Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Where are you looking?

Tony recently purchased an iPad.  He bit the bullet after going back and forth about really needing one.  In the end, and after some, "really, it's okay to get one" from me, he got one.  He was very excited to use it - his first reason to use it? A movie.  Yep, the man downloaded Netflix so he could watch movies on trips for work when he has to fly.  He will not and probably should not watch movies while driving. That's dangerous.  Also, he has to to have an internet connection to watch his movies, and since he only got Wi-Fi, he's really just watched movies at home....on a tiny screen while his big honking tv is muted and playing some other show.  Yep...caught him doing this, I laughed.

His other reasoning to get it? Facetiming.  Okay, well maybe that was my reasoning for him to get it. I love Facetiming.  It's pretty funny to chat with your nephews who are only 20 minutes away, but still need to tell you about the under (thunder) and check to make sure you were not in fact, bit by a dog. 

So it's no surprise that we tried out Facetiming while sitting in the same room. Don't judge us....we like to look at all the features before taking our new technology anywhere.  But Tony has been on a couple trips that we actually used Facetime.  I think he really just wants to talk to Tyson, but he has to deal with me. 

And for the last couple of sessions I've noticed that my dear husband is drawn to the screen where he can see himself.  Like a fly to a light, that boy loves a good mirror.

What he doesn't realize is that I can now see him looking at himself.  Busted.

I'm sure that there are now plenty of self-portraits on the iPad. 

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