Thursday, September 1, 2011

I'm Going to Need a Closer Bathroom

I'll be the first to admit that I have the bladder of a three year old.  Actually my 3 year old nephew probably has a strong bladder than I do at 28. And in my attempts to drink more water during the day, since rumor has it that drinking water is good for your diet, I've noticed my trips to the bathroom have increased.

Thus making my co-workers wonder if I have a bladder infection or I'm like the kid in class that just wanders the hall while using the bathroom pass to get out of the teacher's questions.  Bonus for me, it's neither of those options.  It's just my pea size bladder.

Today, although the office seemed quiet, I noticed a few things. One, I went to the bathroom approximately 794 times.  Two, there is a section on the floor the squeaks like crazy every time someone walks across it, or maybe it's just me...which makes feels like the elephant in the office. And three, it's really hard to do the potty dance while sitting in your office chair.

If this is a problem at the age of 28, I hate to think of what is next.  Am I going to be like the Kardashian's mom, needing poise pads every time I laugh? Are family dinners going to consist of my mom and my sister doing keigels during dinner? Obviously my sisters-in-law are welcome to join in, I just don't know how close we all want to be.

And if you're wondering how I handle car trips when I can hardly go an hour at work without visiting the toilet, well let's just say I have to make sure I don't drink anything at least 12 hours before we get in the car. Of course, I don't remember this and like to bring a huge thing of water and stop for little treats like Diet Cherry Limeades during road trips.

Tony loves when we go road tripping!

All in all, I've come to the conclusion that I either need an office closer to the bathroom or refuse to drink liquids between the hours of 7:30 - 4 pm. I'm going to go with the closer bathroom, I enjoy drinking (and don't worry mom, not just alcoholic bevs).

I'd write more to bring this post to a close, but I'm starting to do the potty dance.  So if you see me soon, you may want to ask me if I need to go potty, just as we ask the 3 year old. I'll bet that I'm always the one to say yes and really mean it.

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