Monday, December 19, 2011

Tita is Coming! Tita is Coming!

The time has arrived: Gram is arriving tomorrow for Christmas.  Best present ever!

It's seems like Christmas every time she comes to visit, even in July.  Which I guess explains why people love that "Christmas in July" thing every year.  It's Kansas City's turn to have Gram for the Holidays.  I think it's a fight every year between the cousins, and you get double bonus points if you get her for a summer trip as well.

The lady is pretty great - she organizes like crazy, will iron anything that you put in front of her, and she loves on babies like no one else.  And as they get older, she lets them touch the fluffy white cloud.

So we have big plans for Tita's visit: cleaning, baking, and decorating cookies.  I think everyone in the family is excited, even Raleigh.  He loves when Gram comes, even though she calls him a girl all the time. If you need a Tita visit, be sure to stop on by....hopefully you'll be over just in time for enchiladas or  biscocittos.

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  1. Lovely.

    Followed the blog btw, hope you do not mind. And maybe you'll visit me someday.