

Oh hello vines - see you in a glass soon enough

Our favorite back splash on the table...our next house.

Ah vines, you wanted a close up to show off your friend the stove hood?

Vinyl flooring....what every dream kitchen needs...at least I had new rugs down.

Put a little spackle on the door...it will help....maybe.
Oh Tyson - welcome to the tour....please clean up your slobber...the floor is dirty.

No? Running away. Fine.
 And now on to Lowe's entertainment....for your entertainment.
Obviously the loud beeping was shocking to me at 8:48 pm.
Meet the cart....that rolled to the right a bit...which carried our tile sample...cause I didn't want to carry it.

I'm serious about my tile. This is no joking manner....and I almost got caught taking pictures of myself. Don't judge.
Are you more confused than ever after reading this post? Me too, but that's an everyday occurrence. But tune in soon....or remind me to write. This weekends project: Tiling the floors. A weekend of Tony and friends becoming contractors. Multiple pictures will be taken. Maybe video if you are lucky.

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