Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A little bit of craziness

I think crazy would describe our year so far.

Get pregnant....check
Sell a house....check
Buy a house...check
Live with my parents for a month or so....check
Move in over Mother's Day....check
Have first minor water leak in new house...check
Have carpets cleaned on new house....check
Have furniture delivered....check
Have security system installed....check
Have house cleaners clean top to bottom...check
Have AT&T come for cable....check
Make sure the lawn is cared for....check

Oh did I mention the last five items happen in one day? Fabulous timing. Really I think if you had asked us to do one more thing in our final day off to get everything done for the house, we would have said yes.  Why not? I mean its totally comfortable to be 8 months pregnant and try to move, organize, and not lose my mind.

And of course the questions that go back and forth between Tony and I add to the entertainment:
"Where are the remotes to the TV?"
"Um, in the box with all of the other remotes and TV stuff?
"Nope...not in there."
"Well then I have no idea."

"Where does this go?"
"Basement storage"
"How about this box?"
"Let's go with the kitchen."
"And this one labeled fragile?"
"You should probably stop carrying that one then."

So we are in the house and although it will be a little hectic for a while, at least we are in and not taking up space at my parents.  Who I believe are now enjoying their own house again sans three and half roommates.

Now on to things that need to be accomplished next.  Like getting the babies room painted, furnished, and ready for his arrival.  Even if he doesn't sleep in there for a couple of months.

Wish us luck....and wish Tony's wallet luck, this mama may be doing some spending soon.

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