Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Getting In My Veggies

So after my last encounter with my nemesis, I was able to redeem myself a little. After being sick for a week, I went to the doctor and was sure to wear the lightest clothing I owned and shoes that can be removed easily.  I needed to be sure that I was as close to being in my birthday suit as possible without actually having a naked party in the doctors office.

Lucky for me it worked. Or should I say the diet of soup of milkshakes worked well.  Apparently having a canker sore in your throat does wonders for your waistline. But then I got medicine and was able to eat whole food and my theory about my new fad diet went out the window. However I was able to go back to hell my workout class again this week. I also found out that I have a new nemesis: Gliders.

And not those paper kinds.  Those little disk things that apparently are the new workout wonder toys. Ugh. My thighs are cringing just thinking about them.

But back to my good news at the doctor. And actually I had two good pieces of news. 1. I lost some poundage. Of course it probably went right back to my hips after the Easter bunny was kind enough to bring treats, make biscuits and gravy and sweet potatoes with enough brown sugar to put a diabetic in sugar shock. (Okay, the Easter bunny didn't do that cooking, but my Mom and MIL did - and it was delicious!) and the second piece of good news: I don't have any issues with my body that causes me to gain weight.

Wait. Crap - while that news is good, I obviously now have to find the real reason that I am storing fat on my thighs like squirrels storing nuts for winter. And no, I am not letting the fact that I have an addiction to all things sweet be a reason. That is what keeps me going Brit Brit style crazy on people at work. And Tony.

So after my "good news" my doctor asked me about my diet. I informed her of my protein intake, my lack of carbs at most dinners due to my Atkins loving husband and left out everything about my sugar intake. Of course the next question coming was how many fruits and veggies I have been eating. Oh vey. Not much.  I mean, there is the occasionally fruit on Sunday dinners or showers and parties, but unless its a grilled asparagus, not much. Especially since my grocery shopping is spaced out and the veggies/fruit that sit in our fridge is not as appealing, thus going rotten a bit later.

Apparently I should try and incorporate more of those healthy things in my diet. And we have been. On Monday night, I added salad to my taco salad bowl and since one night of cooking is pretty good for Tony and I in a week - I made sure I ordered the veggie pizza last night.

Fine, if you say so.
Veggie-tastic. Boom.

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