Sunday, March 4, 2012

A little behind

Whoops. I kept forgetting to upload my weekly pictures - surprisingly I remembered to actually take the pictures, just not upload them to the blog.  So please prepare for picture overload - while I could divide them out into the different weeks, well, it's almost 9, which means I only have 30 minutes until I passed out in bed.

Week Seven
Day 44:
Family Snuggles

Snowy morning

Great day for snow boots

Day 45:
Breakfast made out of love

Red lips for love day

Wearing love

In-law love comes in a bottle

Day 46:
Spring flowers

Behind the scenes

Day 47:
Patiently waiting

Day 48:

Day 49:

Eat Fresh

Day 50:
Flying babies

Day 51:
Magazine buildup

Week Eight
Day 52:
Locked out of office...large coffee needed

Pinterest recipe perfected

Day 53:
Get crackin'

Day 54:

Day 55:
Time to put away winter decor
 Mopey dog

Day 56:
Soaking up some sun

Day 57:
Girls dinner=no calories

Day 58:
Shopping results

Day 59:
Berrylicious smoothie
 Just browsing

Week Nine

Day 60:
Afternoon pick me up

Day 61:
Ballet flats
 Mmm. brussel sprouts

Day 62:
Blue jean baby

Day 63:
Spring time colors

Day 64:
Chilly morning

My afternoon friend
 "Aren't you that guy in that band...."

Day 65:
Big boy chones

Room of chaos

"Can I help you?"

Day 66:
DIY Pedicure

Chocolate covered bacon, cause everything is better with chocolate

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