Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fabulous Week Five

I loved week 5 - we celebrated Tony's birthday, I had naps more than one day and we stuffed ourselves silly during good times with friends. Which also means this weeks theme is centered around food. Don't be surprised if Week 6 is centered around celery, working out and water.

Day 30 - The attempt at starting off the week healthy

Day 31 - Oatmeal is berry, berry good

Waiting for Dad to get home...or creepily staring at the neighbors...can't remember which

Cute preggo bellies!

Day 32 - Can't get enough clementines 

Mopin' around

Day 33 - Attempt at a sunrise shot...

Testing out Greek Yogurt, to see what the hype is about

Just the power company working on some power lines

Day 34 - Pinterest recipe attempt

And Pinterest recipe fail

Birthday Boy making a toast

Bithday Boy enjoying his meatball

Day 35 - Birds nest hair do...two days in a row

It's a Zou out there

Day 36 - Prepping for the Puppy Bowl...err Super Bowl

Handsome little man

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  1. A - I've been trying to eat the massive box of clementines I got at the store this week too! They should really sell them in smaller amounts...
    B - I tried greek yogurt for the first time this week as well. Get the pineapple - AMAZING!
    C - Why did I relate so much to the food on this post!? Miss you friend!!