Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Well this is fun

I've noticed recently that my face has decided to take a visit back to puberty.  Apparently I was lucky enough to rarely get acne back in my teen days, it decided that it was going to make a full-blown comeback at....err.....in my late 20's.

Yep.  I'm now the proud owner of zit face.  Something that I don't really understand, want, or need, but apparently I don't have much say in what my face decides to do. I'm really hoping this acne party is because of stress.  Although, at this moment, I'm not really that stressed.  Have I been in the past? Well yes, there might have been one or two minor melt downs about work a few weeks ago, and we might be having little to no movement on our house, and possible some weight gain making my lovely lady bumps a little more bumpy. But I think I've been handling most of it pretty well.  Now Tony might have another idea on how I've been handling it, but I can at least say today, at this moment, I don't feel stressed.

So I think I'm going to try and work this little situation out.  Normally my hands are all over my face - maybe that is the reason why.  Most days, you can find me at my desk looking like this:

Not because I'm stressing out, mostly because I have bad posture and lean on my head.  Which seems odd after I type it, but it's true....and made me just sit up a bit taller.  But I'm catching myself with my hands on my face and immediately let go of my face. Hopefully that will eliminate some of the issues. 

I'm also trying not to eat junk - maybe all of the crap, including the stuff I've been making - is leading to the Rocky Mountains on my face. Or maybe I should start drinking more water.  It's one of the best things for you - but lately I've been slacking on my water intake.  Instead of drinking my 100 oz, it's been, well, less than that.  While my trips to the bathroom have decreased the spots on my face have increased. 

And one of the last things I'll make an attempt at doing is going back to my go-to make up stuff.  Which includes using my old face lotion that I've liked and have been out of for about 3 months.  Which is why I'm glad I've had the little tool Birchbox to use - samples are my friend.

All in all my goals are as follows:
1. Get ride of my acne friends.
2. Stop touching my face.
3. Sit up straighter.
4. Drink more water.
5. Stop eating crap.
6. Go back to my old products.

Until then, don't be surprised if my hair is in my face.  I'll be pulling a Cousin It look until the Appalachian Mountains decide to fall off my forehead.

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