Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Picture Taken Fool

I've been able to keep up at my Project 365....minus a day or two.  While putting my pictures together I realized that 1. I hadn't uploaded since Day 100....whoops. and 2. I forgot how funny some of those picture moments were.  So here are some pictures from April up til June...if I'm really on top of things, I'll even post July this week. I wouldn't hold your breath though...I still haven't blogged about our recent trip, and all the excitement of selling the house. Which is not actually excitement at all considering we still live in said house and it's still on the market. Sarcasm is my second language.

Day 101 to 107 

Day 108 to 114

Day 115 to 121

Day 122 to 129

Day 130 to 136

Day 137 to 143
Day 144 to 150
Day 151 to 156

Day 157 to 164 

Day 165 to 171

Day 172 to 178
Day 179 to 185....I might have missed a day here. 

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