Wednesday, June 12, 2013

38 Weeks and Feeling the Pressure

Surprise - this baby is almost here.  I've missed a few bump updates, moves have gone unblogged, I've had my fair share of breakdowns, tears, laughter, and literally, "oh shit" moments. (Sorry mom). Instead of writing about them, I make lists of things I have to get done for work, lists for what I need to get for our new house, things I need to get for the baby, lists of things I need to get done before the baby arrives, and lists of just stuff. 

If I could write all things in list form I think I would be very happy.  Instead I push it off and rather than tackle the lists, especially the important ones from work, I write an update for the blog.  Or I find someone to talk to at work - all while carrying the lists around.

And what happens when I use these distractions? I wake up at 3:30 am pondering what the heck am I going to do if my water breaks or I start having contractions in the middle of the night.  Which is basically what happened last night. And of course I did it in list form in my head.

My lists basically look like this, especially after I move from topic to topic:
  • Pack a bag for Tyson
  • Is Tony's bag packed? (Yes, Tyson did come first)
  • Where did I save that power point for the event this weekend?
  • Am I able to turn on my computer to send out a few notes about where things are saved
  • I wonder if I am able to fit in a pedicure if my water breaks before I get to the hospital
  • I need to pack my computer cord
  • How am I going to turn my out of office on my email from somewhere
  • Can my sister finagle her way into an earlier flight if she needs to? 
  • I need to grab the babe's going home outfit
  • I should make a list of things needed from our last stop at Babies R Us.
As you can see - I'm all over the place.  And generally I start to wonder if I should flip from side to side and wonder why this little boy is deciding at 4:35 am to start practicing his tap/jazz routine in my belly.  Dude - you are a large baby and we are running out of room. Also - I think it would be really odd if I used an entire roll of toilet paper in one night.

I'm 38 weeks today and if this boy decided to arrive, it would be the best thing.  Would I love for him to hold on until next week like when we are scheduled to be induced? Yes.  But as my sister so lovingly puts it, women in Africa are able to drop their babies in a field and keep on going. While this is noted, I should also remind her that I'm a little more high maintenance and would like to make sure that his room is set up, I have a pedicure and manicure and that I have my make up at least in my bag.

I'm sure there are even women in Africa who would like to look good when people come and meet the baby, right?

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