Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Budgets Are Not My Friend

Tony has me on a budget. Wait, he took all my money and has not given me any...and then always asks why I am spending money...apparently that is his idea for a budget.  Gone are my days of getting a new purse, some new clothes for work and even things like make up. The general responses I get are: "(Deep, heavy sigh) And how much was that?" or my favorite, "I guess we'll just stay in Waldo a little big longer, right Tyson?" And yes, he does ask Tyson if he's around.

It's a great deal of fun over here.  While I have to accept that I haven't been spending money like crazy, it's probably good for me - while I will never openly admit that to Tony, I've made my closet work for me and the only purchases I make besides groceries, medications (not crazy pills, shocking, I know) or those feminine products. Gone are the days of looking at UPS or FedEx and stalking the new purchases I just made, hiding the boxes that get shipped to the house, or using the phrase, "oh this? I just found it in my closet, under some stuff." Let me tell you, my closet was very deep and I somehow I always found something trendy "just hanging back in my closet."  It's good that Tony doesn't keep up with fashion very much.

So the budgeting continues - and although I just spent some money on green jeans for my birthday - and yes, that Waldo comment came out - we are doing pretty well. It's crazy how much money I actually have when I don't spend it. And because I've been told how much money I can spend on groceries - I came under budget, priced out each item and came in under the amount given to me. You could almost say I'm budgeting.

It's going to be long few months while we save money. Ugh.

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