Saturday, November 30, 2013

Your Birthday Story, Part Two and a Little Overdue

Dear R,

Where were we? Oh yes - we were at the hospital drifting off into an Ambien sleep.  Well, you and I were- your poor Dad was stuck on a "pull out bed" and had to listen to some of my monitors and machines beep throughout the night.  Don't worry, he was just fine.

We woke up that next morning, June 22, excited that today would be the day we would meet you.  Our nurse came into the room so I could get up for the last time, shower and get ready for the day.  Little did I know that it would be a long day.  I was secretly hoping that you would make your appearance before noon and be one time - but let's face it, you are like your mom.  Generally late and not conscience of the time.

Our new nurse, well our second new nurse - turns out the first one was sick, but luckily we got to hang out with Agnes for the day.  She was a rock star and told me that I was her pretty patient.  I loved her.

Anyway, we got ready for the day.  I already knew that I wasn't planning on going Au-natural on this birth and asked for an epidural.  We called your grandparents and Auntie Court and told them they could make their way up to the hospital. Nothing was happening yet, but I'm pretty sure your Nana didn't sleep at all and probably would have slept in the car at the hospital if Grampa would have let her.

 Side note - I started this post in is now almost Thanksgiving and I'm finally finishing it.  Busy? Overwhelmed? Forgetful? All good excuses, but the best excuse is spending more time on the floor with the monkey rather than behind a computer screen. But I digress and procrastinate...onward with the story.

The day progressed, you however, did not.  After being turned and flipped and checked and turned some more, what little progression I had made was not enough.  Also fun that day? The fact that you were basically in your own water park inside me.  I'll leave it at that.

So your Dad and I had to make a decision...keep waiting for you or decide to meet you in the OR.  At that point the back labor had begun, and while I thought I could tough through it, well, it sucked.  You're not ever going to be allowed to use that word, but it's true, it sucked.  Talking with my doctor and your Dad, the decision had been made - C-section baby you would be.

Were there tears? Yes.  Let's just say it wasn't the first choice, however I now think your perfect little big ol' round head is perfect from being a c-section babe.  You are welcome.

With the decision made to go another route for delivery, there wasn't much time to think.  We were going to meet you within the hour and I had to get prepped.  Dad called your Pappa Bob and Nonni to come up to the hospital, your Grandpa and Grandma Sims came into to wish us luck, your Nana and Grampa Faddis and Auntie Court came to give me one last squeeze - and yes, Nana had tears.  I got to take this really gross shot and wear a hat and they wheeled me away.

I will say, it felt like the longest ride ever down to the OR.  I started to get nervous, but the excitement was building.  Finally - we were going to see what you looked like and how big you really were.  Would you look like your Dad? Were your feet really that big? Did you have any hair?

As I sat in the OR, making jokes with the anesthesiologist, mainly because all of my lady parts were out for the world to see, I started thinking about how much I was going to miss you and me being you and me.  It was time to share you though - and let's be honest, I was ready to see my feet and not go pee every three minutes.  I waited for you Dad, heard the nurses do the count for the tools needed during surgery and said a little prayer for you.

Dad came in and was dressed like a surgeon - but without the cool scrubs.  I could tell he was excited, nervous, and ready to meet you.  My doctor came in and asked if I was ready to meet you finally and with a resounding YES, she began.

At 5:45 pm on Saturday, June 22, you entered the world with a scream.

I cried.  Your Dad cried.  You cried.

And then they said you had red hair.

Laughter and shock ensued.

You were weighed and measured and bundled up for me to finally see your face.  You are perfect.  You got snuggles from Dad and we took our first family photo. While I was finishing with the doctor, you were wrapped tightly and stared at by Dad.  I think he was in love.

You had your first cell phone picture taken and sent to all the eager family waiting - and boy were they waiting.  Patience all of those grandparents have for you - and love like you wouldn't believe it.  Thankfully, your Auntie Court captured it all and I'm so glad.

We were wheeled back to our room and I got to snuggle you all to myself. I couldn't believe you were mine - all 8 lbs 6 oz of you - all mine to love.

After spending some time alone, you had anxious grandparents to meet you.   Our last nurse was amazing and let everyone in the room.  Although I'm pretty sure they would have all knocked down the doors to meet you.

Ryder baby, welcome to the world.  We love you so.

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