Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fat Talk Free Week

So I saw this today on one of the blogs I read. What first caught my attention was my sorority's name - I'm a sorority girl until the day I die, me Suzy Sorority, but I made some of my best friends while singing songs, giving handshakes, and wearing t-shirts with big bold Tri Deltas on them.

Seeing this made me happy to be a part of something so great - mock if you will, but I am one to know that I fall into the category of Fat Talk. Tony deals with it almost daily - unless I really work out, then I just want him to tell him how great my butt looks (sorry Dad). Watch this video, and although this specific week is over, maybe it can transfer over into the rest of the month, maybe the rest of the year.

I promise I have updates on my health - and will update those soon - and be a little more light hearted.

(P.S. I'm not sure why is posted twice. Apparently I really want you to watch this) (source)

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