Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pressure's on

So my lovely sister told me that she was able to do 3 blog posts yesterday. I of course called her an overachiever and would like to think that one post really doesn't count - mainly because it really wasn't a whole post - it was only a picture.  Granted funny, and will probably give me horrible dreams later in life, but only a pictures.

I think she's trying to one up me.  Which she's able to because she has funny kids who say funny things and lives in suburbia with Slovakian's walking in the neighborhood.  Me? I have a gassy dog, an Italian husband and live a little too close to the ghetto.

While I may not have one good post, I will give you updates happening around the 'hood.

  • I was on the news tonight. My sweet brother informed me HD was not great for my complexion.
  • Tony and I have been blessed at the "key holders" for our neighbors, Gary & Patrick. We received a list, or rather a packet of information for when they leave on vacation. 
  • I actually made an edible meal for Sunday dinner. I'll take your applause now. I think I get bonus points because it was pasta.
  • I recently got bangs. I've realized that they take a lot more work - which also means that five minutes I want to keep sleeping means that is 5 minutes I could take working on my bangs. I'm going to go ahead and let you know which option I choose.....and I've been late to work a couple of days if that gives you any clue.
  • Our dishwasher is leaking.  When Tony saw the water, he immediately asked if I had thrown water on the floor. Um...is that something he thinks I do on a daily basis? 
  • When complaining about my weight, he let me know that he thinks I'm a secret eater. I probably confirmed that today when I ate a handful of chocolate chips before I worked out.
  • I didn't feel too bad for eating the chocolate since I was on my way to get my rear kicked.
  • Tyson and I are having a sleepover at my parents on Saturday. My sister told me that my mom would probably make me breakfast. My mom immediately told me no. Let's hope my dad shows a little bit more love.
  • We attended a couple's baby shower this weekend, where we were surrounded by pregnant people. Tony immediately told me to stay away from them. Don't worry babe - I get frustrated with the dog when it's just the two of us for more than 36 hours, a baby would be with me for longer than that.
  • I've sucked myself back into bad reality TV, ahem, Bachelor Pad. I don't feel awful for it - Tony wanted to know what the ending was like as well. 
  • Oh and I'm joining in this new little thing called, Twitter. I've had 4 tweets - 2 which were the same picture I didn't know it. #newbiefail. 
It's been a crazy couple of weeks. And we're about to be in full wedding season again, fall style.  I am hoping to have some good material for you soon. Until then, be jealous that we are key holders for our neighbors and have full access to their cat, Miss Kitty.

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