Friday, September 16, 2011

I'm Judging

I'm judging right now. I can't help it, it's too easy and you probably would too if you were in my shoes. Let me set the scenario for you:
I'm in a walking mall, outlet type, similar the the "Great Mall of the Great Plains" out in Olathe, but I'm in St. Louis.  While the location should be enough said, or rather, the city, there's more. I arrived close to opening, and it's busy. Not busy like Holiday Shopping busy, but busy enough that I would like to question the several men I've seen walk around in jerseys and ask if they have jobs.

The stores are still beginning to open, which means they are pulling up those lovely gates and turning on lights. I'm that early. And fortunately enough for me, this mall does have its perks: Starbucks and free Wi-Fi. Of course, I might now have to become a fan of their mall, but at least I have free internet.

But those things aren't making me judge the most.  The guys in jerseys: they have a day off from work and are gathering to watch a game or something (I have absolutely no idea if there is a TV any where in this mall) and the stores opening, well, at least I'll be able to sneak in there first and grab the good stuff before it's thrown about and hard to find.

So my judging moment came from the lady who sat in the same section as me. Yes, this lady was talking on her cell phone Tony style: Loud.  And I continued to hear every part of her one-sided conversation. The good parts:
-Her kids want her to go to the fall festivals and she can't go because it's not her weekend with them
-She stated that she could be the annoying one who talks too much (I agree)
-He's not apologizing or treating her the way she wants and if he wants her back he should re-evaluate
-$900 is not going to pay for some medical stuff (I'm not sure what medical stuff, I thought that might be too personal)
-And I'm pretty sure that they talked about child support a little bit too.

I judged. Big time.  Of course, I felt bad for those kids who did want to take their mom to the festival, but I wanted to turn around and tell that lady that she's the mom and should just go.  How hard would it be to fake some niceness to your ex spouse for your kids.

Okay, so I don't know the whole situation, but it's comical to me how people like to have loud and somewhat personal conversations at public places.  Please people, in order for me to stop judging I'm going to need to you keep those convos in your car or home. But I will obviously start working on my judging skills. It's just too easy sometimes, especially when you're loud.

So I'll work on that while you work on your inside voice. It will be a team effort.

Oh and if you're wondering why I'm in this glorious place, it's because Tony has a meeting at a close by branch and going into that meeting sans make-up, with workout clothes on and a my hair in Jen-style sumo bun might be inappropriate. I don't think I could pass for Tony's assistant if I showed up like this.

Lucky for him, he dropped me off in a mall. Booyah. Shopping for me it is! After I catch up on some blogs though, I'm way behind.

Edited to add: I realize that as I sit here, I'm probably being judged as well. I mean who really sits in a mall at 11 am on their computer? Well, this girl. I'm glad I wore make up so I don't look to crazy.....oh wait, crap.

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