Monday, August 1, 2011

Thankful for Sisters

I'm watching the first part of the Bachelorette right now....and yes Tony is watching with me. He made the "really, I have to?" face, but I forced him anyway.

While I'm watching the first  half hour, since it's close to my bed it's 9:49 and I plan on being asleep by 10 pm sharp.

The things I've realized while watching this little show:
1. I'm glad my parents informed me how I would regret full body tattoos later in life. A few are okay I'm sure...but I prefer to take my necklace on and off.
2. I'm glad my sister never told me that Tony wasn't the one for me. Especially since I didn't have another guy on the sidelines....waiting for a rose.
3. I totally prefer Gerber daisies to roses.
4. I should have poured another glass of wine to watch this business.
5. Why am I watching the Bachelorette...still 17 years later.
6. I thought Ben and Constantine were the same person.
7. She really needs to learn that short shorts are only cute on pre-teens and the runway.
8. Puca shells are still not cool....Although Tony wanted to keep wearing them after college.
9. The amount of sweat on these people make me feel better about how much I sweat during a workout.
10. Ben should have really not worn a dark shirt.
11. Note to Ashley's sister: it's hard to be normal when you have cameras around you and you'll be judged by the nation the next day.
12. I'm really glad that we don't do dog voices to Tyson.
13. I think Tony does his version: "Hey buddy, yeah, you're my buddy" - I should record it sometime.
14. I want Ashley's Tatty sister's hair.
15. I'm wondering if I can get away without washing my hair for work tomorrow.
16. I got that means more hair time in the morning.
17. I wonder if the sister has fire on her chest cause she gets heartburn a lot.
18. That's all I have for now. I'm missing some very important information.
19. I hope creepy Ryan shows up and just invites himself in. But walks creepy like he did in the last episode.
20. For sure that's it right now....oh wait....nope that's it. Tony wants me to stop typing so he can hear the convo's better.

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