Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Little Behind: Baby Bumpin' 16 Weeks

So I thought I would be really on top of weekly updates - silly me.  So I'll try and catch up here - while I sit upstairs since its warmer and write while eating graham crackers, well I already ate them, so I'll just wipe the crumbs off my ever-growing stomach.

How far along: 16 weeks

Fruit/vegetable comparison (according to Avocado - fitting

Total weight gain: Haven't paid attention, but my workout clothes still fit!

Sleep: Good - well minus the potty breaks. And sometimes if I'm really lucky and don't chug water before I fall asleep, I can make it almost until my alarm goes off.  Surprisingly, I get up rather quickly...well some mornings, others are a little more difficult. 

Movement: Not feeling anything yet.

Unglamorous body changes: Acne is still present. I think my face plays a trick on me - every time I think its getting better a new little spot shows up. It's like the never ending pizza face. Thank goodness for bangs and scarves.

Maternity clothes: Wore my first maternity pants this week. It was for a work event, and because Tyson had snotted and dog-haired my other black pants, it was time to break them out.  And yes....the hype is true - holy amount of comfort. But for all of those moms wondering, I had just the small waist band, and it was glorious.

Showing: Baby is a bumpin. I'm thinking that it was because I ate late when I took my picture and the horizontal stripes didn't do me any favors, but wow. 

Food cravings: Still nothing crazy. Chocolate milk and cheese - two things I know I'll have to give up once this baby comes...while it may be good for the babe, it is not good for my thighs. 

What I miss: Turkey sandwiches. What I wouldn't give to stop by Subway, Jimmy John's or Goodcents to grab a turkey with all the fixings.  Courtney - beware, you will be getting my sandwich order on the day of delivery.  And I may hold the babe hostage until I get that turkey!

Anything making you queasy: So far, so good. Sometimes the trash stinks, but that's normal. I think the wave of nausea is almost over - every once in a while now. 

Strange experiences: Sharing the news in person - well and getting strange looks during Fusion for not participating or taking breaks. 

Milestones: Baby G is growing eyelashes, eye brows and can now hear our voices. I better work on making mine not so squeaky. 

Best moment this week: Since this is a week or two late, I'm trying to remember, but I'll still go with hearing the heart beat - since it was at my 16 week appointment.

Looking forward to: Finding out the sex in four short weeks. When we made our next doctors appointment, it was also to find out the sex! Crazy! It's going so fast!

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