Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Just the brows?

I'm not one to hide the fact that I have hair.  Obviously on my head, but I also have crazy eyebrows that get a little out of control every few weeks.  And since I've inherited this problem, and my brothers have lovingly informed of my unibrow - although I would like to say that I made sure I took care of that about 6th Grade.  It was also the time that I had braces, glasses and started to get curly, pryamid hair - yes, I was a beauty in 6th Grade.

But my sister-in-law was a life-saver and told me all about her eye brow lady.  After being a plucking queen throughout college, I finally went.  Too say that I'm hooked would be an understatement.  Although I did enjoy the times my friends Alison and Katie would help me manicure my eyebrows on the floors of the college dorms, I've matured a little in the skin care regimen.
Frida made it cool....but she's she had no choice. Source
 As much as I love to go and get my brows done, I try to spread out my appointments as much as possible, brow lady ain't cheap.  I can always tell when its time to go when I get tired to doing maintaince plucking and when my husband lovlingly says, "Wow babe, you should really do something about those suckers."

The bonus is he usually tells me this as we are hugging, so I "lovingly" punch him in the gut.  While I don't promote violence, I feel that this "love tap" is fair and square and only to be done when your spouse gives you a backwards compliment.  I would also recommend that these "love taps" don't go the other way - it is these times when you claim that you are a dainty flower.....and smack back and run.

Okay, yesterday was my eyebrow appointment. It's probably my favorite appointment, other than my nails, but I probably like it more than my nails since usually I feel like I am being talked about while my cuticles are being clipped. 

While at my appointment, there's always one question that I fear before closing my eyes.

Eyebrow Guru: "Just the brows today?"

Um.....what? "Yes, just brows."

And meanwhile in my head....I mean, yeah that's all I came here for....does she think I need to get something else done? Oh my gosh do I have other facial hair that my friends aren't telling me about? I mean my family is pretty blunt about things being on my face, but I haven't seen them in a while (yes, I did miss family dinner this week).  Ugh, what if I have to start waxing my upper lip....does she think I need that? Should I wax something else...would it leave me with a red mark on my face? I can't wax my lip....that's what really hairy people do....well I guess it's kind of normal, maybe next time. Do I have to schedule that out when I make my next appointment, does she need more time? What would the receptionist say if I asked for a brow wax and lip....would they judge? I probably would judge and wait for the person to come in because I made a note on their appointment that they are a hairy monkey.

Eyebrow Guru: "Okay, all done."

"Okay, thanks see you next time!"

Yes, it is scary to be in my head....and it's going to happen all over again in four weeks.

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  1. Oh honey I had nothing to do with the plucking of your brows. Have you seen my eyebrows. I was probably lining up for Alison to do mine. She always commented on my unruly eyebrows. She is the plucking queen. And I am happy to say I am a waxing virgin....maybe it's time I look into a little waxing!