Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful for 30 Things

Well Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I would like to shock you all by telling you that I already went for a workout this morning (in which the instructor thought it was Sweatgiving day).  Since doing my bootcamp, I feel a ton better about getting up and working out - even on Thanksgiving.  Plus, it will help me justify the amazing goat cheese mashed potatoes my sister is making today.  While some people's vices are alcohol or gambling, mine is cheese....and peanut butter....and probably anything sweet.

But I thought I would tell you all the 30 things I am thankful today on this thankful day. While many dedicated bloggers were able to do a once a day post, I'm not that dedicated, nor could I remember to post once a day for 30ish days.  So today, you get a list.  I love lists. I'm probably going to be thankful for them too. Watch might get crazy all up in here.

Of course there will be some things that are sentimental, but since I am pretty sarcastic and watching the parade on tv, which PS, the big headed pilgrims freak me out, just a bit, most things won't be serious.

We'll go with the serious things first:
1. Tony: He's pretty great.  He deals with my crazy moments, makes me laugh, is the best maid cleaner anyone could have and he loves me and Tyson unconditionally.  And he has some great hair.
"You're going to write about this on your blog, aren't you?" Yep.
2. My parents.  They are pretty fantastic.  They supported me for 28 years - not only financially (during school) but also with whatever I wanted to do. Not only do they make me laugh (especially when they face time me while sitting in the dark) but they show me how to be better person.
Missing a babe....this picture was taken this year and is already outdated!
3. My in-laws.  I like to think I got double lucky in that department. I have two sets of in-laws.  Both who have raised Tony to be the man he is, but they welcomed me into their family with open arms.  The entire family makes our lives complete and I'm so lucky that they all live so close.  I'm excited that our future kids will have all their grandparents close while they grow up.
4. My High School friends.  I'm pretty lucky that I'm still as close to those girls, and maybe even closer than when we were in high school. These girls know my ins and outs, can tell when I'm up or down and even when we don't see each other that often, we pick up right where we left off.
5. My college friends.  (Yes, I have two friend categories) These girls saw me grow up in college. They not only lived with my crazy, they probably added to it, as I added to theirs. These group of girls have just started the waves of babies and I'm so excited to see them grow as moms.  Plus I am excited to tell their kids, "Back when your mom was at K-State...."
6. Tyson.  Of course I would include this guy.  He's made our lives fun. Not only is he always excited when you come home, whether you've been gone for two days or two hours, but he's a great protector.  Obviously when prompted, cause if that guy is sleeping, he doesn't get up for anything.
Yes you love me. Even when I do try and smother you in your sleep.
7. My nephews - all SIX of them.  They make me laugh, get excited to see me (when they are in good moods) and help me realize I'm not so ready for babies of my own just yet. Plus they are stinkin' cute.
So tiny they all are. But at least they're not poking out each others eye balls or sitting on my head.
8. My sister.  She gets her own category because she's the Granted there was a time in her high school years, she could have dealt with less than me, but thankfully she got over that stage. ; ). She's always there for me, even when dealing with sticky syrup boys, calms me down, laughs at me, and makes me laugh. She'll do anything for me, including wear a dress and high heels for my wedding!
9. My brothers. As crazy as they are, they would do anything to protect me, unless they are ganging up on me.  They made some pretty cute kids and they taught me about football, how to give an Indian burn and way too many dirty jokes. Sorry mom.
10. My sisters - in - law.  I'm lucky to have three - two of which deal with my brothers, a huge job in itself, and the other who teams up with me at family dinners.  They all made pretty cute boys that I get to spoil.
11. Coffee. I love coffee. It tastes great, and helps me get a caffeine fix.
12. My job. Although there are some days that are little more stressful than others, I'm lucky to work for an organization trying to make a difference.  Plus I've met some great friends there.

(um, pause....Sister Act just came on the parade and Whoopi looks way different on Broadway)

13. I'm thankful for my health.  Although I had a minor scare earlier this year, I have legs that help me run, walk and chase little monkeys.
I am actually moving here....shocking I know, but it's true. I also died after this.
14. Comedy shows.  It may seem silly, but watching Modern Family or Happy Endings after a stressful day helps me laugh and forget about my worries for a bit.
15. Billy Synder and K-State football.  My love for my team goes deep, and I probably subconsciously buy purple everything to make sure I support them year round.
16. Nail polish. Yes, I'm getting to the sillier things now, but doing something girly makes me happy.
17. Leggings.  While it took me a while to get into this trend, I'm thankful that these comfy pants help me as I'm about to indulge in some Thanksgiving goodness.
18. A garage.  Seeing Tony scrape off his car on chilly mornings makes me thankful that I have a roof over Ted. And thankful that Tony lets me park in the garage.
19.  Our house.  While there are somethings that I wish I could change, I'm thankful that Tony and I can afford to put a roof over our heads and live with heat, running water and comfort.
20. Toilets. Yes... for the girl who has to use the bathroom 74 times a day, toilets make me happy. I'm not sure how I would deal with Life on the Prairie style outhouses.
21. Inhalers.  Thank you for being there for me when I feel like my lungs are about to pop out of my chest.
22. Photography.  It makes me happy and I am excited to get out there and work on my own. Luckily for me, I have some little ones to practice on.
23. My education. I've been able to expand my knowledge with great schooling.  Granted, not all of it sticks and I forget about some history, but I can type, put letters together to form words and make this blog for you. You're welcome.
24. Blogging. It makes my nosy side so happy to learn about crafting, how people train for half marathons and marathons, and read funny stories about their kids.
25. Dry shampoo.  This whole working out thing throws my non-washing hair days for a loop.  Plus it helps my lazy side when I really don't want to do my hair.
26. Razors. (Yes, this would be for my brothers) These little suckers are awesome. End of story.
27. Food. It helps fuels my body, tastes good when other people cook it, and helps me not be a cranky pants.
28. Parades. I'm thankful that other people will dress as clowns, in Barbie shorts and other ridiculous costumes to make life a little happier.
29. Crate and Barrel. There is nothing better than that store. And yes, it's very materialistic, but I don't care. I heart it.
30. Finally, I'm thankful that you read the rest of this post. Thank you for reading my ridiculous thoughts and letting me write things that most people probably wouldn't write - or think of.

Happy Turkey Day to you!
So Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of your family. May you all enjoy this day of thanking and keep it going year round.

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