Thursday, January 24, 2013

Baby Bumpin' 17 Weeks

How far along: 17 weeks

Fruit/vegetable comparison (according to Onion - which I love onions.

Total weight gain: Will probably find out at our 20 week appt.  Maybe I will focus this time.

Sleep: Still great. There is nothing better than a snoogle...well for sleeping at least.

Movement: Nothing yet - but apparently I should be feeling them soon. I catch myself lying really still and almost holding my breath...I probably shouldn't hold my breath for too long.

Unglamorous body changes: So far, it's not been too bad. My hair is ridiculously long, so maybe I should work on making an appointment. 

Maternity clothes: Oh yes. These new pants are great.  I can still get away with wearing my regular jeans with a belly band - but my thighs have grown as well as my belly, so they might be going away soon. Tear.

Showing: Yes - especially toward the evening.  I can still look like I'm sporting a muffin top in the morning.

Food cravings: Same things - I've not been chugging chocolate milk as much as I did in the beginning. But give me chips and I'm one happy lady.

What I miss: This week, I missed a glass of wine.  Not because I was out with friends - but because it seemed like a nice relaxing way to just hang out at home.  And not a whole glass, just a small one. Don't worry - I'm still refraining.

Anything making you queasy: Good to go. I have had some times in the evening where I get a little nauseous, but nothing too bad. 

Strange experiences: None this week...thank goodness.

Milestones: The babe is getting a larger, thicket umbilical cord. I'm one proud mamma.

Best moment this week: Working to get the house back up on the market.  Yep - we're going to go after it again. Hopefully this time, someone will fall in love with our little casa. And probably hearing hilarious birth stories while playing Bunco.  Yes, bunco. 

Looking forward to: Finding out the sex! Yes - knowing that we can find out whether Baby G is a boy or girl is very exciting.  We even planned to do a reveal party with our families the Saturday after.  So yes...we're going to keep it a secret for three whole days.


  1. Tomorrow is the big there anyway I can entice you to tell me?!?!?! Do you think we are going to have the same sex babies!?!?! I mean either way they are going to BFFs - that can stand for boyfriend forever or best friend forever....Ummmmmm. I am just afraid of them driving together:) Love the baby bump pics. Looking good girlfriend. Love you:)