Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?

You know how parents tell non-parents things like:
  • Your entire life changes once you have a baby.
  • Do everything you want before having kids!
  • Sleep now - you won't later!
  • All you'll talk about is poop.  All poop. All the time.
  • Kids are great, until they puke on you.

Okay - well maybe not the last one - even when Ryder puked on me, I thought it was still great.  Stinky and gross? Yes, but still cute.

Well those parents weren't really lying.  And to the parents, especially moms, who have it all together, work out, have all meals planned and prepped, have the baby in the cutest outfits, and blog every day? How do you do it?!?!

Granted, I was a hermit the first two months of R's life.  I'm pretty sure both of us were only dressed when Tony forced us to leave the house....or when people came over.  For some reason, I didn't think it was appropriate for him to just be in his chones when company came over.

Now fast forward a few months - we are getting it down.  Easier to take him out of the house? Check. Working out again? Check-ish.  Blogging? Well, getting there, or trying to. Dinner on the table every night? Check-ish again.

I'll be honest - while breastfeeding got easier as the time when on, it still never came all naturally to me like you see other women do it.  Pumping? A pain, a chore, and really annoying at work.

I'm pretty sure for the two weeks I did it while returning to work, I split milk all over myself.  And there is nothing more professional than walking around smelling like breast milk.   Plus I still had all of my crazy out for the world to notice. 

While we are getting into a routine, slightly, life is getting a little more normal.  Is our life the same as it was pre-baby? Heck no.  I mean, we were leaving in the ghetto, sleeping in, and our dog was getting more attention daily than he does in a week.  Not really - Tyson still gets a lot of attention. He's needy.

We did think about all of the neat stuff we did before baby - we traveled, we had dinners with friends, we slept, we saw movies in theaters, etc.  Now are our Friday and Saturday nights way different? Yes - while our old selves would be out to dinner, out to a movie, or shocker - out at a bar, these days we are happy if we stay up past 9:30.  Although the grandma in me still would have rather been in bed than at a bar.  Just saying.

Our time with the babe grows more fun every day.  In fact, I had more fun watching the monitor as he slept last night than watching TV.  Yes - indeed.

So while our lives have truly changed, I wouldn't change a thing.  More sleep? Well maybe a little - I can't complain too much, since our little booger is sleeping through the night....for now.  I'll continue to work on "having it all together," but in the meantime, I'll enjoy rolling on the floor with my babe, spending time talking to my husband, and plan to spend a little extra time to write a blog post or two.

Of course, we could always talk about poop a little less. 

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