Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fallish is Here

I can always tell when school is about to start. And not because of all of my teacher friends whining talking about getting their class rooms ready. Nor is is when the news talks about back to school stuff.

I can tell when I see the water jugs on Ward Parkway and the looks-like-they-are 12 high schoolers running in the big median.  Yep - it's Cross County time. And the high schools by our house are gearing up for their fall sports.  Crazy - I feel like I was just about hit some of them as they crossed the street for spring track.

And yes, I did say hit - they are not the smartest runners in the world - first they run in the median on Ward Parkway - yes, it's large, but there are also cars zooming past.  Second, they like to cross where you are turning and run on the curb - just close enough to make you think you might hit them with your side mirror.

These kids reminds me of my cross country days.  The dreaded morning workouts, the dreaded afternoon workouts and of course the horrible Saturday races. Let's be clear, I enjoy running, I'm slow, I like to go at my own pace (slower) and I am not a competitive person.  Sports really isn't for me. Neither is drag car racing, I don't like to speed.

While I'm in a running rut right now - or rather lack of running area - I'm slightly jealous of these cross country runners. But then I remember they have to do the races coming up on Saturdays and run in mud. Jealousy over.

School is starting. Guess I too need some new school supplies. Staples, here I come!

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