Friday, January 7, 2011

A Doer, not a Finisher

When it comes to new projects and new diet fad, workout fads and fashion trends, I like to try it out. It's probably the reason I have a half done house, 47 diet books, P90X and half of the new fashion - say the cute tall boots, but not so much the body to pull off the skinny jean in the boot look. I end of looking like a light bulb - and not one of those cute spiral ones (yeah, you know, the ones that are all 'energy efficiant').

And this week, I have realized that I'm a halfer when it comes to projects. This week I was determined to get up early and work off all of the bloby-ness from the holidays. Mainly because I was pretty tired of laying in bed with my thighs overlapping each other. I hope you know what I'm talking about - you know, the feeling that you need to lay with your legs apart like you're back in tumbling class and reaching for the V. No? Well stop judging me then.

On Monday - it was great. I actually woke up for my 4:50 am (yes, AM!) alarm, threw on my work out clothes and did my first (again) P90X work out. I huffed and puffed my way through it and not only managed to finish the DVD, maybe with some slight fast forwarding, and not knock down any mirrors or pictures in the living room.  Success!

And then it happened. I woke up Tuesday morning - after 27 snoozes, and felt like death. Yep, the sickness, the plague, the carrier monkey nephews finally got to me. Ugh. Failure after one day of working out.

Darn you carrier monkeys and all of your cuteness!

So after laying in bed with half done toe nails (see?? This problem even affects my nail polish - as I'm typing right now with 4 really chipped nails) for two days and sleeping for 40 of the 48 hours I was home, I was more than ever determined to restart my kick off into becoming a finisher!

I took the stairs at work when I got there Thursday.

That counts right? I mean, I did have to pause half-way up, which of course I blame on the sickness and not the fact that I might be slightly out of shape.

But I'm back to almost full health - I mean I might still have huffed and puffed up the stairs, but I might still be blaming that on the sickness. How long do you actually think I can get away with that?

And instead of working out this morning, like I had a whole plane to do, I'm waiting for Monday to re-start my mission to finish!  Wait....if I wanted to be a finisher, I probably should have just started today huh? Ugh. Fail.

Well maybe I'll work out tomorrow and really kick off this shin dig!

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