Monday, January 31, 2011

If you give a girl a hammer...

It's kind of like that book, "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie..." This girl is ready for more...cookies and nailing to be exact.
I'd take a cookie and some milk right now
In an effort to make our home more homey and less like the ahem rental, Tony and I have been doing some improvements to the house. Already we purchased and hung some new pictures, which means the Asian artwork came down, we have been searching for a rug and I bought a frog doing yoga statue. Yes, Tony thinks it's weird too, but I think it adds a little whimsy to our house.  Guess who won that fight?

But I'll wait to show you that little guy, we like to call him Fred. Fred the yoga-loving frog. It's kind of like naming our cars, Ted the Tahoe and Alan the Altima. And when I say "we" I really mean me and my habit of naming inanimate objects.  Whimsy I tell you, whimsy.

Anywho - we have had this other lovely wine artwork in the hallway hanging.  Yes, wine artwork. And while I am a wine-loving fool, I don't think a Bordeaux really fit into my our theme of the house. So down they came when Tony was out of town and instead I tried that little tricky project of hanging white pieces of paper to decide where I would like to hang some new frames and artwork.

This was great - I  knew exactly how I wanted my little collage to work. We even had our gift of the little wooden plaque of our name and Est. 2010 as a wedding gift to hang. And after two weeks of really figuring out where to place everything just so, alright, well I sort of forgot about it and really just didn't want to finish. Ugh. Luckily I have a husband who gets annoyed with clutter and unfinished projects. Read: asking me in the most lovely tone "Uh, what are we doing with this?" (can you picture the arm/hand waving too?).

So Saturday was the day that the hammer and I became BFF's.

I mean, I have always had a hammer. My dad even made me a makeshift tool kit when I moved into my first house in college. He was smart enough to pack some easy picture hanging kits in there as well. At the time of course I thought you could hammer screws into walls....those might still be there and bonus, my pictures never really fell down.

However I'm in my grown up house now, and it's not realistic for me to hammer in some screws. Plus Tony would judge me. So I began hammering way and hit my finger only once. Okay, twice, I blame it on my slow hand-eye coordination.

And ta-da! Pictures hung! And I began to look around for more things to hang/hammer. Tyson looked at me like I was a crazy lunatic. It might have also been because I began laughing like a maniac and began pumping my arms in the air Jersey Shore style and singing Eye of the Tiger.

Then Tony came down and told me it looked cluttered and crooked.

I want that picture of the girl....would that be weird?
I gave him the death stare and stuffed my face with chocolate. Not really, but he might have gotten a really big sigh from me.

Crooked pictures to come soon. You'll love them, they aren't Asian.

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