Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thoughts In My Head

So I realized after my post the other day that I am either going slightly nuts-o, or that I have always been a little crazy. Either way - I started thinking about what the thoughts in my head really sound like out loud. So I present to you, Thoughts In My Head.

*This was the big day that invitations finally went to the mailbox and Tony was out of town*

12:10 pm-12:45 pm

I hope this weather stays like this until Oct 30, well maybe a little cooler since tony will be in a tux. But he can totally cover up his sweat, mine is out for the world to see.

I should definitely pick up my pants at the dry cleaners-especially since its right next to the post office.

Finally, invites can go out.

Crap, I hope everyone return has a stamp.

I probably should have triple checked to make sure....oh crap, did they all have a wedding map? Oh well, people have Garmins.

This crate and barrel box is a fabulous invite carter.

Ugh, are these going to get all bent?

I really hope they don't come back.

What happens if someone tells me we spell their name wrong? Oh well, I'll blame it on tony, unless I know them. I should probably check spelling before I send out thank you notes.

Oh dang it, I missed the turn to our street. Who misses the turn in their own neighborhood?

I should probably not tell tony. Or maybe he'll think its funny.

Hmm, jimmy johns is finally open.

Ugh. I really hope that that ginormous wasp is not in the garage. I wonder if they can sneak in cars from underneath? I swear wasps are surrounding me this year.

Yep, don't you want to be in my head for 35 minutes?

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  1. Bahahah. This cracks me up. First off your sweat really won't show on your white dress. Well wait we don't even know if you have a white dress. Lame.

    Secondly just got back from the mail box and we got your invite. Whew I was afraid we wouldn't be invited :)