Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Yes, we're sweaters

I had the realization yesterday that it is a really good thing that we are getting married in the fall. Yesterday at work, well actually Monday afternoon, our air conditioner broke. Bring on the hot air. Monday wasn't so bad, but they tried to rig up some fans to pull the air from a separate part of the building to our side - genius was not working there.

But yesterday it was so bad, that they let us have the day off. Woo hoo! I think that was even better than a snow day. However, prior to the time, I sat in my office sweating. Actually it came in waves, while my arms were sticking to my desk. Not the best day to have my hair actually done and down (and I was trying to leave it down for my new MO license) so I sat in my 85 degree office, and thought to myself: ugh. hopefully it's only in the upper 60s for the wedding, because this upper lip sweat thing is not happening.

It was even too hot to drink my coffee. Which for those of you who know me, I was not happy. I think I was more sad about not getting my caffeine fix than the upper lip sweat! But alas, we got to go home and I got to sit in my nice, cool car. Bonus - Tony got the window's tinted so it reflex's the sun off the car.

So I believe everything happened for a reason with the timing of the wedding - after our engagement pictures -where yes, we were both sweating a little - it is a good thing that October will be a little cooler.

But hopefully not too cold, I love this hot weather.

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