Thursday, May 20, 2010

Show Your Teeth

Tomorrow is a big day. We are getting our engagement pictures done - and let me tell you, it has been work just trying to get an outfit together that not only makes me look like a twig (didn't happen) but also to give the skinny arm affect (arm on hip, slightly bent with a little lean toward the camera). But it was also a goal of Tony's to be thinner - uh if you have seen my last post, you know it's working for him. Side story, we went shopping for jeans for him, and get a got a whole size smaller. Jerk. But no, he's doing great and feeling great, so I am proud of him - and his motivation is really rubbing off. I even did my Brazil Butt Lift workout without dragging my feet yesterday.

By the way, when is this whole, I'm the bride, I want to be skinny, motivation factor going to kick in? Because the cookies sitting in my office are still calling my name.
But I digress. Tomorrow is the big day, and we are going down to the City Market and taking our pictures. Our outfits are ready, and I think we will be pretty good about coordinating, but not being twinkies. I have "viewed" many engagement pictures outfits from random people, and yes, I did some judging, but also got good ideas. Mainly for me, but I also thought about T as well - like, yes, you will wear a polo and a button down. Done.
Obviously I still have a few last minute things to do, like a mani-pedi. Although I really don't like when people touch my feet. It's weird, who really wants to touch another persons feet - willingly. But part of my last minute prep will be making sure our baby, Tyson Bear, is all ready to go. Yes, he's going to be in our pictures, that was a request that Tony had and I wanted as well. But I'm not going to lie, I'm a little nervous about Ty man's modeling skills. We tried to take pictures with him for our "before-the-ring" Christmas cards, and well, things did not go so well.

First, Tony tried to hold him - notice the Santa hat, it was obviously a no-go.So I even tried to hold him, and well, he got all up in my face.

And then Ty thought it was a game.And then he was tired of the game, so he just laid down.

He looks so freaking innocent too.

So we have two missions tomorrow, well make that three.
1. Get Tyson to actually enjoy getting his picture taken - don't hold your breath though
2. Make sure skinny arm is in full effect. Not hard on my part, I am a seasoned skinny arm poser.
and finally
3. See if we can get Tony to show his teeth.

Yes that's right folks, if you haven't noticed in some of our pictures, there is lack of teeth showing in pictures of Tony. He likes to say it's because when he smiles it makes his eyes all squinty and tells me that I have enough teeth for the both of us. Thank you mom.

Oooo, I need to use some Crest White Strips tonight - hopefully they will work in a day!

It has become a game when we take pictures, for me to yell out, "SHOW YOUR TEETH" to Tony. It doesn't always work, but there have been occasions where you see a little bit of his dental work.

So don't be surprised on our wedding day, when you hear, "SHOW YOUR TEETH!" It's not a joke, I'm serious about this people. Feel free to shout out too, just don't do it it's quiet in the church. That might be odd.

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