Wednesday, August 3, 2011

One too many Peas

I made dinner last night. I know, I know.  I will pause for you shock, but sit down for this next shocker.  It was edible. And tasted good.  My husband told me so.

Sorry - was that too much shocking information for you?

Well, it was surprisingly easy.  Except for the two points of panic/ugh feeling.  One was when I had to shell my shrimp.  All while wondering why they were blue. Luckily for me, they changed to normal colors when I sauteed them (oh yes, just used a big cooking word). I came to the conclusion I could never work in the gulf coast shelling shrimp. I felt like I was pulling off a piece of their bodies.Thankfully that feeling passed and I got really good at shelling them - almost like that could be my next career move. I'm leaving it on the table for discussion.

The next panic moment was when I realized I didn't have enough chicken broth. And I've also decided that those labels they put on cans need to start talking in measurements of cups. Seriously, I don't know how many cups 14 ml. make. And yes, I will let you judge me on this, but I don't care. Give me cups you label maker!

So when I ran out of chicken broth and my risotto sounded like it was sizzling and tasted a bit crunchy, I will all McGyver on dinner and improvised with beef broth.  Yep, beef broth. The only reason I had it in my cupboard was because my mom brought it over when Tony got that little thing call food poisoning before the wedding. Apparently beef broth can also make a really interesting soup. It didn't at that time, it just sat in our cupboard until this moment.

Thanks Mom - for providing me with beef broth.

Dinner was delicious  - it ended up being a good Lemony Shrimp Pea Risotto from this cute pregger -she's a personal trainer and about to have her second baby. I'm not at all jealous that her stomach is still smaller than mine.

However I realized one thing. I'm not a pea fan. In my attempt to add more veggies to my palate, I added the frozen peas. Okay for a few bites, but then I feel like the peas multiplied and my pea to risotto ratio was way off. I'll make it again, maybe next time without the beef broth and so many peas.

Peas are harder to pick out than you think.

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