Saturday, November 26, 2011

Caution: Pinterest May Cause Injury

You're probably all aware of this new addiction called Pinterest.  I am slightly obsessed, and have convinced myself that I am a total DIY-er and very crafty.  Obviously both of these things are false descriptions of myself.

But I keep thinking all of these ideas that I "pin" will be easy to recreate.  I've been able to do one successful project - my fall wreath.  Apparently that success expanded my ego to thinking that I now need an entire craft room, a wall full of ribbon, and the entire store of Hobby Lobby.

My crafty dreams got me really excited for Christmas decorating.  And when Tony told me that we should really make the house look festive, I am pretty sure fireworks went off in my head.  I'm pretty sure T regretted that decision once I announced I had all these ideas.  A few weeks later, he regretted that suggestion again when he saw my list for Hobby Lobby.

While I'm not a fan of Black Friday shopping, it was worth the trip to Hob Lob to gather my supplies for my crafty dreams. That place is amazing - not only can you get materials for all of your Pinterest ideas, but it's all at 50% off! Cue the angels, harps and fancy lighting!

And I wasn't the only one who got entranced at Hob Lob....Tony was pretty enthralled as well. He started giving me a budget in the car....and quickly increased it, and we still managed to go over.  Without much argument from me, he quickly decided that all we bought was a reasonable price since it was 50% off.

Booyah.  Should have piled more in that cart.

After our adventures we came home to finish our Christmas decorating and I began my crafting.

At first....all was going well.....and then it all went to hell. The creators of the hot glue gun were not lying when they used the words "hot" and "glue." Awesome.

If you're thinking that I burned my finger, you are right.  If you think I burned two fingers, you are also correct.  If you are thinking that I burned the s$*% on three of my fingers, get yourself a lottery ticket, but you are the winner!

Holy Moses burning flesh.  Luckily, I held back most of the tears for fear of ruining my project.  So as I iced my fingers, I kept on with my projects.  I felt like a warrior going into battle with my hand in a sling, unless that sling smells like burnt flesh and has a heartbeat.

Thank goodness for my main man Tony.  While out to get dinner, because let's be honest, I was totally unable to cook anything for dinner.....and well, that doesn't happen often, Tony went to CVS (his favorite store) and got me burn cream and bandages.

Finally...relief in the forms of gauze and tape!

One finger may be worse for the wear.

Thumbs up for blisters!

I feel as though it was another bonding moment - Tony taping up my fingers before I went to bed. Suddenly my fingers looked like a line backers going in for the game.

Ugh. So here I am, injured, taped up and maimed by Pinterest.  Okay, well not really by the site, but by my lofty ideas that even I, the accident prone, can create something with a hot glue gun.

And now you're probably asking what I was creating that caused this injury. Well here you go:

These suckers better last for years!

Not too shabby - those trees may have caused my flesh to be seared like scallops.  Sorry, I was just watching back to back episodes of Top Chef. 

So the next time I get excited to create a Pinterest project, I will make sure that the tools I need will not include a glue gun. Oh wait, I did another project....its not blog appropriate. And no, not that kind of in, it's crooked and wouldn't fit in the space needed. Until next time Pinterest.

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