Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Down for the count

My good luck with not getting sick this cold and flu season ran out on Monday. Sure enough, after eating lunch on Monday, something was a little off, at first I thought I just ate too much - one too many slices of pizza or too much sugar from the weekend. Not so much. I met my friend the toilet around 11 that night and we decided to have an all night rager. Sorry. TMI?

I'm becoming a mother soon, so i better be used to talking about bodily functions.

I haven't seen our downstairs since Monday around 5:30, Tony has gone to Walgeen's at least four times getting me what I am needing or craving. Needing: pedialyte.  Wanting: Popsicles and currently Sonic ice.

He's also been wiping down any surface I may have touched with antibacterial wipes. Im not going to be surprised if he comes home wearing a mask. But then again, he's been sick twice this season while I have been able to avoid it.

Lets hope this thing passes quickly. I'm tired of being sequestered upstairs and I'm pretty sure this babe needs more than just pedialyte and Popsicles.

Now I have to stop using the iPad before tony sees. He will wipe it down and I don't know if that is good for electronics.

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