Saturday, April 30, 2011

Communications with immunes

I'd like to send a little letter to my immune system.  Apparently we've had a fight and now it's a full on war. After my gargling practice, I thought Virginia the Virus was gone. Apparently he's back with full vengeance and madder than a cat stuck in glue.

Which makes this fight a little worse - especially since it led us to Walgreen's with crusty eyes. Too much information? Sorry - it's the truth, as ugly as it may be.

So instead of enjoying the gorgeous day out, or getting the kitchen finally done, Virginia and I made our way to Walgreen's so we could hang out with other coughing patients for a few hours. And when I say a few hours, it's no exaggeration - two and a half hours.

And after my sweet husband dropped me off and ran to Starbucks for me (bless that man) he ran home to wait for me. So when he finally came back - and after an adventure with Hawaii 5-0, he came to pick me up and informed me that I was really putting a damper on his Saturday - and laughed.

I'm almost positive the Walgreen's security cameras were able to get my crusty daggers recorded.

After getting all my goods: eye drops, sudafed and some sweet nasal cleanse (which will be sitting on counter until the last possible time to use it - cause that is nasty) Virginia the Virus and I are over. And Irene the Immune System should be crawling back to me quickly!  Well - let's hope cause apparently I'm not fun when I'm sick.

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