Monday, July 16, 2012

Some Like It Hot

It is not me and Tony - or Tony or I - now is not the time for proper grammar. While I would usually like to let my readers know that I do know how to properly form a sentence, it's a little more difficult when flames are shooting out of my mouth while my lips melt like the Wicked Witch of the West.

I decided to catch Tony on camera when the flames appeared.
If that hasn't made you want to read more....well I'll just let you know that I made dinner.

Shocking for two reasons? Yes. But apparently I was trying to kill my husband by chili peppers in adobe sauce disguised by do it yourself Chipotle bowls.

Holy hotness Batman.

Perhaps I should have really read the bold sentence of this Pinterest-inspired creation when she wrote: **This is rather hot for some people, so be sure to cut the chili amount in half**

What I really should have done.
Damn me and not reading ahead. I did try to cut the heat with some water....however the tears in Tony's eyes 30 minutes after we finished "eating" means apparently I didn't cut it in half enough.  While we are full from dinner, it's not from the fake Chipotle bowl.  It's from the 72 glasses of milk combined with the 48 bottles of water we chugged after two bites.

Note to self: take the bold print to mean something while cooking.

Apparently after coming home from Mexico, that cuisine stuck in my mind. Probably because I ate hamburgers and chicken fingers while in the country of Mexico.  Naturally fake Chipotle bowls would be perfect, since we're trying to be good about the budget and keep things healthy.

You can keep things healthy by making sure things that involve hot chili peppers is in every bite. You pretty much stop after two bites and stay on a liquid diet until your lips stop feeling like they've entered the Devil's playground.

Oh and have I mentioned that I've done this before? Apparently I have a bad habit of making our meals the meal of a Fear Factor contestant.  Thinking that maybe this would get me out of cooking so every third day....Tony made sure to encourage me that it takes practice.  Ugh.  I guess I'll have to try adobe chilis and sirichi sauce next time.

And perhaps buy an extra gallon of milk while I"m at it.

This just made me laugh. Fat cat.

Pictures all from Pinterest. Yes, it gets me even in pictures.

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