Thursday, January 27, 2011

Walking A Tight Line

In fashion there always seems to be one new piece, or style that comes back into play that I vow never to wear.
Leggings: check
Booties: check & check (yes two pairs with an urge to buy more)
Sweater tunics: check, with spanx underneath - those things show a lot more than necessary
Rompers: check and Yes indeed! This might be the one fashion trend that I should have jumped on the bandwagon sooner - Tony still hates them, which makes me love them even more.

As you see, eventually I cave.  I try to be trendy, but deep down I know that there is the J.Crew 'Mom' style in me dying to get out.  Yes, I do want to wear little loafers with the perfectly pressed chino and button down with a simple cardi thrown on. Okay, well obviously I would up the ante from the 1980's J.Crew model mom and throw on some jeans with a blazer and these babies:
Because these babies scream "I know I'm a mom, but I still know how to work me the runway." Or something like that.

But there is one piece of fashion that I thoroughly despise and love all at once. Tights. Not those hose things that were once all the rage with our Grandmothers era - those panty hose things that came in an egg type package. Tell me you know what I'm talking about!

 Full on tights - the opaque kind that you can barely see through, that could be considered almost pants if it wasn't for that lovely crotch looking piece. And the fact that tights are a little like stuffing a sausage as you put them on - let's just say there involves jumping and a little lunge action on mornings when I wear them.

And I don't know about other ladies out there - but I don't enjoy the fact that if you buy the right size of tights, they create a huge muffin, that is not for any lovin'. (say that really fast, I like to think that it rhymed.) Which is why I tend to buy my tights a size larger- which doesn't help my complex when buying them. But I like it when I can pull my pair up to my bra (sorry dad, I know that you are reading this...which will make it slightly awkward at family dinner. Don't be surprised if I don't look you in the eye for at least 10 minutes) giving my tights almost the same effect as a good pair of spanx.

But I digress. Tights. I love to love them and I love to hate them. Especially when I have to use the bathroom and it takes me a a few extra minutes longer. Which is awkward for me, since I already think the people I work with judge me for going to the bathroom 64 times....before lunch.

And you may be wondering why I bring this up today. Well my reading friends, today I brought the great tights controversy with me to work. Meaning, I didn't want to wear my skirt with pale, bare legs. And these are the things I think about during my mini work breaks.

However I like the tights to a point - until they start to itch and then fall down eventually because it's not quite appropriate to do jumping and lunging to get them back up at work or in public. Oh great, now they are starting to itch.

Ugh. I can't wait to take these off tonight!  Good thing I won't make myself go through this again until Saturday....maybe I'll just throw on some leggings with booties...hmm.

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