Thursday, September 29, 2011

Some Updates

It's almost the end of September, and I'm still waiting for a weekend to sleep in.  Yes, I am that selfish that I want two days to sleep past nine AM.  I'm not going to feel bad knowing that all my friends who have kids have already been up, had their coffee, wiped a few behinds and faces, and I won't feel bad that other friends are waking up to go workout.  This girl just wants sleep!

Of course, the way that our fall is going, that won't happen until November....and I'm not exaggerating. Our crazy fall has been great though -we've celebrated some weddings, some milestone birthdays, snuggled new babies and have been able to shower some babies (well, that one is coming up, but still fun), and watched some 3 year old's "play soccer."  If you ever need a good laugh, I suggest you go find some little tyke soccer games on a Sunday.  Tony went and forgot all about how poorly his Chiefs were playing.  While I'll post pictures soon, let me give you a recap of what we saw:
  • Thumbs up
  • Shiny penny moments
  • Claps for whichever team scored....sadly it was usually the other team
  • Crash collisions
  • Serious kicks while running
  • Oblivious stares
 And that was just Tony and my bro-in-law.  Okay, not really - but I'm not sure who was laughing more while watching the game, the parents, the grandparents or the Aunt & Uncle.

Good times and the players all got stickers.  Not going to lie, I wanted one too for being such a great fan....and resisting the urge to run out and score.  Let's be honest, I probably could have actually looked like a soccer player next to these munchkins.

So besides the celebrations and the game watching, Tony and I have finally completed the kitchen. Yes, he wonderful Dad came over last night to help install our microwave hood stove. We will not only finally be covering the spot where we stopped tiling the back splash, but gain a light over the stove AND those vent things to stop making the smoke detector go off when I burn cook our meals.

I'll probably have more for you later, but this is the best way to let my friends know that I'm still alive...and that I miss them. Until then, I'll try and keep updating and letting you all know my new likes, which shockingly go on to fungus, err...mushrooms.  Yep, after expanding my palate I've also figured out that I actually like mushrooms. Things are getting weird over here.

And while this post wasn't exciting, I'm happy to let you all know three more things about me:
  • I like my sleep
  • I have dreams of playing soccer with 3 year olds
  • I like mushrooms.
Aren't you glad you spent 5 minutes of your day reading about my life that you will never get back....muhoohaha!

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