Friday, April 26, 2013

Who has time and a donut?

I must confess that I've been really bad about updating the blog, especially with bump updates as noted repeatedly by my sister.  So while I'm behind on bump-dates, I have been taking plenty of pictures of this growing belly.  And it certainly is growing, as noted by the looks that I get lately along with the "Look at that belly!" comments.  Of course, I can also notice it growing when I have a small nephew below me and all I see are little hands rubbing my belly.  The small hands might have been headless, but at least I realized he was there before walking forward.

But I digress.  Work has been nuts - and when I say nuts, I mean I haven't left before 5:45 in the past two weeks with the exception of doctors appointments and daycare tours.  And since our "vacation home" is out in Lawrence, well by the time I get home, I have time to eat, listen to my mom tell me to put my feet up, and get the dogs to quit running before I hit the sack and have my day start all over again.  So, there has not been a time to blog.  Well there probably has been, but I'm generally too zoned out to make sense.  Not that I make sense on this here blog anyway, but let's just say it would be a lot more confusing to read if I wrote at 7:30 rather then on lunch break.

I'm impressed with all the blogs that I read, well need to read, because they are able to post daily.  Who has time for that? Between work, driving, potty breaks, eating, and the amount of time it occasionally takes me to get either up the stairs at work or up from my chair, I barely have time to wash my hair!  Okay, so not true about the hair - I just like to see how long I can really go before having to wash it again.  So if you see me at the end of the week with it in a bun, pony, or heavily teased, take note that it probably hasn't been washing in a few like a week. Hey - my stylist said it was totally normal to do that - I'm sure she would like it if I came in more than twice a year for a haircut - but few washings was fine!

So until I find more than 10 minutes to update you all on what is happening with my body, I mean, with this babe, then I will be trying to remember to get up and move so I won't have to use a donut for my sore tailbone.   But if I do have to get one, you might actually all get a blog post that is not only written, but also one that makes sense....somewhat.

Until then, I will leave you with a bump picture....but be warned, this boy is bumpin'.

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