Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Put a little Cheese with that Whine

So I'm sick.

Like, called in sick for morning sick.

Sick like could fall asleep while driving home from work today.

Like, popping throat lozenges like their gummy bears sick.

Sick like, "I'm just going to lay down for a few minutes," wake up 4 and half hours later sick.

Sick like, I'm almost positive my tonsils are so swollen, they are probably touching and giving each other high fives with their germs sick.

It's pretty awesome. Thank goodness I'm going to the doctor tomorrow. Of course, that probably mean that I have to get on the scale again. Rude. But I'm hoping that with the amount of water, and fewer amount of carbs that I've been eating, I've done okay.

So what does my sickness mean for you? It probably means we have another carrier monkey on our hands under the 3 feet height. It also means that I attempted to write a blog - and attempted to be funny - and failed. It was so bad, I'm pretty sure 'See Dick Run' could have been included as one of my sentences.

Hopefully they will load me up on drugs tomorrow at the doctor. Cause how is it when you are you sick, everyone else gloats about their health and how much they can do.

Especially those runners on Ward Parkway. Yes....I see you running and yes the soundtrack of Chariots of Fire does play through my head. Your ponytail gently swaying in the wind does me jealous and want to urge to throw on my tennis shoes so I can run for five minutes  two minutes before gasping for air (oh yes, that two minute run is when I'm in good health....stop judging me).

So here's is to the doctors making sure my large nodule on the side of my neck sure that it's not tumor. I'd hate to break out into my Arnold via Kindergarten Cop impression....it's still work in progress.

Hopefully I'll be back to regular programing soon. Until then, hold tight and be ready for some fishing and kitchen redo adventures. I'm not saying I caught my sickness from our back splash tear down, but those fish probably had it out for me.

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